Jul 15

QiKU Not Rely On Qihoo 360 and Coolpad- Becoming A New Brand

Recently, there ia a great news that Qihoo 360 and Coolpad release a new smartphone brand- QiKU!

This month 6, Qihoo 360 and Coolpad company jointly issued a new mobile brand in Beijing. The brand concept is that curiosity will change the world, and also announced to build up a new mobile company- QIKU Tech. Zhou hongwei as the CEO of this company, and Li Wang as chief executive.

Despite lots of pay more attentions QIKU. But they are also very worried that Qihoo 360 and Coolpad company can’t fuse well, because the two companies have different management systems.

For this worry, the QIKU Internet technology company President Li Wang said in an exclusive interview “from announced a joint venture, the two companies began to adjust- from product design, the new brand name, as well as the ground of the business, team cooperation. He also said they had completed the first phase of the running-in, then they will release the brand gradually. He also emphasizes that QIKU is actually a start-up companies, adhering to the principle of openning. QIKU is neither the company of Qihoo 360 nor the company of Coolpad. At the first phrase, QIKU will rely non the two companies to develop itself. In the future QIKU will rely on the market to become an independent company.

With the birth of QIKU Company and QIKU smartphone, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou hongwei’s new dream has finally taken the first step. It is said by Tencent, QIKU smartphone carrying 360 OS will be released next month, and the QIKU phone will be released a few months later. The first QIKU phone has three types, including a module with a head of supply chain, which is absolutely high configuration and beautiful appearance. At present, the price is not divulged.

However, he failed to give us any specific details and the possible configuration of QIKU smartphone. He did say that users will be able to uninstall all the apps that comes with the device. So, it looks like the anti-virus apps and other security apps from Qihoo 360 can be removed from the device.

Recent days, QIKU smartphone is a hot attention. I will share any news adout it as soon as possible. Please wait!