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Let’s Discuss Retina, Retina HD Viewing Screen!

Retina, Retina HD

What is Retina, and what is Retina HD? What are difference of them? Which do Apple produces use Retina, Retina HD Viewing Screen? What make them cause the extra price difference? With those questions, let’s discuss Retina, Retina HD viewing screen!

What is Retina Viewing Screen?

Let's Discuss Retina, Retina HD Viewing Screen!

The so called “Retina” is a kind of display technology.  The more pixels can be narrowed to a screen, so as to achieve higher resolution and improve the degree of exquisite screen display.

Retina viewing screen is the proper noun of Apple. It’s more like apple’s marketing term rather than a precise technical term. But we still need to know its definition from the aspect of technology. Retina refers that there are sufficiently high pixel density on the computer device, so that the human eye can’t tell a single pixel screen, or  the substantially pixelated effect.

We have already mentioned above, the Retina screen belongs to Apple’s proprietary. So even though Apple’s competitors can produce the same specifications of the screen, they also can’t use the word “Retina”. Because Apple has applied for trademark patent for it.

We know that the resolution of the screen appear often in the form of “pixels x number”, but the key factor to distinguish whether the screen is Retina screen is pixel density, rather than the total number. If you will distribute the same pixel number in a bigger screen, obviously it will be more conducive to distinguish individual pixels by the human beings eyes. The Pixel density is measured by a single number. So the higher the ppi is, the higher density of the display image is.

Is there a better viewing screen than the Retina? The answer is yes. The iPhone 6 adopted the known advanced Retina HD. It should be pointed out that a lot of android devices display do not only exceeded the Retina at present , but also exceed Retina HD. For example, LG G3’s pixel density reached 534 ppi, and its display accuracy is beeter than the iPhone 6 Plus.

What is Retina HD Viewing Screen?

Retina, Retina HD

Retina HD viewing screen is only for iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus, and it seems to be used by next iPhone 6s or iPhone 7. Apple will be likely to use Retina HD on more devices in 2015, such as iPad Pro.

So what exactly is a Retina HD display? Compared with the Retina display, a clear definition of Retina HD seems to be blurred.

Even if the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus display with a different resolution and pixel density, but the company insists that it adopted in both Retina HD screens. In addition the iPhone 6 ppi and iPhone 5s ppi is consistent, so we can know the pixel density is not enough to used to distinguish the difference between the Retina and Retina HD.

The standard way to distinguish the Retina from Retina HD seems to be related to resolution, rather than pixel density. Before we see a better display technology- Super AMOLED qHD Cruved Screen. HDC S6 Edge G925F features Super AMOLED qHD Cruved Screen with 2560*1440 pixel display. This screen technology also is very famous.

Retina, Retina HD

But when it comes to the definition of subjective experience, pixel density became the key factor, rather than a resolution. The iPhone 6 has a higher resolution than any previous iPhone, but that is because it has a larger screen.

What are the advantages of Retina HD? We can think about Retina HD screen has a higher contrast, double color domain pixel and better polarizer.

Higher contrast: better reading browsing experience, more black, black text and more acute.

Double color domain pixel: a wider viewing angles.

Better polarizer: even if you’re wearing sunglasses, Retina HD screens also can let you check the content on the screen.

Can you know more about Retina, Retina HD Viewing Screen!

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