Dec 21

Review of Cube U9GT2 Part 4 —- Operation system

Cube U9GT2 use the Android 2.3 O.S with SDK2.1, the new UI make it look like android 3.x, and the unlock also use the Android 3.0’s circle unlock,it look’s special. And better than the slide unlock!


Desktop is also like Android 3.0 O.S ,the red and gold desktop looks cool and bright. The time and calendar are all showing on the tablet.


Cube U9GT2 own 1GB RAM, except the android O.S, there ‘s 680MB RAM left, so don’t worry about the APPs.As a highlight of Cube U9GT2 1G RAM is very suit for play HD Video and 3D games. Both of them are running smoothly on this tablet pc

Look at the picture,if you press the 3rd button that will show me the running apps

Touch the screen up or down that Programs shortcut can add to desktop, and only press the icon not drag the icon,it’s much easier than the old version of android O.S.

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