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Here you will get the roms you need, expecially ordered from fastcardtech.

Here is the details of MTK6592 Octa Core Cable Flashing Guide.

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents.


Fastcardtech Rom Released on July

These roms are all from, and you can see every rom has its own phone model, that means, you can flash it with another phone, take your own risk when flash. Meanwhile, suggest you buy from because they will keep posting roms to improve their service. HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9000(N9006) 6582 HD …

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Fastcardtech Rom Released On May

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. Recommend you buy from, as i said above, they will keep posting update roms, and every phone they have brand and name, it will be easier to find the rom of that device. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published …

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HDC Galaxy S5 G900 16GB Cable Flash Rom Released

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. Recommend you buy from, as i said above, they will keep posting update roms, and every phone they have brand and name, it will be easier to find the rom of that device. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published …

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HDC Galaxy S5 G900 Upgrade Version Rom Released

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. Recommend you buy from, as i said above, they will keep posting update roms, and every phone they have brand and name, it will be easier to find the rom of that device. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published …

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HDC Galaxy S5 G900F Rom Update

HDC Galaxy S5 G900F MTK6592 HD Remote MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz 2GB Ram(Real 1GB), 8GB Rom 720p, support IR Control/ Heart Rate Here to check the page. Note: 1. Please check the product first, check if it is your phone. 2. Take your own risk. Changes: 1. Totally Uninstall all the chinese apps, system will …

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HDC Galaxy S5 Legend Rom Released

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. Recommend you buy from, as i said above, they will keep posting update roms, and every phone they have brand and name, it will be easier to find the rom of that device. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published …

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HDC Galaxys S5 G900 Lte Update Rom

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. Recommend you buy from, as i said above, they will keep posting update roms, and every phone they have brand and name, it will be easier to find the rom of that device. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published …

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HDC Galaxys S5 G9000 Upgrade Rom Released

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. Recommend you buy from, as i said above, they will keep posting update roms, and every phone they have brand and name, it will be easier to find the rom of that device. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published …

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HDC Galaxys S5 Pro MTK6572 Rom Released

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. Recommend you buy from, as i said above, they will keep posting update roms, and every phone they have brand and name, it will be easier to find the rom of that device. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published …

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Rom Download 2013-May, 2014

Here are all the rom download from May, 2013 to May 2014. Reply to see. On the right side is the password. Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Read OnlyLicense Summary:You may read the original content in …

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Roms Download on 2013

2.04 HDC Galaxy Note 2 Load N9588 HDC Galaxy S1 HDC S3 G9300 pw: Ulefone N9330 HDC Galaxy Player N7300 HDC Galaxy Note 2 ex   5.18 Good day everyone… HDC Galaxy S3 F9300 Goopad Mini i5S Card Flash version 1 Goopad Mini i5S Card Flash …

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Sophone i6 Dual Sim- To Add Apple Booting

It is easy to add apple booting on Sophone i6 dual simcard version. Here are the files you need: Click to download. On this rar you will see 4 files, and please install e.s. file manager to your phone, and send only and to your phone storage, remember do not unzip them(ios 7 …

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Star Z2 Rom Released

Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents. As a professional mobile phone buyer I’ve used a lot of well-known Chinese websites, however I recommend Fastcardtech because they have the best price & technical support & online guaranteed in eight years. Click Here to see the details of Star …

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Thunderbird Golden i5s EX New Rom

Thunderbird Golden i5s EX 2nd Rom Released

Thunderbird Golden i5s EX: MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 1GB Ram, 12GB Rom(4GB built-in rom+8GB SD Card) Support Touch ID Function Here to check the page. Note: 1. Please check the product first, check if it is your phone. 2. Take your own risk. 3. Better order from, because every phone they have brand and …

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Thunderbird Golden i5s EX 3rd Rom Released

Thunderbird Golden i5s EX: MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 1GB Ram, 12GB Rom(4GB built-in rom+8GB SD Card) Support Touch ID Function Here to check the page. Note: 1. Please check the product first, check if it is your phone. 2. Take your own risk. 3. Better order from, because every phone they have brand and …

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Thunderbird Golden i5s EX Rom

Thunderbird Golden i5s EX Customize Rom Released

Thunderbird Golden i5s EX: MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 1GB Ram, 12GB Rom(4GB built-in rom+8GB SD Card) Support Touch ID Function Here to check the page. Note: 1. Please check the product first, check if it is your phone. 2. Take your own risk. Changes: 1. Add Google Service like Google Play, Gmail, and etc. 2. …

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ZOPO ZP998/ ZP9520 MIUI Rom Update

ZOPO ZP998/ ZP9520: MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz 2GB Ram, 32GB Rom Support NFC/ Gesture Control/ OTG Here to check the page. Note: 1. Please check the product first, check if it is your phone. 2. Take your own risk. Changes: 1. MIUI V5 Style, does not have secondary apps menu, supports dual simcard. 2. Camera …

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    1. bjsany4luv

      How can i unlock my hdc desire 816w bootloader…so dat i can root it or if i want to uprade the rom…where can i get it…pls it urgent

  239. isman


  240. Mirko

    Non capisco come scegliere la ROM… questo sito è un casino!

  241. Mirko

    Non capisco… ho chiesto la rom per hdc galaxy note 3 sunny II in modo tale da avere un clone Samsung e mi hanno mandato in questa pagina… ma non ci capisco un tubo… qualcuno può aiutarmi?

  242. Bruths

    Please Help! Need Rom for Ipro i9350 mt6573 android 2.3.5 or or Img.file . Phone bricked but still new.

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    need STOCK ROM for HDC Galaxys Note 3 N9002- MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz 5.7inch

    Stock Rom WITHOUT FCT Boot Logo.

    Or the Right file EBR1 & EBR2.

  248. g2xmaster

    i need STOCK ROM for HDC Galaxys Note 3 N9002- MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz 5.7inch
    – condition before : Internal Storage: Available 19.34 GB
    only two apps installed : adobe flash + UC Web Browser
    – condition after instaled 1 apps, Internal Storage suddenly Available Only: 4.91 MB !! ???

    Error Message: Storage Space is RUNNING OUT!! ??

    if this memory internal defect??

  249. mikos

    please I need rom for new S5 Legend MTK6592

  250. aymen


  251. jimmy

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  254. Saf

    Great support from Fastcard tech. will try and flash the HDC S5 new ROM and see how that goes!

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  256. Ofer

    Need help with rom

    1. mr Mathew

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    hello, please needrom for this phone
    phone hardbrick after delete chinnese apps
    thank you

  264. sporos

    please the rom for the tengda s5 mini mt6572

    Tengda Mini S5- MTK6572

  265. gabiiii

    upload the rom of fast or before day 1 i will send and other more people too thanks upload the correct firmware!!!!

  266. Carlos


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  269. max

    salve ho bisogno questa rom mi e arrivato il telefono difettoso HDC GALAXYS S5 G900H GOLDEN

    1. mr Mathew

      Pozdrowienia dla Ciebie imię Pana, czy Jesteś w potrzebie pożyczki, którą oferujemy
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    Please I need need rom for DUAL SIM version HDC Galaxys Note 3 Max- MTK6589 Quad Core 5.7inch HD IPS Infrared Remote Control OTG Android 4.3 Phone

    Link is

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    ich suche das ROM zum
    HDC Galaxys Note 3 N9000- Exynos 5420 Octa Core 1.8GHz 5.7inch FHD IPS OGS Screen 3GB RAM Android 4.3.1 Phone

    besten dank

    1. Orso

      Leider kann ich das Flash Tool nicht Herunterladen !

      besten dank

  289. tonybir


  290. tonybir

    hdc s5 :wink: g9000???

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  292. Sasa09

    I need rom for HDC Galaxy Note 3 N900
    Where can I download?

    1. Juan

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    Wil try if i can acces. Thx in advanced !

  302. omarnun

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  303. fran

    como la descargo??

  304. Luis Martins

    thanks for the details, but i still need the rom, because i’m not able to do it.the flash tool gives error.
    Witch rom could i download for my phone HDC Galaxys Note 3 Sunny II- MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz?

  305. fortunato

    ciao a tutti rom telefono hdc galaxy note 3 vitas 3-32 comprato da fastcardtech. Ho provato ma il telefono non completa l’istallazione. chi puo’ aiutarmi

    1. mr Mathew

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  306. Enrique

    Telefono HDC con MTK6582 android 4.3 para actualizar
    android 4.4

  307. afiq


  308. Viktor Krycek

    What are the steps to install this ROM on the smartphone?

  309. jose

    como se descarga

  310. Luis Martins

    I need a new rom for HDC Galaxys Note 3 Sunny II- MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz

  311. allen

    need rom for galaxy s5 mtk6572 1.2 Ghz the down load says its a 1.3Ghz

  312. Jesen

    Thank you for the guide

  313. Toni

    thank you

  314. Cacharraco

    Hi, I nneed rom for this deviced ….IHTC One- MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz 4.7inch HD IPS Screen Android 4.2.1 Phone .

    I think is complete died, How install o repair it.

    Best regards,

  315. GiGaDaEl

    Ho uno Smart Efox E5 che non si connette alla rete H3G

  316. Henry Cabatana

    how to root phone

  317. nahn


  318. den

    Need rom for that phone

  319. reply


  320. sam


    1. mahone0810


  321. kreso

    I need sistem, factory rom for thunderbird is5 golden to instal thrue safe mod. how to do it.
    my phone ereise all of it, and frose on logo…
    please help me.
    I was by it from fastcardtech

    1. mahone0810

      we have rom on the page, please search it.

  322. Jove2000

    Tengo el Inew V3 y necesito rootearlo, por favor indicarme como hacerlo.

  323. victor

    hey amigo necesito la rom del mtk 6582 mi telefono quedo con el logo de android….necesito ayuda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jove2000

      Necesito rootear el Inew V3, por favor alguien que me indique como hacerlo.

  324. magi murgui


    1. mahone0810


    2. fortunato

      ho lo stesso problema non riesco a trovare la rom, ho provato altre rom ma si blocca. Adesso non si accende piu’, quando lo collego al computer si accende solo il led rosso.

  325. ojoapp

    อย่ากได้รอม sm-n9006. Clone อะคับ

  326. ojoapp


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  327. komitx

    teneis el rom de mtk6589T S4?

    1. mahone0810

      yes, we have it on our page.

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    i want rom for tengda s5, pls

  334. casque sans fil

    processus est très complexe, peinture de piano mécanique est toujours très rapide. Certains fabricants de téléphones mobiles à utiliser une technique de piano à la fabrication.

  335. Vashin

    Looking for the ROM for this device.

    1. Vashin

      So I have a backup invade I need it. Please and thank you. Btw this phone is great. Flash does not seem to be supported through Firefox. Flash is working on the stock browser. Is there a method to install flash through recovery?

      1. Vashin

        ^^^^ So I have a back up in case I need it.

        1. Vashin

          Also will replacing the battery with the original Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery improve the length of time it stays charged?

          1. mahone0810


      2. mahone0810


      3. wakoypangan


    2. mahone0810

      Already on the website!

      1. Vashin

        Thank You Mahone :razz:

  336. Jay

    Hi there thus any one here has a rom for GT-I9500 MT6575 build JDQ39.I9500ZHUAMDE

    1. mahone0810

      HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 Pro?

  337. bobrock

    I have problem to find firmware for Galaxy Note II s7100 clone Original and English only, can some help me?

  338. omar

    i want the rom of the note 3 max with 2 sims, the rom has Infrared Remote Control/ Air Command/ Gesture Control/ Smart Stay/ Mutli Window/ OTG Function/ 3 Colors LED Indicators and is for the Dual Simcard Version, thank you.

    1. mahone0810


  339. omar

    hi, i need the rom of the hdc galaxy note 3 max 2 sim version, thank you.

  340. karla montoya

    buenos dias
    necesito la rom , de una tablet SONIVOX SPARK, 7″, android 4.2.2 , wing_d7ns_PC749-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20130622
    lo he buscado por todo lado y no la encuentro ayuda por favor!!!

    1. Smithd370

      Very nice post. I certainly appreciate this website.

  341. Harry

    sir i need rom for chinees android ktouch A15

  342. fahi muddin

    respected sir,
    i need rom for china made Samsung grand duos ROM, please update it

  343. ioanovidiu

    hola Mahone pasame porfavar una rom para mi galaxy note 3vitas 3 ram 32 puedo utilizar el telefono es urgente.un saludo

  344. Gonzalo

    Please, I need the rom for “HDC galaxy Note 3 mini, mt6592. 5.5inch, 2gb ram.

  345. Kido

    Long list of HDC ROM available here :

    1. Vashin

      Thank you!!!

  346. fran1982

    hi i need the password for rom aipad mini 3g fully Apple. thanks

  347. Maryanne

    I need your help, please.
    Could you please give me the link to download ROM 4.3 or 4.2.2 for Bluebo B6000, mtk6589T, quad core 1gb ram, 8gb rom..?

    I’ll apreciate it.

    Thank you again.

    1. mahone0810

      Dear Maryanne,
      We don’t have the rom for your phone . You can try on, Maybe you can find it there .

  348. adhm

    plz share your rom with me ihave seam phone

  349. jason

    jiake n7100w mt6582_s00
    ive looked every where i knew to look now im looking for help
    any and all help in finding a stock flashable rom for this phone will be wonderful
    i do have a cwm back up that ive used before but i have no clue how or if i can use it

  350. balage
    Hi i want an rom for this device. Thanx

  351. Fernando

    Hola necesito la rom de la imitacion del galcy s3 es un spreadtrum b930. Gracias

  352. Rišé

    Please I need a ROM to MT6582 android phone 4,2.1 Star N9599T

  353. almo

    potresti darmi un rom androide 4.2 per note 2 mt6575 schermo 5.3inch o quale rom posso mettere
    grazie mille

    1. barbara sanusi

      Eğer bir kredi acil ihtiyacı var mı? Eğer banka veya finansal firmadan bir kredi olan ise reddedilir? Sen finansal yardıma ihtiyacınız? Faturalarınızı ödemek veya bir ev satın almak için kredi ihtiyacım var mı? Kendi iş istiyorum ve kredi yardıma ihtiyacım var? Eğer bir öğrenci kredi ihtiyacınız var mı? % 3 düşük faiz oranı ile mali yardım için Bize bugün. BİZE ULAŞIN. BUGÜN.

  354. Johnny5

    Please help. I need stock rom for Lenovo A269i. Phone stuck in a boot loop.

  355. Senturk Bilen

    Try this rom. Maybe solve your problem.

  356. abu mahmud

    please i need the stock rom for TECNO D1.Thanks would really appreciate it

  357. Rhoss

    Hola porfavor necesito urgente ROM par mi smartphone clon samsung galaxy s3 android 4.1.1 Spreadtrum sc6820, se agradece de corazon la ayuda…..

  358. kennute

    hello i need rom for this phone please phone rebbots one day and stuck in boot loop. on screen it says ” => recovery mode” and reboots. thank you

  359. mato

    please I need room for HDC Galaxys S5 N9600 installs android 4.2.1 os, and carries with MTK6582 Quad core 1.3GHz processor, 1GB Ram, 16GB Rom.

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