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HDC   Galaxy Note 2 Load N9588
HDC   Galaxy S1 
HDC S3 G9300 pw:
Ulefone   N9330
HDC   Galaxy Player N7300
HDC   Galaxy Note 2 ex 



Good day everyone…

HDC Galaxy S3 F9300
Goopad Mini i5S Card Flash version 1
Goopad Mini i5S Card Flash version 2
HDC Galaxy S3 Mini i8190
HDC Galaxy S4 i9500(Built-in N9500)
kiphone i5
HDC Galaxy S3 B943
Huawei Ascend D1 U9500
Root N9589 Card Flash Rom
Star X920 Butterfly
Zopo C2 zp980 android version rom
HDC Butterfly H920
Goophone i9 Original Rom
HDC Storm MX Original Rom 4.1.2


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  1. respected sir,
    i need rom for china made Samsung grand duos ROM, please update it

  2. hola Mahone pasame porfavar una rom para mi galaxy note 3vitas 3 ram 32 puedo utilizar el telefono es urgente.un saludo

  3. Please, I need the rom for “HDC galaxy Note 3 mini, mt6592. 5.5inch, 2gb ram.

  4. hi i need the password for rom aipad mini 3g fully Apple. thanks

  5. I need your help, please.
    Could you please give me the link to download ROM 4.3 or 4.2.2 for Bluebo B6000, mtk6589T, quad core 1gb ram, 8gb rom..?

    I’ll apreciate it.

    Thank you again.

  6. Hola necesito la rom de la imitacion del galcy s3 es un spreadtrum b930. Gracias

  7. Please I need a ROM to MT6582 android phone 4,2.1 Star N9599T

  8. ciao
    potresti darmi un rom androide 4.2 per note 2 mt6575 schermo 5.3inch o quale rom posso mettere
    grazie mille

  9. Please help. I need stock rom for Lenovo A269i. Phone stuck in a boot loop.

  10. please i need the stock rom for TECNO D1.Thanks would really appreciate it

  11. Hola porfavor necesito urgente ROM par mi smartphone clon samsung galaxy s3 android 4.1.1 Spreadtrum sc6820, se agradece de corazon la ayuda…..

  12. hello i need rom for this phone please phone rebbots one day and stuck in boot loop. on screen it says ” => recovery mode” and reboots. thank you

  13. please I need room for HDC Galaxys S5 N9600 installs android 4.2.1 os, and carries with MTK6582 Quad core 1.3GHz processor, 1GB Ram, 16GB Rom.

  14. Can anyone provide me
    1:1 HDC N9000 Note 3 Android 4.3 Rom
    My device

    Please help.. thanks

  15. To all friends out there…I have the correct accurate ROM for all MTK6577 S4 mobiles with Air gestures and Samsung logo. Have tried many roms and at last developed a custom rom that will flash with right version of SP Tool.

    If any body needs it then go to
    The only accurate ROM for S4 MTK6577 GT-I9500

  16. I bought the pro i5 Zophone device ( ) and have the following problems:
    1. The information from the seller says that the device is a Zophone and not true (see image). It is manufactured by KAIY, curiously the same manufacturer of a clone iPhone which sold on AliExpress and was removed by the complaints received.
    2. The information that the seller says is a QuadCore processor (MTK6589) and is really a DualCore (MTK6577)
    3. The information from the seller says that the device has a power of 13,800 (Antutu Benchmark) and is actually 7,771.
    4. The information from the seller says that the device has a screen resolution 1280×720 but resolution is 960×540
    5. When I bought it, they said the forum that the seller could send me set to Spanish and have received the device with English and Chinese language. I was unable to configure the Spanish language. Through the utility “MoreLocale 2″ changes the set-up of the system language and some messages but applications are in English or Chinese.
    6. “Play store” can be installed but not working. It appears that when “Google Play Services” detects any inconsistencies in the OS, it stops and “Play Store” stops working.
    7. “Recovery mode” not working. The device starts in Recovery mode, but none of their functions works
    8. The MAC of WiFi, changes each time is enabled. It is a very serious problem because it prevents the establishment of policies for access to the router control based on MAC. This is a problem already identified in other devices-iPhone Clone fake.
    9. The GPS does not work.
    10. Function to download EPO does not work.

    There any ROM compatible with this device which solves the above problems?

    • I can’t tell if any rom is compatible with your phone. Before you do any changes to system, do a backup of current rom. Use the MTK Droid Tool!!!

      Maybe then someone can modify your ROM so you can use it

      • jiake n7100w mt6582_s00
        ive looked every where i knew to look now im looking for help
        any and all help in finding a stock flashable rom for this phone will be wonderful
        i do have a cwm back up that ive used before but i have no clue how or if i can use it

  17. Hi do you have rom for galaxy note mage/mega
    model e1921-v77-cxq1
    or any rom that will work,i am stuck in bootloop have tried everything i know to get out

  18. hi need rom for n7100 clone mtk6575 gsm gprs 3g cpu 1600 tnx

  19. Hola

    Recién compre un celular marca AVA y necesito su rom/firmware, estas son sus características:

    Phone Model: GT-I9500
    Brand: samsung
    CPU Hardware: SMDK4x12
    CPU Model: ARMv7 Processor(VFPv3, NEON)
    CPU Frequency: 400.0 ~ 10000.0 MHz
    Screen Resolution: 480-800
    Screen density: 240 dpi
    GPU vendor: ARM
    GPU renderer: Mali-300
    GPU version (OpenGL): OpenGL ES2.0
    Memory size (available/total): 18.3 /156.0 MB
    RAM size (available/total): 62.7 / 222.4 MB
    SD card size (available/total): 29634.4 / 30424.5 MB
    Camara: 1.9 mega pixel 1600×1200
    Front-facing camera: 1.9 mega pixel 1600×1200
    Android version: 4.2.2
    Android SDK version: 10 (Android 2.3.3)
    Build number: MocorDroid2.3.5W12.20_P20.02
    IMEI: 35568XXXXXX
    Kernel: Linux version (se.infra@SEP-102)(gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC)) #5 Wed Oct 16 17:35:04 CST 2013

    Gracias y feliz año

  20. Hola!

    Tengo un HDC GALAXY S4 EXYNOS (aunque en realidad es mtk6589) sabéis si existe alguna rom compatible con es te modelo o alguna rom actualizada?

    Un saludo.

  21. Ciao,
    avrei necessità di avere la rom del clone Samsung S3 MTK6575
    Rom android 4 o se esiste aggiornamento a 4.1

  22. mtk6575 S3
    ana bant: MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V8
    KERNEL NO : 3.0.13
    CUSTOM B. VERSİON : 1367934532
    telefon modeli : S3(FAKE)


  23. Hello,

    I have a Sophone 5i for about a year. I’m having issues with the battery. Full charged it doesn’t last a full day.
    I have downloaded the ROM in this site but I can’t find the instruction on how to install it and what software do I need.
    Please help.
    Regards for all

  24. Hey guys. please i need a custom jelly bean ROM for Be Elite AW880 .
    512mb RAM
    please.. my email is

  25. Buenas tardes,

    Busco ROM para JXD P1000S con procesador MTK6572.


  26. any 1 ‘ve rom for

    Hardware : MT6572
    Model : GT-I9500
    Build number : ALPS.JB3.MP.V1.8
    Build date UTC : 20131111-031725
    Android v : 4.2.2
    Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V4, 2013/07/29 18:27
    Kernel v : 3.4.5 (whl@server2) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC)) #1 SMP
    Mon Nov 11 11:15:02 CST 2013
    lcd driver IC:1-ili9806_fwvga

  27. Hi Mahone,

    Please try help me, i have HDC phone Galaxy S3 i9300 MT6575 but now i brick it.
    I know they dont upload all 65xx rom. But i realy need that roms.
    How and where i can get that roms.

    Thanks for anyhelps.

  28. [URL=]OP-COM [/URL]- PC based Opel diagnostic VERSION: 201008OP-COM is a PC based diagnostic program.


    Hi sir i’m using alps a24 mobile i need stock ROM for this mobile mtk6572 dual cour. 512mb rom 256mb ram.

  30. Please friend i have a problem. I have hdc glaxy player N7300 ex mtk6589 4 cores root version. I changed my font and i restarted it! The phone stuck on boot! I see only the logo and thats it! Please help me..! I love this phone… :(
    this is the link of my phone:

  31. I wish to ubdate QMOBILE A50. Baseband Version. MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V15, kindly please some one help me regards

  32. i want swipe fablet f3 rom

  33. anyone know where to find ROM for Alps Bp-i9300 here ?

  34. Mahone

    I bought a galaxy hdc Legend II, I’m in Brazil, and my cell signal drops all the time, you would mahone the baseband to my country? my baseband is I9500XXUAMDK, believe another version (MAUI.11.AMD.W12.22.SP.V17)should work better, PLEASE HELP ME, thank you

  35. as I put my 5.3 inch N7100 recovery mode please would help the answer thanks

  36. i need this same firmware plx help me [trend duos clone]


  37. tengo un Clon S4 GT mini i9500 con procesador MTK6515 , Android 4.2.2, y va lento, quiero ponerle otra rom, cual le puedo poner.

  38. Hello
    I need the rom for ZOHO i9220 6575 (4.1.5) and the CWM for this. Could you help me? Thanks.

  39. Hi, Excuse for my english, my phone will not start and does not go into recovery mode even. It’s a MTK6589 called i9502 dual sim. I have flash with sp flash tool the rom hdc legend, but anythink done. With another rom the prone power up but the display you see a multicolored stripes. Can you help me?
    Thank You.

  40. Hello,
    I have this model with android 2.3.5 and want to upgrade to the 4, have you the rom for this model? please, could you help me?
    i need rom and installation instructions.
    if the factory did not release the rom, do you have any suggest about something that it is similar? Could i use a standard ROM? Where i can find it?
    thanks in advance.

    Thank you in advance

  41. Hi Mahone,

    I just flashed my HDC Storm MX phone with the ROM published here and realized it is non routed ROM with no Google services included. Could you please recommend another cable flash ROM for this phone.


  42. Hi,
    I need de stock rom for the phone HDC Galaxy S4 I959, please is urgent.
    Thank you

    This phone:

  43. i need rom for s4 please help me



  44. ZOPO Phones Online Store offers you the ‘INFINITY Guarantee’ So if you purchase from us or any of our partner stores you are covered worldwide. See our Customer Service.
    All items shipped by ZOPO Store are English editions/models; we provide English firmware updates and support.
    5.0 Inch FHD Capacitive Screen Original ZOPO C3
    Smart Phone

  45. I need a ROM that can be installed through SP flash tool or through DC card upgrade option, because my phone is not going into download mode .. Thanks.
    It is this model:

  46. Hi,
    I need de stock rom for the phone HDC Galaxy S4 I9502 Plus, please is urgent.
    Thank you

  47. i want a rom for my samaung gt-n7102 …
    and the theme is ics ….
    thank you very much!!!!!

  48. Could you tell me where I can find an image to feiting I lost h7189 android 4.2  camera driver.

  49. I need stock ROM for this Tablet.

    Rom details:
    Build number : 03_v89_yz_a_20130711
    Build date UTC : 20130711-022126
    Android v : 4.2.2
    Kernel v : 3.4.5 (root@android) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease)(GCC) )

  50. hello
    i have a hdc galaxy s4 spark
    how to flash the rom?
    how translate the download mode in english or french?
    factory mode is it a download mode?

  51. Hi!

    I am searching a factory firmware for this phone:

    Please help me in this case!

  52. ZOPO ZP950+ 4GB PHABLET 5.7INCH MTK MT6589 QUAD CORE ANDROID PHONE“>ZOPO ZP950+ Android 4.1 3G Phablet with 1GB RAM Dual SIM MTK6589 Quad Core 5.7

    ZOPO ZP910 Smart Phone ZOPO ZP910 Smart Phone MTK6589 Quad Core Andriod 4.1 5.3 Inch IPS Screen 5.0MP Front Camera- Dark Blue

  53. hello i need rom for this phone
    HDC GALAXY SIII I9300 Pro ultimate thin 8.6mm MTK 6577 2GHz CPU Android
    many thanks

  54. Hello admin
    Need rom for this phone ( no logo)

    HDC Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7102- MTK6577 Dual Core 1.2Ghz 5.4 inch HD Screen Android 4.1.1 Phone

  55. ROM HDC Note 3 N9000
    Please release a ROM for this phone, possibly Android 4.3, solve all issues actually present on the latest release.

  56. Kalam Khandaker

    I need stock ROM, if anybody can, please help me.

    Hardware : MT6589
    Model : Symphony W92
    Build number : W92_0_XXX_V01.0_A813_130827
    Build date UTC : 20130827-063649
    Android v : 4.2.1
    Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V6.P41, 2013/07/23 11:25

    Kernel v : 3.4.5 (root@sw14-2) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Tue Aug 27 14:33:59 CST 2013

  57. Hello…
    i had bought a mobile phone look like Samsung S4.. but i see alot of things not working in it
    i need to update its version or anything can make all of its configuration work , and here is my phone :
    BB Chip : universal5410
    ms board : galaxy-s4
    imei1 : 3536270529*****
    imei2 : 3536270529*****
    modem ver : MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V7.P3, 2013/04/11 12:04
    BAR CODE : 090901101801MT01234567890123456710
    BUILD TIME : 2013 09 02 10:24:23 CST
    UBOOT VER. : 2010.06
    KERNEL VER. : 3.2.13 (root@lyc-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Sep 2 10:23:04 CST 2013
    ANDROID VER. : 4.2.2
    SW VER. : ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1.3
    CUSTOM BUILD VERNO. : 1378088593

    …***** PLEASE HELP ME*******

  58. I need rom gt i9500 mt6575. Please help me..when open the camera. Show up notify “Camera can’t connect”. I think there’s wrong with my rom.

  59. order# US2013021853668

    I need to know if I can upgrade this to Android 4.2 or 4.3

    Thank Mahone

  60. hello, I have a problem with a phone I9389 Alps, I need the original rom, can you help? .. you can see the features on this website

  61. Need help
    I9500 mt6572 singgle card
    Any rom?

  62. I need a Rom for the S4max can anyone help me?

  63. Just if you need it, the IMEI numbers of this phone are: imei 1:355090814616498
    and imei 2:355090814616506
    I just need a ROM that I can put in the sd card and bring back the phone to life.
    Thanks for any help you can give me

  64. Please, I would like to get an answer to this problem. I ordered an
    StarXperia X18i but you did not have any in stock so I change it for a StarXperia Lt26i for which I paid the difference.
    Instead of a Star phone, you sent me a LT26i made by BIRDA, very poor quality. After two weeks, it is locked in the Android screen and can’t do anything with the phone
    I would sincerely appreciate if you could send me the ROM for this phone so I can fix it myself. I try every thing I could to reset it, nut always comes back to the same Android screen.
    It has Android 2.3.5 version.

  65. I need rom for kiphone i5 , I’ve downloaded it from off this site but whem I try to flash it to my phone it says E signature invalid and verification error . Can you please tell me what I should do for my phone to start back working.

  66. I look for the firmware of this smartphone gt-s7562 – sprd6820a
    cpu: armeabi-V7A – ARMv7 (processor rev 1) 1000MHz
    Hardware: smdk4x12
    display: gingerbread.xxkl3
    screen 480 × 800

  67. por favor necesito la rom HDC Galaxy S3 Mini i8190 me funciona mal gracias


    I need Rom For galaxy s4 min GT-I9190 MT6572 1.3GH RAM512 mali400

    Pls Hellp


  69. Hello

    I need Rom For galaxy s4 min GT-I9190 MT6572 1.3GH RAM512 mali400

    Pls Hellp


  70. sir I have an Chinese phone with following info….

    Model:Spring W-100
    Firmware version:4.0.3
    Android Version:4.0.3
    Baseband version:Unknown
    Kernel version:msm7630_surf-user 4.0.3 IML74K eng.root.20120916.230301 test-keys…
    I want rom file for my phone it has MSM7630 QUALCOMM snapdragons2 processor….
    cant find any where I hope you would help……

    • @ Sonik Sadh BRO..!!
      What happened bro..??

      DID you got the ROM from anywhere bro..??

      if yes then tell me also bro…I am stuck also..with the same phone..!!!!!

      This phone has no SD card. Single SIM. No ROOT and Recovery without commands – Blank Recovery – Android lying on its back with chest open and triangle with RED exclamatory mark.

      So nothing can be happened …except whole ROM change or RECOVERY changing…!!

      If you know anything about from where I can get the RECOVERY.IMG and ROM.ZIP file then PLEASE let me know….!!!

      Help me bro..if YOU CAN…!!

      Don’t ignore this comment..PLEASE ADD SOMETHING HERE..just ANYTHING..!!

  71. Hello Everyone!


    I’m in need of HDC i7100 ROM which happens to be one of the popular Note 2 Clone on Market.

    Uniquely a Fake “MTK6577″ CPU which is actually a MTK6575.
    Fake 1GB RAM, actual value is 512MB
    ROM is 4GB
    OS: 4.1.1
    Screen 5.3″ (FWVGA) [I think]
    Sim Card Slot: 1x Sim Card
    External Card: MicroSD Card

    Market as Note 2 “N7100″

    Anyone with some news and / or help feel free to upload here.

    My current ROM formatted with wrong ROM. Bootloader, NVRAM all erased.

    Thanks to everyone
    Therefore need to find the correct ROM to get this baby on life again!

  72. Hi,

    I have a HDC S3 i9300+ 4.8 Inch Screen MTK6577 Android 4.1.1 Capacitive Dual SIM GPS WIFI 3G Smart Phone (kernel 3.0.15-570657). It is rooted. My problem is that it switches off unexpectedly. Usually when I try to send SMS through the 2nd SIM or receive call on that SIM. This SIM is also very slow to login to network. Could it be a software fault? Is there an upgrade to 4.2 android?

  73. He conseguido root para este modelo….necesito una rom …contare el metodo root.Gracias

  74. Rom Bephone S4 android 4.2.2….spreadtrum

  75. Hi i m looking for a ROM 4.2 for n7100+ mtk6577…Is there??thanks

  76. GOOAPPLE need original rom V5 3G

  77. Hi, i´m looking for a 4.1.9 android rom for a Star GT-i9300 Galaxy S3 clone with MT6577 cpu preloader. I work with original cellphones and i take this phone as a challenge.

    User unistall a lot of things from original phone apps and brick the OS, it starts only with android logo and a rotating multiline core at the middle. I run vol-up + menu + power and just appear a menu that test the phone, clear eMMC, show versions and reboot.

    Don´t know how to flash or recover a fully functional 4.1.9 original rom.

    Anything that can help, please let me know!!

  78. hello

    i just purchase ihd note 2 n7105 my issue is reboot by itself i dont know y i tried everything still same thing. if anyone has a ideal pls reply back…. or get rom… 4.2.1 or 4.2.2

    here is my order number SN2013081613319

    build number:
    kernel: 3.0.31-178067 se.infa@sep-92 #1
    custom build version: i9828.h30.02.05.a.b-v1.0-0703_R


  79. hai mate..

    i have some problems with my phone, my phone was blank.. do you have rom file for my phone?

    i’m using MTK6577,
    android version: 4.0.4,
    kernel: 3.0.13 (gm1225@gm1225) (gcc version 4.4.3 (gcc) ) #1 smp preempt
    SW Ver:
    custom build Verno. : GM1502b_m17_1.1

    i hope that someone have this rom. thank you

  80. hai mate..

    i have some problems with my hdc s4.. my charger doesnt work, power button not responding at all. screen just blank, now it’s Dead Phone. the USB not recognize my phone, please help :(

    i’m using MTK6589 model: GT-I9500, android version: 4.2.9, baseband: I9500xxuamdk , kernel: 3.4.5-565349 se.infra@sep-70#, build number: jdq39.I9500zsuame1

    sorry for my bad english..


  81. hola, necesito la ROM original de este movil, HDC Galaxy S4 Spark- MTK6589 Smart Stay Gesture Control Android 4.2.9 Phone, espero que alguien diga algo, este blog esta un poco muerto en respuestas.

    Hello, I need the original ROM of this mobile, HDC Galaxy S4 Spark – MTK6589 Smart Stay Gesture Control Android 4.2.9 Phone, hope that someone says something, this blog this a bit died in answers.

  82. Hello, I need rom for Star Galaxy S4 MINI, i9500.
    Your above link for HDC Galaxy S4 i9500(Built-in N9500) does not refer to any content.
    + the page is in Chinese, how to switch lang to english?

  83. Hi all!
    I can’t find the proper rom för my phone it worked for two Days until i deleted a few chinese apps and now it wont boot but it is charging. My orderno: SN2013072733416 its a single cpu mt6575_s01

  84. Hi I am looking for the ROM for this phone HDC S4 GT-i9500 Pro- UNIVERSAL5410 1.6GHz 4.7inch 2GB Ram Android 4.2.2 Phone.

    Link :

    Thanks in advance

  85. my phone is not connecting of the snappea

  86. Hello need a new Rom for HDC Galaxy s4 legends of the smart stay, please provide a link

  87. Hi
    Where can i find a rom with android 4.2.2 for my phone

  88. Hi, i bought the Star Ulefone U9501 but the firmware is faulty and i cannot boot into the recovery. I was referred to your website but i cannot find any rom / recovery rom for it. Can you upload one? Thanks a bunch.

  89. Hello…I would like to find out where I can download compatible Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ROM for OPPO R815T clone.

    Phone model: Custom Version
    Brand: CustomVersion
    CPU hardware: MT6589
    CPU Model: Quad-Core ARMv7 Processor (VFPv3,NEON)
    CPU frequency: 384.0 ~ 2048.0 Mhz
    Screen resolution: 720 x 1280
    Screen density: 240 dpi
    GPU vendor: Qualcomm
    GPU renderer: Adreno (TM) 320

    Thanks in advance :)

  90. Hi , I have rooted my mobile phone but worried about changing the rom , I couldn’t find a rom for this Phone HaiPai i9377 , I want some roms for my phone and I would also like to know which kind of roms are compatible for my phones. Thank You

    CPU MTK6577 Dual Core 1.0 Ghz
    GPU PowerVR SGX531 Ultra
    Memory RAM: 512 MB
    ROM: 2 GB
    Max Supports 16 GB Micro SD Memory Card
    Operating System Android 4.0 ICE CREAM SANDWICH
    Display Size: 4.7 inch, 16 million colors
    FWVGA Display @ 480*854 pixels
    Capacitive 5 point multi-touch

  91. kostas katselos

    Where can I find the latest rom for sophone 5i (android 4.1.1)?
    Or if it easy the previous rom (android 4.0.4).Thanks

  92. Hello ı had bought this phone from fastcardtech: goophone n2 pro. Its a note 2 clone with mtk6589 quad. But unfortunately I can not root it nor find any new roms.. any idea how to root it? And look for latest roms if they exist. Pls waiting for help..

  93. Hello,

    im not sure if the ROM for my phone is already posted am im just too dumb or if it is not there… i need ROM for HDC Galaxy S4 Lte- MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz 5.0inch QHD IPS Screen Android 4.2.9 Phone

    Any ideas??


  94. rakesh k chauhan

    i want idea id 918 (alcatel ot 918n) original rom

  95. Hello,

    Buy the i9500 and autorotation does not work, I have to do? please I’m no expert on phones.

    Thank you.

  96. Mirko Impastato

    Can give me please ROM for clone S4: N9500 ANDROID 4.2 3G QUADCORE 1.2GHZ I9377 S4 NOTE S3 2 HAIPAI STAR 4.2.1

  97. Hi is there a rom for replica galaxy s3 android 4.0.3 with spreadtrum cpu i want to update it to jelly bean 4.1

  98. Bryan F. Santana

    Rom to iHD Trend Duos S7562.

  99. Hello! Can you please post the ROM of hdc x920e butterfly.

  100. SN2013070453100 HDC-i9500 Galaxy S4 Quad Core Exynos 1.7GHz 5.0inch HD IPS Android 4.2.3 phone. hi all, not if it is the right place, but I have a hdc exynos galaxy s4 (real mtk6589) and the GPS did not work, update the rom, and voila phone that will not turn on, then charge him rom / and if you turn sound, buttons, touch, but do not see anything on the screen, that works with droid explorer android sdk and see the phone on the PC, you think that the error is in the display driver? or the screen is broken? thanks

  101. I bought inew i3000 need the stock rom the phone boots up black screen.

  102. Hi
    I got the ROM for this phone has stopped because Fbltm
    Thank you in advance

  103. Hi, I need the stock ROM for my dapeng A75. The camera sensors are: Main: ov5647_raw
    Front: hi704_yuv and the screen: truly3p2498_hjy. Thanks

  104. Hello how can I fix my phone just flashed it with the wrong rom and now the phone does not want to turn on and connect it to the laptop does not show and I can not just flashed again, has installed the driver can help me , thanks. phone

  105. STAR X920E – ROM

  106. Where can download the stock ROM in a flashable .tar format handy from NO.:iHD S3 MINI I8190(S9920) for backup?

  107. hello mr

    please help me,where i can download rom for HDC S4 GT i9500 dual core
    Galaxy S4 Clone
    MT6577 Dual Core CPU @ 1.2GHz
    4.8 inches qHD screen, IPS
    Android 4.2.1
    512MB RAM
    4GB ROM
    8MP main camera, 2MP front
    2100mAh battery

  108. HDC GT-N7102

    unfortunately google play store has stopped?

  109. antoinette waller

    pleases will u answer for us need the stock rom for clone note 2 5’5 capacitive mtk6577 1g ram 3g duelcore android 4.1 n933 +zw gt-n7100 build number is I tried to root it and when I turned it off and then on just a white screen when I plug in a charger the blue light shows up but cant do anything else so need the stock rom to get it working again thanks in advance

  110. antoinette waller

    hi I need help bad I have an 5’5 capacitive mtk6577 ig ram 3g duelcore android 4.1 smartphone note 2 n9330+zw gt-n7100 build number is well my problem is I need the stock rom for this phone its brick I think try t root it and got a white screen please answer soon need phone bad thank in advance

  111. Hello i need rom pure android 4.0 for hdc i9500 galaxy s4 mtk 6577,thanks.

  112. having problem with signal on goophone i5 n2, phone keep saying restricted access change sometime you could make a call sometime you can not could someone help with this problem thanks

  113. Look for Firmware
    I need firmware for i9220 MT 6575
    BB Chip : MT6575
    MS Board : hrnetural
    IMEI1 : 355328040130003
    IMEM2 : 355328040180008
    Modem Ver: MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V.18/2012/06/28
    Uboot Ver : 2010.06
    Kernel Ver :
    Android Ver : 4.0.4
    SW Ver : ALPS.GB2.MP.V2.6
    Custon Build Version : I9220_2012_08_10

    When I reset my phone, it run logo,first, and stuck on green android and open box.
    How can I fix?

  114. the suport team fastcardtech send me here to check this page for changing chinese google play with english … help …

  115. is there jelly bean rom for that spreadtrum s3

  116. need rom for spreadtrum s3 single micro sim baseband version I9300ddkl1
    kernal version-
    build no-GINGERBREAD.XXKL3

  117. help me please..
    i need rom for Tianji H890 clone n7120 mtk6577 8Mp, this phone link

  118. I have this phone.

    I tried the rom(s) here but they give me white screen when boot phone.
    Do you have a good rom (cable rom because phone doesn’t enter recovery) for me that works or can i throw the phone to the wall?
    I purchased this phone only 3 weeks ago at FCT but till now (sorry to say) but it sucks big time. :(


  119. Dear mahone0810,
    I downloaded a file from server many times, file succesfuly dowload but zip file has error. My device is hdc s3 mini i8190 and its waiting flashtool file for awaking from bricked sleeping.
    I use this link given at top of this page:
    HDC Galaxy S3 Mini i8190
    If possible would you give nonerror file of this device again?
    Thanks and best regards.
    Ps: its writing “V18″ at modem info.

  120. Jose Luis pls send me the rom Thank you.

  121. Please i need a rom for HDC Galaxy Trend DUOS GT S7562 my phone is stuck and i need to flash pls help me.

  122. HI RAM HTC SPU-MTK -6575

  123. Hello,

    i need the root software/tool for the Zophone i5 Pro

    please help me! Thanks

    greeting Alex

  124. i received my HDC galaxy note 2 ultra yesterday i bout it from and i have many problems
    2-i asked to have the Samsung start up logo instead of android start up logo screen
    4-the mobile network disconnect every 5 mints never come back unless i restart the phone
    5-sim card 2 not working
    6-when i connect the charger the touch screen note working as it should it keep clicking in deffrant points other thank i clicked and ,
    7-in call voice is very low indoor and out door I can’t hear anything
    8-i cant install paid apps from google play store (eroor cant install on usb storage or sd card )no problem with free apps
    i ALso need to know how to root this phone and what rom i can use as i have never did this before
    please i just got this phone and i need to use it i need help ASAP

  125. iHTC Titan II t5 mtk 6577 latest rom please

  126. Hello mahone0810,
    I received from a few hours a Kiphone I5 MTK6577 but it has many problems with the touch screen does not seem calibrated,locked on home screen to unlock the cursor moves by tapping in the center of the screen. It seems a problem of Rom, but that this site is an older version of 10.04.2013 while my phone is fitted with a version released on 18.05.2013. Where can I download the latest version? I would answer by flash the rom or is it a hardware problem?

  127. Hello mahone0810
    I need rom for HDC Galaxy Player N7300 ex mtk6589, not mtk6577, from you for your answer, have a good day.

  128. Order # SN2013051123095

    Hi mahone0810 i need the room for this order, Aipad Mini 3G- MTK6577 Dual Core and the password for the rar file i test and is not working for me , please help me with this or i will have to send it back to repair thanks

  129. Hello frnd
    Actually I want rom for hdc butterfly x920e
    Android 4.1.1

    I try to flash rom of star x920e from your forum but its show the rom for mtk7689 and the phone is mtk6577
    Plz help me to find rom…there is many problem in phone I have to flash it

  130. I need rom for HDC HX9299a from fastcardtech


    • Hey just look @ unser hdc one Theresia is your original Rom..i need TH Rom for the iHTC one mtk6589 With Logo..

  131. Plz help me for rom to my 3.5″ mtk6573 800mhz 512ram///512rom tinno s8030 3G thank hes knowing as wiko cink in france and as fly iq245 hes clone in russia and many clones too. But couldnt find rom have now network prob

  132. hiiii… i need help with my phone hdc s3 pro.. my phone now cant boot up.. i dont know what to do now.. maybe hard brick…. help give me tips please…

  133. Hola a todos necesito una rom para mtk 6575 jelly beam si alguien me ayuda por favor

  134. i hv bought vivo x1 from fastcardtech. i managed to root it recently after a lot of try. my problem is i cannot find any custom recoveries that can be downloaded. if u have, could u please gv me a link?

    thank you.

  135. Hello,

    I have posted twice on this page of you’re website. And both times my reply is deleted.. Why is that? Or is there something wrong with you’re website..??

  136. hello mahoneo810,
    I purchase this phone from FCT. order number US2012122728028

    Now I need rom

    is this rom is right for my phone? see link

  137. Hi..i rooted my IHTC G26 MTK6575 Dual sim and somehow i messed up phone.apk in system/app and somehow i accidentally deleted it. Is there a way maybe you can get me the stock firmware/latest firmware and plus how to install IT back. Heres the details..
    Model Number : e1809c_v75_jh_5640
    Android Version: 4.0.3
    Baseband Version: Unknown ( this part where i messed it)
    Kernel Version: 3.0.13 thu may 31 20:29:40 cst 2012
    Build number: ALPS.ICS.MP.V1.11

  138. I need update for My Phone

    This is my phone:
    Model: GT-N7100
    Android Version: 4.1.5
    Baseband: N7100ZCALH3
    Kernel: 3.0.13-93991
    Build: JR003C.N7100CALH40

    Pls advice

  139. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need jelly bean rom of this phone
    Pleaseeee help………
    Chmap mahone..u can do it…:)

  140. Hello, I’m very sorry, but the following link to download the Rom for the HDC Galaxy Player N7300 EX by is not the right.
    On this site is nothing to download.

    Please control it and please send me the right link to download the the ROM

    Best greetings from Germany

  141. Hi, I have a thl w8 and turns itself off, get stuck, get me two weeks ago, someone can help me for rooting the phone? thank

  142. Hi,
    I have bought this phone “HDC Galaxy S3 mini i9307- SP6820A 1.0GHz CPU 3.5 inch QVGA Screen Android Smart Phone” ( and the phone has firmware problems.
    I have restored factory settings but the problem remains the same.
    Is there a website where I can download the stock rom of the phone?
    Thanks, regards.

  143. I have a G9300 HDC Galaxy S3 LTE-MTK6577 512M Dual Core 1.2Ghz Ram and install the rom HDC S3 G9300: and now the screen looks pixelated. Please help, I can not use my phone.

  144. bonjour
    j ai mis la rom pour kiphone i5 dans mon kiphone mais maintenant je n ai plus de son et plus de reseau il affiche en haut (l accés limité a été modifier)

  145. STAR X920E – ROM – Fix Black screen – link!

    After flash rom and problem with black screen , here is the solution

  146. i forgot that my phone is hdc s1v n9500 thank you

  147. mahoneo810 i tried to flash this rom HDC Galaxy S4 i9500(Built-in N9500) from the list above and now all i have is a black screen can you please help with this really need to get this phone working.

    thank you

  148. Hi Allan

    Now for the ROM you can not do backups? Should I

  149. mi serve la rom completa in italiano per lo kiphone i5

  150. Mahone can you please upload the rom for hdc galaxy s1v n9500, i bought this phone from fastcard tech it keeps loosing signal hope that you will help with this problem

    Thank you

  151. I would like to update my phone with a new rom…

    This is my phone:
    Model: GT-N7100
    Android Version: 4.1.5
    Baseband: N7100ZCALH3
    Kernel: 3.0.13-93991
    Build: JR003C.N7100CALH40

    Can you help me???

  152. Mahone, do not forget my Rom request, I have been looking ihtc raider/ star g19, Rom allover places seven months ago. please helpme.

  153. Help please!!!

    I need the rom for a note 2 n7100 mtk6577 dual sim clone
    (model # e1901_v77_jdt1_9p017_fwvga_130115)
    it has 512mb ram, 512mb rom, dual core 1ghz cpu, vga front camera (left hand side), 2 sensors on the right, 8mp back camera with flash, the volume button is on the left while the power button is on the right and it’s either a 5.3 or 5.5 inch fwvga display

    any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

  154. Jeroen Visser


    I hope someone can help me.
    My new phone is in a boot loop, and will not start any more.
    I can not do a ROM upgrade with the PC (I do not know why, but it seems not to work) , so I am looking for the ROM of the

    FEITENG H7189

    which I can upgrade when I do an upgrade from the SD card in the phone. (I can come in the recovery mode of the phone).
    I hope someone can send this to me !!

  155. hello i bought this phone from fastcardtec hdc galaxy s1v n9500 i need rom for it the phone keeps loosing signal really need some help please.

    thank you

  156. Antonella Dechiara

    hi, i need to re-flash this rom on my HDC Galaxy S3, my phone doesn’t boot, i already wiped data/cache and still the same, please help me! i am desperated, please please please, re-upload the rom. i beggin you, sorry but my english is poor, i hope you understand me

    please give me the link!
    my phone is HDC Galaxy S3 Legend (N9389)

    please help me!

  157. Hello,
    I have this model with android 2.3.5 and want to upgrade to the 4, have the rom for this model? please, could you help me?
    i need rom and installation instructions.
    Thank you in advance

  158. hi,

    my order no # SN2013042565459. i bought iHD Galaxy Note 2 N7100

    The problem : it start stucked at android logo and then looping.

    anyway to flashing the firmware.

  159. please i need the flasing rom for this phone

    HDC Galaxy Trend DUOS GT S7562- SP8810 1.0GHz 4.0 inch WVGA Screen Android 4.1.9 Phone

    its stuck on a white screen……

  160. hello,
    one years ago i bought this phone:
    now, i would update it to Android 4: please, could you help me? Is this possible?
    I need Rom and instruction to install it.
    Thanks in advance

  161. hi hello i have the samsung galaxy s3 pro … everything work fine … but what the most thing disappointed me is i cant mount my sd card .. but when i try to mount the sd card it say my sd card is damage and try to format but after that seen nothing happen even i enter the recovery mode also my sd card not available ,,,help me!!!

  162. I bricked my phone Please Help

    I installed Chainfire3D on my phone Haipai Galaxy Note2 N7100. After I reboot its stuck on Bootloader. I already tried to restore the phone but no luck. I forgot to backup my phone, I need rom for this model please help

    Product Description:
    MTK 6577,Single Micro-SIM,android 4.1.1 system, 1280*720 Screen,the CPU ARMv7 Rev10(v7l) MT6577 (1GHz 1993MIPS)ROM 4G RAM 512MB , camera pixels: front: 2.0MP Back: 12.0MP, wifi,GPS

  163. Support the HDC does not have?

  164. have one samsung s3 mini (i8190)


    version android
    4.0.3 (but really 4.0.3)

    version baseband
    maui.11amd.w1150.sp.v28, 200120905


    # de compilacion

    other date
    Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable.
    CPU TYPE:6575
    Hardware version:CB00
    Software version:E201
    Boot downloading complete!
    Flash ID: 00AD00BC
    Flash Type: NAND_H8BCS0UN0MCR
    Chip Capacity: 0×20000000(512MB)

    I need a rom that is really 4.x.x

  165. Hi
    HDC GT-N7102 system.img dowload link?

  166. Hi,
    Can you give me ROM official HDC galaxy SIV N9500

  167. My order US2013031271364 link phone My phone is GSM radio lower is not call and send DATA GPRS.Antutu is fake show spec phone MTK 6575 2.0 GHz.But CPU Phone is spreadtrum 1 GHz.I want to Rom version 4.1.1 Engish and many lang and Play store version Engish not China and root.Help me please.How to flash my phone.

  168. I just got a HDC Galaxy Player N7300 EX with the 8gb rom. Will you have the new 4.2 android roms for this phone?
    Thank you

  169. Hello

    sorry I would like to ask you, whether someone has got the original ROM for STAR G9300 (512 Ram, 4,8 “display).
    I’v been searching for a week without success…
    could someone help me,please?

  170. Dir Sir,
    I did buy HDC Galaxy S3 -Legend from the fastcardtech website & i got it few days ago.
    It work but from time to time the sreen start sparkling, flashing as if it will be damaged soon. I email this problem to the tech support of the website & they give me your website address & ask me to re-flash the Rom or the galaxy s3 legend.
    I don’t know if that will solve the problem, but i didn’t find the ROM for my phone.
    Plzz tell me what to do .

    • Dear Sir,
      I did buy HDC Galaxy S3 -Legend from the fastcardtech website & i got it few days ago.
      It work but from time to time the screen start sparkling, flashing as if it will be damaged soon. I email this problem to the tech support of the website & they give me your website address & ask me to re-flash the Rom or the galaxy s3 legend.
      I don’t know if that will solve the problem, but i didn’t find the ROM for my phone.
      Plzz tell me what to do .

        • Dear,
          black screen issue on my N9389….needed to remove battery and reboot…a lot of times in a day. Pls. could you help me? Factory reset doesn’t solve the issue. Thanks.

          • You have three ways to fix the black screen problem.
            1. pls go setting- display- there should be a light senor calibration there.
            2. if step 1 is helpless, pls take down the screen guard to check again.
            3. you can go to the factory model to fox it. Pls click volume- and power button to enter the factory model, and then you can do a full test.
            4. if all are helpless, you can contact me again, and i will give you a rom to flash.

          • Hi guys.
            Pls. see in the following how to solve the black screen issue:
            Developer Options Activation
            Go ‘Settings’—->scroll down until ‘Phone info’——>’Build Number’. Touches 7 times, than you’ll get developer options rights.
            Now come back one time again in Phone Settings.
            Enter in ‘Developer Options’.
            Scroll down until ‘Scale animation window’ and set it as 0.5x.
            Go ahead doing the same setting for ‘Scale Transition Animation and Scale duration animation.
            Try at the beginning to set Display Brightness in automatic and then in manual.
            I hope it will work also for you.
            Enjoy your phone.

        • Dear Sir,
          i cant find the rom file .
          the link you posted is not working (deleted).
          please i you can post another working link for this rom & if it is possible to root this phone.
          Thnx again

        • Antonella Dechiara

          hi, i need to re-flash this rom on my HDC Galaxy S3, my phone doesn’t boot, i already wiped data/cache and still the same, please help me! i am desperated, please please please, re-upload the rom. i beggin you, sorry but my english is poor, i hope you understand me

          please give me the link!

  171. order# US2013021853668

    Phone is still working correctly. I was wondering if you could help me to Root this phone and if it is possible?

    Thank You,

  172. i need rom for galaxy player n7300 4 core version not sure what version you have.

  173. hi i see you have hdc galaxy player n7300 rom here but is it for the 4 core version?

  174. firmware HDC GT-N7102 MTK6577?

  175. I thank you for letting me have the chance to download a rom which I think is for my phone, I have deleted the original and only know it is a Rooted tianji s3 galaxy I9300 MTK6577, so I tried to download HDCs3 G9300 but it is so slow downloading at 20.kb/sec it times out after 4 hours and only 52% of download is there any chance of sending me it or another way to get the rom fully with thanks peter

  176. Can someone please upload a rom and help me with my problem.Thank you in advance.

  177. I bricked my phone with the wrong rom throuh flash tools and now I have a problem.I did not back it up and I do not have the stock rom 4.1.1.Please someone tell me what kind of phone this is and update a rom if you have the same phone?I have a 1.0 dual core processor 6577 on it.

    AndroidVersion: 4.1.1


    Kernel: 3.0.15-570657-user
    se.infra@SEP-102#1 SMP PREMPT Wed May 23 09:05:19
    KST 2012


  178. firmware HDC GT-N7102 MTK6577?

  179. Hey,
    I bought this Phone
    The HDC N9500, everything is nice but GPS doesnt get a fix and now i have no Sats in view like GPS Test pro.Yesterday i have 11 in view and One with 26%. some idears how to fix it ? Thanks

  180. Hi, wich one original rom for s3 pro ultimate 4.1.9?

  181. carlos prieto

    I have this model with android 4.1.2 and want to upgrade to the 4.2 have the rom for this model? HDC Galaxy Note 2 N9589

  182. I need original firmware For HDC GT-N7102 MTK6577

  183. its there have any update for galaxy s3 pro..?? version 4.1.9 or later

  184. i need rom/firmware for my Galaxy S3..

    Phone Model: GT-i9300
    CPU: SMDK4x12
    CPU Model: Quad-Core ARMv7 Processor (VFPv3,NEON)
    Android Version: 4.1.9
    Build: IMM76D.GT-I9300ZSALE9
    IMEI: 351869058577423
    Kernel: Linux Version 3.0.13 (root@android-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) #4 PREEMPT Sun Feb 3 16:11:02 CST 2013

    Additional info from About Phone:

    Baseband Version: MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V20, 2012/08/13 14:56
    Kernel Version: 3.0.13 1211 V72 Sun Feb 3 16:11:02 CST 2013
    Build Number: IMM76D.GT-I9300ZSALE9
    Custom build version: 1359856456

      • i found there are 4 Galaxy S3 Pro here, which one is suitable for me with Android 4.1.9…. Please help me…

        1. 9300 s3 pro card
        2. hdc galaxy s3 pro version original version
        3. hdc galaxy s3 pro version foreign language
        4. hdc galaxy s3 pro version english version

  185. Thank you so much for your time. I recently purchased the following phone and have changed the language from Chinese to English but many of the alerts and apps are in Chinese. I would like to change all of this to English. I am fairly new to android and would like to know:

    1) Do I need to root the phone to change the Chinese stuff?
    2) Are there specific tutorials to root THIS particular phone?
    3) Are there any ROMs or updates for this phone?

    This is the information from the phone:
    Phone Model: GT-N7100
    Brand: samsung
    CPU Hardware: SMDK4412
    CPU Model: Quad-Core ARMv7 Processor(VFPv3, NEON)
    CPU Frequency: 200.00~1600.0 MHz
    Screen Resolution: 1280-720
    GPU vendor: ARM
    GPU renderer: Mali-400
    GPU version (OpenGL): OpenGL ES2.0
    Memory size (available/total): 15405.8 / 15421.5 MB
    RAM size (available/total): 743.9 / 998 MB
    SD card size (available/total): 15406.8 / 15421.5 MB
    Android version: 4.1.1
    Build number: ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1.3
    IMEI: 353627059XXXXXX
    Kernel: Linux version 3.0.13 (root@android)(gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC)) #3 SMP PREEMPT Sat 2 15:09:49 CST 2013

  186. hi, I have model phone i9300 , single sim card , CPU : MTK6577, Cortex A9 dual core, 1.4GHz , 16GB ROM , DISPLAY : 4.8inch 1280*720 , RAM 512 OR 1 GB.
    Now my phone does not work -brick. The phone is visible through flashtool.
    I am looking for a rom that will work on my phone.
    Please help! I’d like to get my phone still work :)
    Orginal ROM :
    basedband version : MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V5

  187. What is the password for the winrar archiv ???

  188. hello
    Need Stock rom for this product..
    Can you upload it..

  189. Please Help, Android MTK phone stuck on boot logo.

    Here are the specs:
    BB Chip: MT6573
    MS. Board: konka73_gb
    IMEI1: 35551280103****
    IMEI2: 35551280103****
    Modem Ver.: MAUI.11AMD.W11.19.SP.V2, 2011/08/13 15:33
    Bar Code: 09020192_122012
    Build Time: 2012 09 11 21:34:17 CST
    UBoot Ver.: 2010.06
    Kernel Ver.: (root@kingzo-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 PREEMPT Tue Sep 11 21:28:06 CST 2012
    Android Ver.: 4.0.4
    SW Ver.: ALPS.GB.FDD2.MP.V2.14
    Custom Build Verno.: 1347370103

    Please Help!!!

  190. Hi,
    HDC Galaxy S3 G9300
    the above Rom is zip password protected.

    Could I have the password.



  191. HDC Galaxy S3 G9300 file password needed to decompress, can offer me?

  192. Have you the password for HDC Galaxy S3 G9300 rom please ?

  193. Bonjour avez vous le mot de passe du HDC Galaxy S3 G9300 pour le decompresser merci

  194. my tablet of simmtronics is not working with cm 10 please give the stock rom

  195. Hi could you please upload this stock rom!
    But it must be exactly this in the link :)
    would be very nice :)

  196. GioNee GN868 sir please port jelly bean to this android phone….. or is this possible to flash other brand rom with same hardware….

  197. Hi,
    Can you tell me were i can get any updated firmware files for the (Galaxy Note 2 Mage MTK6577 ) model please.
    Also i have rooted this model, & was wondering if there are any new Roms/custom Roms available for this model?

    I would be very grateful for any help with this.


  198. Hi,
    I need the cable flash ROM for HTC ONE X S720e mtk6577 dualsim
    Hardware : MT6577
    Model : S720e
    Build number : S720e-01
    Build date UTC : 20121018-033936
    Android v : 4.1.1
    Baseband v: MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V8, 2012/08/22 20:06
    Kernel v : 3.0.13 (linux-server-build0@linux-server-build0-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Thu Oct 18 11:38:02 CST 2012
    Uboot build v : MAIN2.2.ubt.4626
    LCD Driver IC : 1-HX8363_rgb_6575


  199. HDC Galaxy S3 G9300- MTK6577 Dual Core 1Ghz 1G Ram 4.7 (i9300 2G int storage version 4.1 JB)

    Need to flash this phone as it doesn’t see any sd cards inserted also System UI corrupt.
    LED indication lights have never functioned.

    Downloaded the above rom ( ) to find its password protected. (Not sure its the correct rom)

    Please help me find the correct Rom or quick fix for this phone


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