HDC Galaxy S5 G900F Rom Update

HDC Galaxy S5 G900F New Version

HDC Galaxy S5 G900F New Version

HDC Galaxy S5 G900F New Version

HDC Galaxy S5 G900F MTK6592 HD Remote MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz
2GB Ram(Real 1GB), 8GB Rom
720p, support IR Control/ Heart Rate
Here to check the page.
Note: 1. Please check the product first, check if it is your phone.
2. Take your own risk.
Changes: 1. Totally Uninstall all the chinese apps, system will be smoothy.
2. Add Fake Finger Print Unlock, show like origin.
3. Add Administor Permission, but can be rooted now.
4. Booting Logo can be changed freely.
5. Set English as the first boot language.
6. Increase the signal of GPS, with GPS.config.
Bugs: No see any bugs till now…
Tricks: 1. Setting- Lock Screen- Choose Finger Scanner.
2. *#3646633#* to enter engineer model, and GPRS to rewrite imei number.
3. Logo change freely. We provide 3 kinds of logo in the folder: G900F, G9006V, G900H.
Logo Change Method: 1. We have made 3 model of s5 booting logo, for example, if you need G9006V booting logo, please send the files in G9OO6V- the XXXYYY folder to your sd card.
2. Power off the phone, and insert the sd card, start up the phone, the logo will be auto changed.
Original Rom Link: Password: 4321, original rom for rom editor. Click here to download.
Update Rom Link: Password: 4321, click here to download.
Booting Logo Change Link: Password: 4321, click here to download.
Cable Flash Guide: Click here.

Leave a comment if you have any problems.


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  1. ca


  2. Taavi


  3. emilin

    Hola, quiero comprar el hdc s5 spark, pero la duda que tengo es si trae los logos de samsung, porque en los vídeos que veo por YouTube algunos traen logo y otros no, y quisiera saber si dan buen resultado estos terminales, gracias de antemano

  4. Arrasparus

    Hi There!

    I have a HDC Galaxy Spark S5.

    How I do a factory reset?

    Is there any Firmware (original inclusive) for Spark S5 Version?


    Nice Day!.

  5. hcmax

    thanks 🙂

  6. z


  7. Miguel

    Hola,es posible instalar la Rom original del S5 en el 1:1 S5 G900F MTK 6582???
    Espero podais ayudarme o decirme que Rom poner ya que la mia viene dañada.Graciass

  8. Fran


  9. Matthias

    Ich habe einen G900H kann ich da diese Rom runterladen? Für was ist das Kabel-Flash Guide? Wie installiere ich die auf dem Handy?

  10. aby6272

    I need original rom for HDC S5 G900F, Quad Core 1.3ghz, 2gb Ram, Single Sim, Android 4.4.2

    1. robert

      Check if the product is the one you are looking for

  11. chrelyon


  12. Alex

    Hi there

    Sorry but download is very hard and difficult with pan.baidu

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