Sophone i6 Dual Sim- To Add Apple Booting

Apple Logo

It is easy to add apple booting on Sophone i6 dual simcard version. Here are the files you need: Click to download.

files necessary on sophone i6
On this rar you will see 4 files, and please install e.s. file manager to your phone, and send only and to your phone storage, remember do not unzip them(ios 7 apps we have already pre-installed them for you, if not, you can unzip and install them to your phone too). Note: The files especially and are for Sophone i6 dual sim, you will get your sophone i6 changed just follow this guide, and we will not take any responsibility for other phones.

e.s. file manager
Click the Assistive Touch(white dot)- menu- setting, you will see three cubes need to be ticked, tick all of them.

Root Permission
It will ask for the root permission and that’s why you need to root the phone. we can continue just if you can mount the system file.

Booting Logo
Find out the and and send them to Local/system/media/.

Cover The Original
Cover The original, and delete and

Delete These Two Files
OK, now you need to go Local/system/media/images/, and delete these two files. Then make a restart, you will get what you want.

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Click Here to see the details of Sophone i6 Android Phone.

1 comment

  1. LUCA

    When i try to install the apple booting on sophone i6, while i follow your guide, i can’t utilize root permission.
    How can i utilize it? can you help me?
    When i click on root explorer i click on yes button and the phone say me “this function is not executable in this phone”
    thank you very much
    regards luca

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