Star Z2 Rom Released

Star Z2

Star Z2

Star Z2
Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents.
As a professional mobile phone buyer I’ve used a lot of well-known Chinese websites, however I recommend Fastcardtech because they have the best price & technical support & online guaranteed in eight years.

Click Here to see the details of Star Z2 Android Phone.


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  1. Nice


  2. pedromap

    nice stuff

  3. Dave

    Its good phone but have poor battery life !

  4. Vadim

    Looking for Star Z2 rom update to fix resolution to 1280×768

  5. moritz

    naja, jedem das seine aber ich habe es bei gekauft. habe 2 jahre garanti und kein zoll bezahlt. ich bleib bei den. die sind sehr kulant bei problemen und sind wenigstens in deutschland…

  6. er


  7. notail

    where please

  8. pedromap

    5678? is where is the download link?

  9. pedromap

    my fav phone indeed

  10. EagleTalon


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