Rom download from phones

Rom download from phones.

hdc   galaxy s3 ex v2
HDC   Galaxy Note N9776
HDC   Galaxy Note I9977 Mini Pad
Super   Galaxy Note A9220 5.08 inch 6573 v1
Super   Galaxy Note A9220 5.08 inch 6573 v2
Goophone   i5 n2 international language
Goophone   i5 n2 apple
N821 JB   with rooted
N821 JB   with rooted cable flash tool
N820   Card Flash

3.06 Notice: “HDC Galaxy S3 ex v2 rooted” is a wrong rom from the factory to hdc galaxy s3 ex 1GB ram. System will show just 512M ram and 8MP camera. So this rom now is suitable for s3 ex lte. However, it is okay if s3 ex 1GB wanna flash it and experience the new 4.1.2os . Step by step, there’s no risk. And when the factory releases the right rom, you can flash again, or you do not like showing 512M ram and 8MP camera on your s3 ex 1gb ram version, you can flash back to 4.0 os. If you do not know how to flash it, you can contact me and i will help you.

Flash Guide:

pls download this app for your pc and add 437578043(mine), then i can help you to flash your phone.
thanks again!
here is the link:
4.08 update 
hyundai t7
HDC Galaxy Player N7300 EX
HDC Galaxy S3 Mini i8190
HDC Galaxy Note 2 N9589
HDC Galaxy S3 Plus

… finally get the plus rom…


Tengda S7589
HDC Galaxy Note 2 N9589 4.2.1
HDC Galaxy S4 i9500(Built-in N9500)
Star X920 Butterfly
Goophone i9
Lenovo P770 Foreigner
small chile q1 miui
HDC Galaxy S3 Legend
Jiayu G2S OPOO Rom


Good Day, everybody.

HDC Galaxy S3 F9300
Goopad Mini i5S Card Flash version 1
Goopad Mini i5S Card Flash version 2
kiphone i5
HDC Galaxy S3 B943
Huawei Ascend D1 U9500
Root N9589 Card Flash Rom
Zopo C2 zp980 android version rom
HDC Butterfly H920
HDC Storm MX Original Rom 4.1.2

This rom from Xda may help people does not have wifi and bluetooth on hdc galaxy s3 ex.

Good day again, 5.28

HDC Galaxy S4 EX
  Pls Format the Storage after Flash It.
HDC Galaxy S3 Legend
Aipad Mini 3G Lte
  Rear Camera choose: ov8825_mipi_raw  Front Camera: hi253_yuv
  Volume- and power on to clear emmc after you flash it.
Aipad Mini 3G Pro
  Rear Camera Choose: 0V5647
  Front Camera Choose: hi704
  Screen Choose: bp101wx1
  Volume- and power on to clear emmc after you flash it.
HDC Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7102 with logo on back cover.rar
hdc galaxy note 2 gt-n7102 without logo on back cover.rar
HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos Version Update.rar
iHD Galaxy Note 2
Star X920 Butterfly Version
zophone i5 pro 6589.rar

Good day the third time. 5.30

Goophone i5 s
Goophone n2 v2
Aipad Mini 3G Fully APPLE_UI.rar
HDC Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 6575 card flash
HDC Galaxy Note 2 H9500 Plus
HDC Galaxy Note 3 Pro Cable flash rom
HDC Galaxy Note 3 Pro Card flash rom rooted
IHD Galaxy Note 3 H3088 Cable flash rom
Zopo C2(zp980) pure android rom

7.09 new roms:

HDC Galaxy Note 2 H3088
iocean x7 Password:mrrc
Goophone i5s
sophone i5
Star Galaxy Note3 N7100 Plus
IHD GALAXY Premier I9260 Pro
HDC One HX9299A/ iHtc One
ZTE U930
Newman K1
7300 ex
vivo x1
Lenovo A690
Star Galaxy S3 Mini i8190.rar
HDC S4 Pro
Aipad Mini

7.16 add from

firefly v5
HDC Galaxy S4 Legend
hdc galaxy note 2 b6000.rar
Star Galaxy Note 2 Q880.rar
iHTC Butterfly H920 Plus

 8.02 news from If you buy from other website, pls check the phone tech info on website first, and find a right rom here, and if you order from fastcardtech, you need to find the phone model here of the file name, or you phone will be brick.

CUBE U30GT2_V2.01_Android4.2.2_20130526.rar
kiphone i5 lte white version.rar
Aipad Mini 3G
kiphone i5 lte black version.rar
HDC Galaxy Tab 7.0

8.30 new roms

HDC Galaxy S4 Spark
HDC Galaxy Legend New Rom.rar
Star X920 butterfly
Star X920 butterfly lte.rar
Star X920 butterfly
HDC Galaxy S4 Lte.rar



  1. Hello i want ROM for: HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9002 Dual sim (from fastcardtech) thank you

  2. Hello, I bought this phone here on this site.
    Unfortunately everything is in Chinese, and I fail to configure french, how can I put Android in french? This would help me.
    Thank you for your help.

  3. La rom per il gooapple v8? dove si può trovare

  4. I recently got a mini-s3 clone how to put it in Hungarian ruins. it is with great difficulty found anything that ingredient. And ever since I put anything not respond. The SP_Flash_Toollal if I want to put up another rom you will 3004es error is not compatible with the rom the phone, and all the data than what u read it MTK droid ..
    Somehow, you can even bring your phone back?

  5. Hi, I need the ROM for the HDC Galaxys Note 3 Vitas 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM Android 4.3. Does it exist and if so, where can I get it? The HDC Galaxy Note 3 Sunny II doesn’t work on this phone.

  6. Hi, I need the ROM for the HDC Galaxys Note 3 Vitas 3GB RAM +32GB ROM smartphone. I tried the HDC Galaxys Note 3 Honey II 3GB RAM +32GB ROM, but it didn’t work.

  7. Hola necesito rol para el n9000 mt6582, no me funciona el táctil.gracias

  8. Hi, I bought the phone “Green Orange N1″ on FCT.
    Please provide me with a firmware to flash.

  9. Good evening, I need help. I need to have the drives for HDC Galaxy S4 Legend 2. My pc does not recognize directly by phone. I need to be able to use flash tool.exe. thanks

  10. Can anyone provide me
    1:1 HDC N9000 Note 3 Android 4.3 Rom
    My device

    Please help.. thanks

  11. hola buenas tardes, he comprado un HDC Galaxys Note 3 N9002- MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz 5.7inch FHD IPS OGS Screen Android 4.3.1 Phone, y en realidad me da problemas porque me dice que la memoria esta llena y no me deja descargarme nada incluso el whatsapp se me bloque porque no tiene memoria. He añadido una micro sd de 32 gb pero el problema sigue ya que no se instalan los programas en ella, me han dicho que hay que rootear el movil pero me hacen falta los draivers y los progamas necesarios para hacerlo , que puedo hacer, muchas gracias por tu atención y espero una respuesta .

  12. ROM Thunderbird Golden I5S (fastcardtech) ?
    Help Me Please

  13. hello i am searching for kiphone 5s rom please i am despered!!! help!!!

  14. hi can you please tell me how to flash a rom and what rom can i use on my hdc galaxy s4 legend the phone is only freezing and rebooting not a rooted device do i need to be rooted to flash a rom?

  15. Hi!
    Is there any update for HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos Version (HDC Galaxy S4 I9500- Exynos Quad Core 1.7GHz 5.0inch HD IPS Screen Android 4.2.3 Phone)
    The link is off :

  16. Hi!!
    I have a HDC Note N9000 ( GT-N9000 ) 3 1G 4G MT6589 and has gone crazy, move single menu screens, open applications … I have the rom of October 31, I’ve done a factory reset and still the same. I need the latest rom available for this phone. thanks

  17. Hello!

    One month ago I´ve ordered a No.1 S6 I9502 ( from FCT and there are different problems:
    1. when somebody calls me, the phone switchs into flight-mode
    2. sometimes the phone turns off by itself
    3. some apps (like Facebook) closes automatic
    4. the system is very very slow
    The service-team from FCT said, I have to flash the rom and they send me your link.
    But I can not find the rom.
    Can you please send me the right one?

    Thanks and best wishes!

  18. Dear admin ,

    I have a problem that is Picopad GFI bricked, I was wrong during the flashing process where the preloader and dspl_bl checked. After getting information about the test point (TP) in a forums, my Picopad GFI can be connected to a pc. The problem is I do not have a GFI Picopad the original firmware mainly preloader and dsp_bl original firmware. Each received material, then I tried flashing (SPFT) but always failed, 100% up to red alert after it BROM ERROR S_DL_GET_DL_DRAM_SETTING_FAILED (5054), sometimes SPFT error message appears. Many times even tried SPFT such others version (SP Flash Tool v3.1224.01, SP Flash Tool v3.1238.5.58, SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1224.0.sn85 , SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1224.01) remains the same. I also backup files even trying, still can not.
    I beg to be helped….where’s i can get the ROM? :’(

    Build number PICOpad_GFI_20121206 or e1911_v77_mt6628_hjy1_in_9p017_v20_20121224
    Model number PICOpad_GFI
    Android version 4.1.1
    Baseband version MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V15 , 16/10/2012 13:11
    Kernel version 3.4.0 (root @ kk – desktop ) ) # 1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 6 17:35:45 CST 2012Processor MT6577, ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1GHz
    LCD 6″, 854 x 480, FWVGA
    Storage Internal 4GB; Slot: MicroSD up to 32GB Memory 512 MB
    GPRS: Class 12
    EDGE: Class 12
    3G: WCDMA 7.2 Mbps
    WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    Bluetooth v2.0
    USB 2.0

    Thanks before…

  19. i want custom rom for my gionee v2…… and want to unlock 3g mode on gionee v2…….

    guyzzzz plzzzz help me……..

  20. HDC GT N9000/ Hello, I bought this phone a month ago and it just dropped my network (T-mobile USA) the other day and will not connect…PLEASE HELP!!!

  21. HDC S4 ex link not working, file is removed, please re upload if anyone has it..


  22. hi i buy this phone and i erase all thing from the phone an i want the rom (zip) to fix it
    Thunderbird i5c- MTK6572 Dual Core 1.3GHz 4.0inch FWVGA Screen Android 4.2.2 Phone

  23. Hi, please add Rom for SN2013111546767

    HDC Galaxys Note 3 N9002- MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz 5.7inch FHD IPS OGS Screen Android 4.3.1 Phone

  24. please help rom for SN2013101802299 ;

    HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9000- MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2Ghz 5.7 Inch HD IPS Screen Android 4.3 Phone

  25. Hi, please add ROM for HDC Galaxys Note 3 N9006- MTK6582


  26. please help rom for iHD Galaxys Note 3 N9006- MTK6572 Dual Core 1.3GHz 5.5inch Android 4.3 Phone…thank very much

  27. Hi, please, I need a Spanish rom and google play store for zophone I5 pro.

  28. Hello
    I need help with hdc one 9299a . I need to add extra system languages and i have no idea how to do.maybe some on can can give some info or something …?
    Thank you

  29. Dear friends..

    Need this rom….

    MTK6577 android 4.0.4 sprdroid_base-user 2.3.5 MocorDroid2.3.5/W12.20_P20.01



  30. Hardware : MT6575
    Model : A5ENZE
    Build number : A5_ENZE_RWI_V1.0

    date UTC : 20130829-021943
    Android v : 4.1.1
    Baseband v:

    MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V52, 2013/06/28 09:31
    Kernel v :

    (root@240) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 Thu Aug 29 10:18:14 CST 2013
    Uboot build v : MAIN2.2.ubt.16903
    LCD Driver IC : 1-ili9806_6575

  31. hi there,
    plzplz i need your help badlly coz my phone is bricked only its home and back button lights flash when opened but screen blanked.they said i need a valid rom for my mobile its configuration and link are given below plz help me

    Google android OS 4.1.1
    Andoid 4.1
    Dual Sim
    Memory 60MB
    Camera 3.2 mp with flash light front Camera 1.0 mp
    Application Processor: MTK 6577 dual Core
    RAM: 512MB
    Capacity: support memory expansion with TF card up to 32GB max
    4.7 inch capacitive touch screen,

  32. Can you post a cable flash ROM for
    Thanks for the help

  33. Olá ,
    Sou do Brasil.
    Onde eu encontraria o firmware para o aparelho:

    Foston FS-M3G796GT
    android= 4.0.4
    Versão do Kernal=3.0.13 lf@kf-mid #2
    modelo= unknown G-M7904
    CPU= MTK 8377 ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core 1.2GHz


  34. Hello admin
    Need rom for this phone ( no logo)

    HDC Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7102- MTK6577 Dual Core 1.2Ghz 5.4 inch HD Screen Android 4.1.1 Phone

  35. No.1 S6- MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz Dual Simcard 5.0inch HD IPS OGS Android 4.2.1 Phone, purchased from fastcardtech order n. SN2013091816639
    Where can I find the rom. Tanks

  36. Hi Friends ,
    I have installed the 1G version rom to my Star B92M 512mb . and i brick my phone .
    can anyone send me the original stock rom for 512 mb version of star B92m , or only preloader and dsb_bl files .

    Please help me
    Thank you very much

  37. Hello does anyone know how to calibrate touch screen in mt6589t
    After reflashing, toch screen points is not calibrated
    Please for help

  38. I want HDC Galaxy S5 N9600 stock or updated ROM. Pls .My ph got usb error

  39. Guys, dont waste your time posting here… no one is answering our questions, this is a ghost forum!.. search in another forum like xda or chinasmartphonereview

  40. Hello, buy one galaxy s4 fastcardtech legend and I have the problem of q q says I have full memory and micro sd is empty, I can not change the phone storage. When I speak of By phone the other person hears only noise and not understood the conversation. As you can update this phone?.

  41. Busco urgente la ROM stock del móvil star n9189. Graciad

  42. Hi have the same problem … i have a w005 and now it not boot up becouse of a no good flash.

    Any have a rom for w005 pls????

  43. Hi, anyone can send me a digitizer + glass for S3 F9300? Or provide for a compatible spare part. I broke mine and need a replacement.

    Thank you!

  44. I have bought HDC S4 LEGEND and 3g in 850 mhz isnt working at all. A lot of customers have te same issue and the last rom that you have uploaded its bad. Please give us a rom that works properly. I have tried configuring Apn, reinserting the sim card, changing my imei and nothing works. Please help!.

  45. I order from fastcardtech the sophone 5i.For unknown reason they send me the w005 phone.I flash the w005 with the sophone 5i rom I found here and my phone bricked.I done that because I thought that I had in my hands the sophone 5i and no the w005.Can somebody answer me why you can’t upload the rom for w005 phone to fix it?

    • hi i have the same problem of you … did you solved ????

      Do you have the good rom for star w005 phone???

  46. good evening
    I bought an i5 goophone n2 v2 fct and let me know if there is a recent rom, and possible root.
    could you tell me how.

  47. hi can u plz tell me what is the link of original Rom for ALPS GT-I9500 MTK6577
    thx in advanced

  48. hello i need original rom of hdc galaxy s4 spark with working gesture and air control features. the one i downloaded from here before

    is not original
    please can someone post original rom link or upload it

  49. Can somebody answer me why you can’t upload the rom for w005 phone to fix it?

  50. hello I bought a star s6 butterfly china and came with version 4.2.8 and want to put the version 4.2.2 as I do to download this version for this star?

  51. .can i use : .HDC Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 6575 card flash for my china galaxy note 2 GT-N7100???pleas help me.pleas

  52. hello,

    im not sure if i doublepost now. i bought phone from fct and fct support sent me here. telephone is hdc galaxy s4 i9502 with mt6572 processor.


  53. [SIZE="7"][I]Guys stay away from the hdc legend new rom there is error in the system img file so it will only start flashing an stops so if u dont know what to do dont mess with it now u are warned[/I][/SIZE]

  54. Can anyone giveme the password for the rom

    Please i realy need the rom to unbrick my N9589T phone

  55. hola, necesito la ROM original de este movil, HDC Galaxy S4 Spark- MTK6589 Smart Stay Gesture Control Android 4.2.9 Phone, espero que alguien diga algo, este blog esta un poco muerto en respuestas.

    Hello, I need the original ROM of this mobile, HDC Galaxy S4 Spark – MTK6589 Smart Stay Gesture Control Android 4.2.9 Phone, hope that someone says something, this blog this a bit died in answers.

  56. Sorry for the double post but if anyone know the password please sent it to my email

  57. Hello can anione tellme what is the password for the rom
    Please i bricked my phone and only with the rom can unbrick it but the rar archive has password please tellme the passwrd :S my phone dont work from days

  58. por favor una rom para el clon del s3 mini gt i8190 que sirva

  59. sorry double post…
    forgot to indicate model of the phone…

  60. Good day! I bought a galaxy s2 clone spreadtrum 6820 phone and tried to root it but unfortunately i’ve flashed a wrong rom (.pac) using research and download. now it boots up but white screen only still sleeps when power button is pushed.

    model of the phone is GT-I9100
    model of the board is S900 v1.1
    android 4.0 (2.3.5)?
    rom & ram is around 250mb
    single sim only
    no recovery mode or download mode button combination
    research and download is the only way to flash it with .img, .bin, .pac files.

    anyone here have this problem? please share your solution.

  61. Good day! I bought a galaxy s2 clone spreadtrum 6820 phone and tried to root it but unfortunately i’ve flashed a wrong rom (.pac) using research and download. now it boots up but white screen only still sleeps when power button is pushed.

    model of the board is S900 v1.1
    android 4.0 (2.3.5)?
    rom & ram is around 250mb
    single sim only
    no recovery mode or download mode button combination
    research and download is the only way to flash it with .img, .bin, .pac files.

    anyone here have this problem? please share your solution.

  62. please send me Rom thunderbird i5 rainbow version

  63. I have Lenovo P770 (India) and wish to update jelly 4.1.1 to 4.2 or 4.3, I wish to know that this phone support to 4.3 / 4.2 or not if support how to update this and where to download.

    Thanking you
    M Ram

  64. hello mahone,

    nice collection you got here :)

    i bought phone from fastcardtech, called hdc galaxy s4 lte and i need a rom for it.

    fct support sent me here.

    can you upload please?

    thanks man

  65. Is there a new rom for Hdc galaxy S4 legend that will make it support smart stay?
    I just bought it a month ago, and now see it advertized with smartstay.. I feel ripped off

  66. I have bought by Ebay a GT-I9300, MT6575 Mediatek,Alps gb2 mp v5 18, Android 4.1.2, cs301.1.1. one micro sim card. A lot of applications are in Chinese so I woluld like to find a new firmware in English. Also it has a problem when I want to select network carrier. I got the list of available networks but every one I pick up are not available at the moment. I have tried to get into recovery mode by presing Vol- Power and Home button but only I got is Factroy mode where is no options for upgrade .Please can You provide me a link for firmware and tool application.

  67. hi mahone!

    will there soon be a rom of hdc galaxy s4 lte mtk6589 or is there already one and i am just looking for the wrong thing?


  68. kostas katselos

    Big problem here.Just now I find out that the phone that you send me isn’t the sophone 5i but the w005.Because the settings button(this one over the volume+) change only the profile,i flash the phone with the sophone 5i rom i found here.Now my phone is tottaly useless.Only the touchscreen is working and the power button.All the other buttons are dead and i can’t use it.Please upload the w005 rom please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Jose Manuel Segura

    Hello, I just want to say thanks for your support, I need to ask you something, about HDC Galaxy S3 Mini i8190, I brick it, but its ok, I read on some forum, i just need to flash again with the originals files, its that correct?, but the problem is I download the zip file, but the zip file is corrupted, I manage to get unzip, but when I try to flash the only 3 files that folder contains, I get an error, so I try, with Blubo B3000 firmware so I put some files paste it in your folder zip, and I get an error, its a chance to have all the other files so I can flash it? Thanks in advance. Im so sorry for my english.

  70. MTK6577 4.2.2 jeallybean

    after change imei changing done but still No Service…………….

    Help Needed

  71. Where i can find the rom for

    also a compatible rom (like paranoid android) will be great without samsung apps

  72. hi i brought a hdc galaxy note 2 mtk6577 dual core phone from you i wanted english apps on it google play etc so i flashed a new firmware on it but it was the wrong one and now the phone will not be recognised by the computer is there any way i can flash the factory firmware on it again thanks steve

  73. seek help urgently rom for flashtool Android 4.0 Phone “Stratos” – 3G Dual SIM.

  74. please can anyone provide me password foor aipad mini 3g full apple ui.rar file???? please…

  75. Pls. upload Stock Firmware for K-Touch-Hornet-Kiss-U86.

  76. hello i tried to deodex my HDC Galaxy note 3 pro and it did not work and now my phone gets stuck at the boot screen is there any way that i can solve this because i really need to get this phone back and working :(

  77. Hi mahone,

    thank you for the new roms.

    Could you get the newest for HDC Galaxy S4 EX please ?
    I have 3 problems with that phone :

    -touchscreen randomly unresponsive for 5sec, especially if i stop touching it for some secs.
    -inaccurate battery levels (despite several recalibration s+ tested 2nd battery)
    -Camera unable to shoot in 18MP resolution

    First 2 problems are the most annoying to me, help me please, i have tried stock, your last rom and a Star S4 rom, it’s same problems each time.

    • Hi,

      if anyone from fastcardtech is reading this, please could you check my RMA status? I’ve sent my phone as asked, it passed customs after 20days stuck and got delivered on 15/08 according to my country’s tracking. Since then, no news. When i emailed support 3/4 days later, they told me it’s still not there yet.

      I’ve been now 1 month and 10 days without my phone.

  78. Hi,
    I have a Star X920 Legend, v89_zlh_hd. I installed compass app but it says “no magnetometer installed”. Can it be fixed?

  79. What software you use to reinstall this rom’s please ??? I can use ODIN ???
    Thank you .

  80. pls help me i need a flashable rom and usb driver for hdc galaxy s2 hd lte e120i. my phone can no longer be turn on. your help will be much appreciated.

  81. Hi,

    I once reseted my mtk6589 note 2 to the fabric reset, but since then on I can’t see the id of any incoming call, or while dialing a phone number, the names don’t show up. I have all the contacts from gmail, and they exist in the phonebook. This is the item that I bought from:

    Thank you,


  82. please can anyone help i have the hdc galaxy note 2 and have flashed the wrong rom now i get error 4032 in flash tools i have tried sooooo many roms to even get the pre loader to load with no success all i get is a red status bar at 100 % then it waits 40 sec and gives me the error no matter what i do

  83. Hello,

    Could please post correct ROM for the HDC Galaxy S3 F9300 – MTK6577

    The link posted on this website. its not for the F9300. It is for some other device based on MTK6589.

    HDC Galaxy S3 F9300:

    Please post the current cable flash ROM for
    HDC Galaxy S3 F9300 Plus

    Thank you!

  84. utilise le bon flashtool v1.3…. mais ca change rien juste que le processeur et reconnu exynos mais a mon avis c’est bien un mtk

  85. Hi Mahone. Firstly, a great site with tons of resources.
    I recently bought HDC Galaxy S4 Exynos Version. (
    But it shows it has MTK6589 chipset. FastCardTech says HDC factory flashed an incorrect rom and gave me a different rom. But through the flash tool, the scatter file does not load. It says it is not a valid scatter file. Please Help!

  86. Hola, les com pre en noviembre del 2012 un HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 plus y me enviaron un HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 , con version 4.1 de android, ahora no encuentro la rom original, ya que las del plus “+” no me funcionan, tengo los datos de fabrica (Kernel y demas) podrian darme la direccion de la rom correcta o alguna solución, he de decir que he provado diferentes roms y la unica que ha funcionado pero con problemas de pantalla, no reconoce bien el lugar de pulsacion en la pantalla, es la rom del GT-I9300, pero se hace imposible de manejar. Gracias.
    Hello, I pre com in November 2012 an HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 plus and they sent a HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 with android 4.1 version, now can not find the original rom, since the plus “+” did not work, I have manufactures data (Kernel and others) could give me the address of the correct rom or some solution, I must say I’ve proven different roms and the only one that has worked but display problems, may not recognize the place of pulsation in the screen, is the GT-I9300 rom but becomes unmanageable. Thank you.

  87. Hello I reccomend that you never buy hdc this is a stole. Have no support and in fastcardtech don’t want to do nothing. I have a shit of hdc storm Mx that don’t work with play store and they don’t give to me a solution. Nothing of nothing a month later.

  88. Hello, to make a backup of the phone’s firmware, I accidentally deleted. Can someone please tell me where download, the model is the Z5+ and the link where I bought it ;I tried the firmware similar models of Zopo, Kiphone, Goophone and Zophone but no one works, the one that puts the screen is striped of ZP900S (Zopo). Thank you.

  89. hello, can you give me the password for the hdc galaxy s4 ex rom

  90. Hello!
    I’be bought a smartphone from this website;
    And bricked the phone with a wrong flash ROM.
    On MTK Droid Root & Tools it read as follows:
    Hardware : MT6575 (MT6589 is Fake!)
    Model : iPhone
    Build number : ALPS.GB2.MP.V2.30
    Build date UTC : 20130513-061754
    Android v : 4.2.1
    Baseband v: MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V37, 2013/02/25 15:01
    Kernel v : (water@ubuntu) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 Mon May 13 14:14:43 CST 2013
    Uboot build v : MAIN2.2.ubt.2392
    LCD Driver IC : 1-rm68180_mipi
    I remember that the original preloader was named “iphone77_cu_ics2″.
    Im trying to find the original ROM for this phone which i dont know if it is a Goophone or a Zophone, although it has ‘GOOPHONE’ written on the lower back and a symbol of a bee (like the one in
    Hope anyone can help.

    • I would like to ask the site’s admin, mahone0810, to delete my posts on this thread, as they have now became pointless. Thank you.

    • hi, i brought the same model from the same site, i tought was a goophone i5s…but it isn’t. i have the same problem, I had brick it with a rom (whit this: not compatible…have you resolve this? I ‘m serching for 2 weeks but nothing… help us

      • Hello Matteo, i have brick my phone mt6575 iphone77_cu_ics2 (Iphone 5c clone) with the some ROM Goophone i5 lite WHITE VERSION v1.0 Beta.. did you solve your problem ?

  91. Hi! I have a n9389 and i flashed ROM you posted N9389-20130510_e2001_v89_gq2002s and it works but it has more bugs than the ROM that came with the phone. Can you give me link for e2001_v89_gq2002qhd_20130315 ROM please.

    • Hi! I have tried all version for this N9389 (S3 Legend). Regardless which Version I use, I face 2 issues,
      1. slow data & frequent drop of data network
      2. slow wake up. Need to wait 2 seconds for screen to come out of sleep.

      Can help?

  92. I bought the HVDC galaxy s4 n9500
    the GPS does not work
    I read there was a problem and you released anew ROM
    I’m not an expert with phones
    please tell me how to fix the GPS problem

  93. I was testing my goophone i5 gps and it crashed and turned off.
    It doesn’t turn on, what should I do?

  94. hi,
    i bought s3 mini i8190 last month and i need to repair my phone with flashtool files.

    i downloaded HDC Galaxy S3 Mini from your link 4-5times.
    but every file gives zip crc error.
    would you give another link had correct file?

    thanks and best regards.

  95. hy!

    please help.
    HDC Galaxy S4 EX zip what password??
    Thank you.

  96. I bought the product from this link
    I want rom for this product
    I tryed the rom of star x920e not done
    Plz help me to find rom for this phone
    Thanx in advanve

  97. Goophone i5S / /
    This ZIP is not good, missing some file, please somebody uploade a good ROM for Goophone i5S. Thank You!

  98. please give me a password !! i need rom for my HDC GT N7100 . MEDIATEK MT6577 . PLEASEEEEEEE

  99. Please, i need rom for HDC ONE M7 or H9299

  100. Hello,

    I have a problem with my bluetooth connection. When I call someone, I voice sounds like a robot.

    It happens through my car radio and via a bluetooth headset (Jabra Wave).

    I also lose connection with my simcard/provider.. it will restart, but it not supposed to work that way..

    I have a Star Galaxy Note 3. 5.8 inch screen:

    Can you help me?

    Thank you!


    Gerwin Blankers

  101. where can we look the changelog? specially about rom of hdc galaxy s4 ex.

    Hi Manuel!my hdc galaxy s4 ex will arrive in a two weeks, meanwhile i would like talk with you about this phone. I am spanish anm my skype nick is lemach999.


  102. hi, i have a HDC Galaxy S4 EX phone.. i wonder if the Rom u have here is a stock Rom or is tweek by you or if it does have any bug fixes???..


    • Hola carlos, yo te puedo dar una mano con tu celular, es muy facil de solucionar el tema de la pantalla, avisame cuando puedas asi nos ponemos en contacto para que te ayude

      • Hola Augusto,

        Espero que me puedas ayudar ;-)

        He comprado un HDC galaxy S4 spark (I9500 MT6589). Quería cambiarle la ROM y al parecer le he metido una ROM inapropiada que hace ni siquiera se encienda el teléfono. Ya no puedo conectarlo con el PC porque no lo detecta. ¿Qué podría hacer para solucinar mi problema?

        Muchas gracias de antemano!!

  104. can i get goophone i5 n2 v2 jelly bean rom???plz…

  105. i have HDC note B7100. i really need this rom due my phone was dead

  106. i have storm mx, phone is not working, stuck at loading screen, i downloaded rom for storm mx , but dont know how to flash phone, please help

  107. the link for hdc galaxy s3 legend still says items have been deleted can you please re-upload them thank you.

  108. I wantto Jugate G 5608 ROM (china android)

  109. Hello i have a hdc storm and can´t run play store. what can I do?

  110. i got a HD2000, need too root the phone

  111. how to root the sun galaxy note 2 N7100 need to delete the apps that came with the phone to free some space and when trying to root the phone it will not go into download mode pressing the (-) power and the center button all at one time

  112. Antonella Dechiara

    hi, i need to re-flash this rom on my HDC Galaxy S3 Legend, my phone doesn’t boot, i already wiped data/cache and still the same, please help me! i am desperated, please please please, re-upload the rom. i beggin you, sorry but my english is poor, i hope you understand me,
    please give me the link
    my phone is HDC Galaxy S3 Legend (N9389)

    please help me!

    • Hi,
      I wonder if this Rom really exist ! There has been quite a few request for it, but still no dowload anywhere. The link above is the only link that does not work …..
      Nothing found on any other site either……
      Just make you think this phone was not a good buy after all ….!

    • rom available on needrom. com

  113. Hello, I am writing because I can not find the firmware for my device. I tried with different roms for goophone i5.
    My device has the following characteristics:
    manufacturer: alps
    model: iPhone5
    device: htt77_ics2
    version 4.2.0

  114. HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 EX-MTK6577

    hi i have the phone above wifi and bt do not work on any rom on this site i have upgraded to the latest true tech rom very nice but no wifi or bt i know they work because if flash an xda rom wifi +bt work but sim does not imei numbers get changed for some reason
    can i be helped is there a file i can download to make wlan work as i understand it its about some phones using wlan mt6620 and some using mt6628

    • @ mahone0810
      never mind there is a patch on xda which makes everything work fine .
      i hope that girl thats been keeping you busy all weekend didnt take all your money


    • I had the same problem with this phone (HDC galaxy s3 ex V2, model 2013).
      I found a solution on this website:
      It says: For those having bluetooth and wifi issues then probably because they have the 2013 version of B92MThis might work(solution by dans82 ).
      First flas the ROM B92M NEW UPDATED 1GB 4.1.2 Jelly Bean CWM as explained on the website. Then use the given solution and you will get WiFi.
      It worked for me, I have WiFi!!!

    • I had the same problem with this phone (HDC galaxy s3 ex V2, model 2013).
      I found a solution on this website:
      It says: For those having bluetooth and wifi issues then probably because they have the 2013 version of B92MThis might work(solution by dans82 ).
      First flas the ROM B92M NEW UPDATED 1GB 4.1.2 Jelly Bean CWM as explained on the website. Then use the given solution and you will get WiFi.
      It worked for me, I have WiFi!!!

  115. Please post the current cable flash ROM for
    HDC Galaxy S3 F9300 Plus

    Model: HDC Galaxy S3 F9300
    Operating System: Android 4.1.9 OS
    Processor: MTK6577 Dual Core 1.2GHz
    Built-in Memory: 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM

  116. I bought the hdc galaxy s3 legend from you guys and the phone doesn’t work when 3g is turned on tried to contact you several times to help fix nothing will work when 3g enabled no calls,messages,emails,browser, can the rom be the problem is the rom above 4.2.1 jellybean? Thank you in advanced. My order number US2013032762103.

    • the link for hdc galaxy s3 legend says contend has been deleted can you re upload the files thanks.

      • The link for the hdc galaxy s3 legend is still not working still says content deleted? can you fix this much thanks.

  117. can i get any “iphone” like jellybean 4.1 rom based on mt6577?not oppo t29 and vivo x1.

  118. i want “Goophone i5 plus” stock jelly bean 4.1 rom,can you post it here?

  119. Hi I brought a HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 EX-MTK6577 from FASTCARDTECH. But the wireless internet wont work on it! They said I can get a new rom from here but i don’t know which one to use please help!! ):

  120. Hello! I need a ROM for HDC Storm MX. Can you help me with it?

  121. hello i bought this phone and wanted to know if there is a up dated rom or is there away to put twrp recovery on it, i already have root just need custome recovery and new rom please any help would be great.

    Thank you

  122. Hi, i need rom for hdc galaxy s3 legend, order number: US2013040111943

  123. I need GPS Fix for HDC Storm MX. My phone is rooted, but I think I need to flash custom ROM or Radio. I already tried to change “gps.conf”, but it did not help!

  124. Hi,
    I bought this phone from you with the root service HDC galaxy note 2 (order US2013032745874)

    howver the band 850 DOESN’t WORK and I CAN’T ACTIVATE IT.
    I need it because in this band works 3g in my country.
    Can you tell me how to activate it or which rom to install to make it work?

    I can’t enter into service mode to activate the band.


  125. Please post the current cable flash ROM for
    HDC Galaxy S3 F9300 Plus

  126. Is there no easyer way to find the custom roms for the several phones.
    I ask this because even with google i can not find the rom you have here, for the Hdc galaxy s3 plus.
    And i saw several questions in the fora over this kind of rom.
    Now it is android 4.1 but what if 4.2.2 comes out how can we know that it is available.
    I was lucky after 4 month complaining by Fastcardtech with no real answer i have again a working phone , with one limitation after flashing .
    It was still Unrooted so have to take a dive found the adb drivers and the one click tool and now the phone is rooted.
    I think that talking Mobi and Fastcard tech must more work together to get the information on the right spot to serve the customer better

  127. Hi, the link for the ROM of HDC Galaxy S3 Lengend is broken, could you fix it?

  128. Hello i bought this phone

    How can i root it?where can i find the original rom?
    Thank you

  129. Hello! I need a ROM for my HDC Storm MX. Can you help me with it? If possible can it have Android 4.2.2 or 4.2.1?

  130. help me plz for the rom
    numéro de modèle : GT-I93000
    version Android : 4.0.4
    version bande de base : I93000XXLEF
    version du noyau :
    SMP PREEMPT Wed May 23 09:05:19
    KST 2012

  131. Hi,
    I’m looking for a rom either for STAR N9389 or HDC Galaxy S3 legend (which are the same phones).
    I saw a link ( directing to dowload HDCgalaxy S3 legend ROM, but it appears to be broken….no files to download.
    Do you have another link to propose?
    Any idea if it is a cable flash ROM or SDCARD flash ROM?

    Many thanks for any reply

    • por favor papy_mersmg si consigues el link postealo por que tambien estoy desesperado por conseguir el rom ya probe como 25 rom y ninguno me repara el n9389 ulefone…. gracias

  132. hello, can i get a rom for hdc gt-n7102 (normal sim +micro sim)

  133. the link above for the hdc galaxy s4 n9500 does not work page says file has been deleted, can someone plz reupload link and i need to get root for it plz


  134. need rom for mtk6577 mobile Kiphone i 5

  135. Dears,
    for my Star N9389 (like HDC Galaxy S3 Legend) I need a different ROM to solve the black screen issue (4.2.1). Could you help me? Thanks in advance.

    • You have three ways to fix the black screen problem.
      1. pls go setting- display- there should be a light senor calibration there.
      2. if step 1 is helpless, pls take down the screen guard to check again.
      3. you can go to the factory model to fox it. Pls click volume- and power button to enter the factory model, and then you can do a full test.
      4. if all are helpless, you can contact me again, and i will give you a rom to flash.

  136. Hy,
    is the rom for the hdc galaxy s3 ex 1gb android version 4.1 ready? I mean the one without the wrond ram problem. At the moment i have the 4.0 android os and i have a problem with the screen rotation in the general menu, in the apps it works, i think its a rom problem.

    Is ther a good rom with android 4.1 for the hdc galaxy s3 ex 1gb without problems?

    Thank you

    • general menu never rotates… if you want it works, you can download an additional launcher like go launcher. i am using it now. :)

      • Thank you a lot, you are great! I would never have thought about the launcher as the problem. thank you :)

  137. hello!
    is there any for K7100 Smart Phone Android 4.1? (galaxy note 2 clone)

  138. Help me please s3 f9300 ing100
    Cannot use google. Play store.
    Rooted with root & restore binary v17
    Aft that how to go on
    Is it need to flash. New rom r not.
    is there any service in Chen tuu.
    How much it cost.
    Please in June my cousin will go
    there.if be possible. Will. Do in mainland.

  139. Hello. Do you have or is existing any update/rom to this phone ? i cannot open back camera just gave me an error ,,cant connect to camera” i want to install custom rom or update to solve this. So please answer me back.

  140. Please … I need firmware for HDC Galaxy S3 mini i9307- SP6820A. I posted twice and my message keeps disappearing. HELP! ASAP

  141. I purchased HDC Galaxy S3 mini i9307 firmware from fastcardtech. The simm card are not working properly … please provide firmware flash.

  142. Help .
    Kiphone i 5 MTK 6577 installed on the new version Rom Goophone i 5 N2 lingua internazionale .
    The Rom and been insert correctly .
    The phone will not turn more’.
    What doto do now .
    Thanks .

  143. Hello, i need password for this link:
    Please tell me if this rom is for: HDC One X S720e S 4.7 inch Capacitive Screen 3G WCDMA MTK6575 2Ghz max Dual Core Android 4.0.3 8MP WIFI. (Link:

  144. i want jelly bean 4.2 rom for intex aqua wonder which is mtk6577 device;4.5 inch qhd ips display,1 ghz mt6577 cpu,512 mb ram.its clone of my phone A888 duo,wiko cink peax.I have stock 4.1 JB rom.

  145. pls help me, i very need rom HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 Plus Lte MTK6575 2Ghz Android 4.0.3 Dual sim Dual standby 4.7 inch Screen 3G GPS 8MP Camera phone is in link my order is US2012092563638 thank

  146. pls help me, i very need rom HDC Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7102- MTK6577 Dual Core 1.2Ghz 5.4 inch HD Screen Android 4.1.1 Phone in this link
    I have pay root and my order is US2013032678656.

  147. hi guys…
    I need the file “hdc galaxy s3 ex 4.1.2.rar” to upgrade my phone but i don’t know the password to download it.
    i buyed the phone on fastcardtech in feb 2013. order n. US2013021588643.
    can you send me the pwd?

  148. hello, please help me.
    my phone mt6573 . taiwa product htc one x.
    my smart phone does not turn on at all. I need flash tool and the necessary files.

  149. sorry for insisting but can you please please pleease post the latest international v24 rom for the goophone i5 n2? and/or the new password for goophone stock roms!? the old password : “” has expired….would mean the world to me and allot of goophone users!!!!

    thanks for the good work your doing!!


  150. Hello,firmware for i9220 mt6577 N7000 5,3″ Haipai Noble 4.1.1 ????
    Thanks you !!!

  151. Ciao come fare per sostituire dal Kiphone i 5 6577 il Market Android Cinese , e Broswer Cinese , ed installare quello Italiano ?
    Gli aggiornamenti (Dowloand) che vedo su Yutube per il Goophone i 5 possono andare bene per il Kiphone i 5 6577 ?

    • root it, and you can uninstall all of them. :)

      • Cerca di essere piu’ preciso , la traduzione da Inglese a Italiano non aiuta .
        1) Esiste Dowloand per togliere Market Cinese ?
        2) Non esiste Dowloand per togliere Market Cinese , come riconoscere Market Cinese da togliere dal telefono ?
        3) Esiste aggiornamento per lingua in Italiano ? Va bene Dowloand di Goophone i 5 che hai pubblicato ?
        Grazie , scusa ma Fastcardtech mi aveva promesso Dowloand nuova ROM per mio Kiphone i 5 MTK 6577 , mai arrivato .

  152. HI

    I need original ROM For HDC GT-N7102 MTK6577

  153. il mio Kiphone i 5 6577 presenta Market di Android Cinese , e Broswer Cinese .
    Serve Market Player per Italia e Broswer per Italia .
    Cosa fare ?
    Mi potresti indicare dove trovare nuova ROM ?
    Come installare nuova ROM ?


  154. can you please post the latest version of the goophone i5 international rom!!!

  155. Please I need to remove chinese apps from mi phone:
    Colud you tell me how can I rooted it?

  156. hey…i got the goophone i5 n2 from fastcardtech just 3 weeks ago. like the rom it came with but while trying to install CWM it locked me out of the system recovery(3e in english) so now i cant access system recovery nor the cwm or stock one (3e) so i wonder if its the latest goophone i5 n2 rom you have for download and if you have the stock system recovery (3e) image or know any way of getting a working CWM so that i can access system recovery again??

    Best regards

  157. Hi all . i have a mktel dkb I9100 that cant boot up . the boot animation reply and reply and reply . i want a rom and a flasher for flash it . help me plz . thank you .

  158. Hi folks,

    i ve recently bought this wonderfull phone

    and i would need some help.
    I’m looking for the root method of this phone

    Please help me if you can

    Thank you


  159. hello,

    is the rom for the HDC Galaxy S3 EX with 1 GB Available (specifically, update on jellybean and GPS fix)

  160. Hi, I downloaded the rom for HDC Galaxy Note I9977 Mini Pad and when I go to flash it… when I get the scatter file in the scatter-loading of the flashtool it says: “Incorrect Scatter File Format!” … and that doesn’t let my flash the rom because it need that file…. can you help me to flash the rom please…. I need it…. :(

    • I have flashed rom before but with the file that I downloaded from here doesnt work… I dont know if I have to use another program or something else… or if the file have some issue… I really need the rom…

  161. need rom for HDC Galaxy Note B7100….
    can u send/upload the link pls

  162. Hi Mahone,
    I recently purchased HDC Galaxy S3 plus i9300 (Android 4.1)

    I recieved the phone and it was not rooted. Also the GPS doesn’t work. I tried to connect it to my Win7 and computer doesn’t recognize it (no driver).

    Mahone please help me.

    fastcardtech is a great company.

  163. Hi friend,I need Rom&Firmware for iPhone4s clone made in china please.Help me!!! Androide 4.0.9/model mt6515_6626_gb2/firmware 05.15.68

  164. give me the rom of h7500 + please

  165. please give me this room

  166. I have a galaxy s3 ex V2, how do I take a screenshot ? what’s the key combo?
    Is there beter performance or beter value with the new rom against the older 4.0.4 ?

    • I have added you to my QQ, can you please help me flash my hdc s3 ex v2, with the new 4.1.2 ? thank you

  167. very good contribution. mine is a galaxy n9776 having a small problem, which is that when you call the screen goes dark and do not know how to solve it …..

    este es el bueno

    • two ways to check.
      1. click volume+ or – and power button to go into the factory model, and then choose item test, test the light sensor, then you can fix it.
      2. take out the screen guard and check again.

      final way, flash or send it to your shop.

  168. muy buen aporte el mio es un galaxy n9776 que tiene un pequeño problema y es que cuando llamas la pantalla se oscurece y no se como resolverlo…..

    very good contribution is mine n9776 galaxy having a small problem is that when you call the screen goes dark and do not know how to solve it …..

    • Dear pal,
      Thanks for your supporting us, and for your questions,
      You have three ways to fix the black screen problem.
      1. pls go setting- display- there should be a light senor calibration there.
      2. if step 1 is helpless, pls take down the screen guard to check again.
      3. you can go to the factory model to fox it. Pls click volume- and power button to enter the factory model, and then you can do a full test.
      4. if all are helpless, you can contact me again, and i will give you a rom to flash.

      • Hello,

        I’ve bought this phone

        I had only 512MB ram,normally it should be 2GB RAM,so I’ve asked Fastcardtech what to do!
        They suggested me to go tho this site to download a ROM.

        I’ve downloaded this one; (HDC S4 PRO ROM)

        I’ve used the smartphone flash tool with this rom,to flash,and everything went fine,I’ve saw the green circle at the end,so I was happy,BUT………!!!

        I tried to put the phone on,but no RESPONSE,no charging led,ONLY BLACK SCREEN?

        My phone is still recognised as MTK USB port under Device Manager!


        THANK YOU

    • hay que cambiar el sensor