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How to Root android mobile phone today easy SuperOneClick

How to Root android mobile phone today easy SuperOneClick?

SuperOneClick is one of the most powerful Android phone Root tools, SuperOneClick the latest version is 2.3.3, SuperOneClick supports almost all Android version. SuperOneClick a key Root method is very simple, just click “Root” can make your phone automatically get the Root privileges.

Why use SuperOneClick? Or another question is asked, you can endure the phone comes with those who do not want to use but also how to delete can not be application? You want the depth of transformation on the phone, you have to have to use SuperOneClick tools can help you get the Root privileges. The SuperOneClick is a key leader in the Root tool.

Software name: SuperOneClick
Software version: 2.3.3
Software size: 10.14MB
Software License: Free
Application platform: the Win9X Win2000 WinXP Win2003, Vista, Win7

SuperOneClick a key Root tool use

Equipped mobile phone to the USB drive (pea pods or 91 phone assistant to aid the installation of the USB drive);

Root android mobile phone now

2, Go to Settings → Applications → Development → Check the USB debugging;

3,now use tool Root android mobile phone, open SuperOneClick (Figure 1), click Root (Figure 2).


If there is, that is, you wait a few minutes, you’ll see that your phone has access to the Root privileges!

SuperOneClick a key Root tool uses the full teach
Figure 1 open SuperOneClick

Use SuperOneClick Get Root privileges, simply point to point SuperOneClick Root.

SuperOneClick a key Root tool uses the full teach
Figure 2 Click SuperOneClick on the “Root”

If you found the phone to become unstable after Root (do not rule out unstable), you can use the SuperOneClick the “Unroot” function to restore the phone back into the not the state of the Root.

Minutes, your phone will restart, but after phone restart, SuperOneClick likely to continue operating until it prompts the user a key Root has been completed.


SuperOneClick a key Root tool uses the full teach
after Root android mobile phone Phone restart

How to Root android mobile phone maybe you can not know before but today after you read i think you will easy to do it

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  1. Zoltán Horváth


    I just get a Chinese BML One Mini. Unfortunately the memory less than as the website mentioned.
    I would like to root it because basic apps drains my memory. I don’t need most of the basic apps, but I cannot delete without rooting.
    Please help! Thanks kindly

  2. doug

    Hi do you have rom for galaxy note mage/mega
    phone model e1921-v77-cxq1
    or a substitute rom please,i have tried everything to get out of bootloop

  3. shamito

    Please email me if you can.

  4. shamito

    hy can you please help me in rooting samsung galaxy 5(i5500)? I have the superoneclick as well. Please help..thankyou…

  5. Alisa

    I just purchased a Chinese version phone MTK6515, Android version 4.0.5. I’m trying to locate a way to root my phone so I am able to delete manufacture applications and build it to my standards. I am asking for advice and a possible solution to this issue. Please send me some helpful information. Thank you kindly

  6. mzztersha

    Can u hlp me root my phone

  7. lyrad sierb

    How can I root my sony xperia go model number: ST27i android version: 2.3.7 kernel version: BuildUser@BuildHost #1
    Build number: 6.0.B.3.184

  8. skeet

    do u know how to root a Android bml S4

  9. heather

    I am trying to root my Chinese version of a phone, mtk6515, android version 4.0.5. I want to be able to delete the manufacturers apps so there is room for me to download my desired apps, because right now I can only download 2 apps before filling up all space. Will rooting my phone help me to delete those apps and make more room on my phone? If so would someone be willing to provide me with the information to root my phone?

  10. yohana

    sorry, can u tell me how to root MT6515T HAPPLE. android version 2.3.3

  11. Douglas

    [2] i tried super one click but it stops at #7 any help would be good thank you.

  12. Dwayne

    i tried super one click but it stops at #7 any help would be good thank you.

  13. Dwayne

    flash it with what?

  14. Dwayne

    i bought this phone http://www.fastcardtech.com/HDC-Galaxy-SIV-I9500 can you help me root it please i really need to get it rooted thank you.

  15. SANJAY


    1. mahone0810

      flash it.

  16. rick read

    Does this work on BML n9300 mini galaxy clone MT6515m?
    Many thanks

  17. Rich

    Can the Galaxy Note 2 Mage MTK6577 be rooted?? if so will SuperOneClick work??
    Any help or advice that anyone can give me on this perticular model would be much appreciated.


    Kind Regards

  18. Luca

    Hi,how can i root THL W7 model?? Android 4.0.4

  19. Kennerz

    im trying to root my “HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro- MTK6577 Dual Core 1.2GHz 512M Ram”

    how can i root it ??

  20. zok

    for the last week I’m trying to root my 2 phones with mtk6515 processor.
    Those are: – star-t3000-mtk6515 model JY131C
    – MT6575 Model mini i9300 (it says mt6575 but it is infact mt6515)
    I believe MT6575 and mt6515 are basically the same.

    Anyway I have trouble finding root program for those two phones. I have tried various programs SuperOneClick, MTKdroidTools, UniversalAndroot, z4root, UnlockRoot….non of them works. They all stopped in writting permissions see picture
    Can anyone help me
    Thank you

    1. zok


  21. Joel

    root, carpad nota 5 f6???

    1. mahone0810

      yes, need your order number and add me. i will send it to you.

  22. adnan albehani

    can u tell me how to root dapeng mtk6577 i9977 android 4.0.4 ?

    1. mahone0810

      yes. hehe

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