How to Root the HDC X19i A9100 Cosmos X12 MT6573 Phone

We are talking about this phone.

First of all, your phone is on, go to the settings, applications – development and check the USB debugging mode

connect the phone to your pc, it is of MOST importance, that the phone is recognized as an ADB-device in your device manager

If it is not, the adb-drivers are missing. There are TWO possibilities to get those drivers:

1. Download PdaNet, install it and hope that the drivers are included for your system. Or:
2. Try these drivers.

Once your phone is recognized as an ADB-Device, you are ready to go.

Download Super One Click V2.2 and run it

Leave all the default settings and click on “Root”
You will be asked:

Sure, why not :-)

Sure, why not :-)

That would be a decent thing to do ;-)


You should now find a Superuser app on your phone, your phone should be rooted.

As a matter of fact, this USUALLY works with any MT6573 CPU phone, not just this model.



  1. i tried this on my motorola xt389 .
    but it can’t works.
    please help me.
    i want to root my xt389

  2. Bruno Iván Hernández Góngora

    Amigo, muchas gracias. Tengo un X15i y funcionó a la primera.

  3. muchas gracias me funciona ,solo necesito averiguar como pasar aplicaciones no movibles ala sd GRACIAS

  4. Thanks Man I used generic compatibilty to root my Tecno phone,afterall its has an mkt 6573 processor, And it worked! Alleluia. Amen brother

  5. Dear,
    I have a problem. I got the phone i9270+ (sku35322). When I turn on, stuck and constantly resets the android boot logo, and again. Worked great, but when I installed z4root.apk, and reset it, the more it did not work, constantly reset the boot logo, so ever. Please, if I can talk to someone in tech support, because it is not worth sending the phone to China for service, I should probably make a new flash cell phone, I just need someone to explain to me how to do it, maybe some factory reset which can not possibly do because key combinations power, volume + / -, home … I can not find a factory reset device…

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi tanks for tuto it work.
    But I have a problem with this phone, I had test many sim card in each slot and it don’t work, I cant’ call.
    I hope you can help me

  7. Hi, recently I bought Diwei G4 phone which has mt6573 processor. And I have some questions:

    1. Is there a big possibility of bricking my phone during rooting? I’d like to do it but I’m afraid I will brick it.
    2. My phone has only 2 multitouch points. Can I raise the number of it? And if yes – how?

    Thanks in advance.