Jul 15

Root Meizu MX5- Can’t Believe It is So Easy

Root Meizu MX5

Meizu MX5 finally launched on 30th last month. Same as the other China Phones, they are lacked of Google Service like always. Also, if you wanna get Google Service on your phone, you may need to get Root Permission first.

Today we get this device in hands and tell you how to Root Meizu MX5 easily.

What We Need?

1. Meizu MX5 and battery over 30%.

Follow the pictures below and you will get the Root Permission on your Meizu MX5.

Register and login your Meizu Account


Enter your accont


Click System Privileges


Accept and then click OK


Re-type your password to confirm and then the system auto reboot to install the Root Permission.


Now you have the Root Permission on your device, also, you will not need to install superuser to control the permisson. Now let’s check how to install Google Service on Meizu MX5.