Sep 05

Rumor: iPhone 5 Render


This is, supposed to be, what the iPhone 5 will look like.  At least, that’s according to anonymous sources quoted by Joshua Topolsky.
While other sources have insisted on the next generation of Apple’s smartphone to be physically similar to last year’s version,  this render shows quite a departure from that.   If real, then the new iPhone’s design will be super-thin, tapered and with very little bezel along the sides of the display.
According to the same sources, the iPhone 5 will sport a 3.7-inch display with the same 960 x 640 resolution as the current-gen handset’s Retina Display.  The home button is both depressed and enlarged — a decision that’s supposedly been made because it will also double as a gesture area.  Other potential features mentioned in the report include the likelihood of NFC support and a  Qualcomm Gobi chipset (which supports both CDMA and GSM bands).
In all honesty, the render looks too thin.  And it’s not just too thin to fit all the hardware, either — it looks like the kind of slab I’m going to break in half when I accidentally sit on it while in my backpocket.
As always, none of these information are guaranteed facts.  We’ve all seen the same song and dance before, after all, only to have something entirely different turn up.  It will be a rumor-field wait for the next-gen iPhone, though — hope you enjoy the noise.
[via This Is My Next]