Sep 05

Rumor: A WP7 Samsung Galaxy S II



Don’t mind the photoshopped picture.  That’s just some dude wielding computer imagination to the new rumor that Samsung is working on a Windows Phone Mango version of their best-selling Samsung Galaxy S II.
The rumor comes courtesy of the blog, WM Power User, who dug up a Bluetooth SIG certificate issued to one Samsung i937.  They cite two reasons that confirm this to be a Mango handset:

The Bluetooth profile is exactly the same as the Mango Windows Phone 7 stack.
The device has shown up on Occasional Gamer’s list of Windows Phone 7 machines running their games.

That means the handset isn’t just something in the drawing board — it’s something Samsung is testing now and, apparently, even playing games with.
Nothing on the Bluetooth profile suggests it’s a Samsung Galaxy S II clone, though.  For the most part, it’s something people inferred, given that the S II is sizzling hot on the sales end and that the model name of the new device is SGH-i937 (the S II is a close SGH-i927).
For our part, we’d definitely welcome a Samsung Galaxy S II running Windows Phone, although a Nokia N9 running WP Mango will probably steal our money away from it.  Sorry, Samsung.
[WMPU, image via GSMArena]