Aug 07

Samsung G9200 ROM- Power Saving/Root/Fluency

Samsung G9200 power saving/root/fluency ROM finally comes out on Fastcardtech.com. We talkingmobi got it at first hand and gave it a flash immediately. This ROM seems to be very nice, here I will upload this Samsung G9200 ROM for you.

Samsung G9200 ROM

Firstly, we should know some information about this ROM.

  • Model: Samsung G9200 (G9200ZCU1AOFE)

  • ROM Size: 1 GB

  • Released Date: 2015-07-22

  • System Version: Android 5.0.2

The functions of flashing the ROM

1. Adding to the function of ROOT.

2. Installing the Busybox from Google Store

3. Simplify your system

4. Google Service

5. Supporting all softwares

6. Power Saving


1. Phone Power over 40%.

2. Backup your data.

3. Read the guide first before you do it.

4. Make sure your Recovery whether support this version.

5. Take your own risk.

The Whole Steps:

1. We need to flash a Third-party Recovery (Click here to see Add TWRP Recovery on Samsung G9200).

2. Card Flash G9200ZCU1AOFE Red Tail V1.0.zip

3. Card flash the Google Service(Optional).

Files Download:

Download G9200ZCU1AOFE Red Tail V1.0.zip

The download website is a Chinese site, so here is a picture to help you.

Samsung G9200 ROM

Samsung G9200 owns a high price. Here I recommend you a Samsung G9200 clone smartphone- HDC S6 G920F.