Aug 24

Samsung Galaxy S II review: Web, apps and conclusion

So we’ve already looked at the Samsung Galaxy S II’s very impressive 8megapixel camera, and put together a slightly meandering update about the hardware and the Touchwiz user interface that Samsung has put over the top of Android 2.3.3.

So now it’s time to finish up the review with a few shots of the supplied apps, a look at how well it works as an internet device and the eventual, inevitable summary and final mark out of ten.

galaxy s2 review 6 galaxy s2 review 7

Samsung’s main original offering on the software side of things is its collection of four Hub apps – Game, Readers, Music and Social.


The Social Hub is pretty terrible. It’s a basic-looking network aggregator, that, very slowly, pulls in status updates from Twitter, Facebook, email accounts and any SMS messages you have. It’s unbearably slow, but might be of use to those who heavily use messaging services. It supports Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! so is at least pretty well featured.

SC20110506-222403 SC20110506-222424

The Reader Hub app is a stylised book, magazine and newspaper shop. This is basically a graphical front-end that brings together a few online retailers, using Kobo as its book shop, Zinio for magazines and PressDisplay for providing very nicely formatted digital newspapers.


The Galaxy S II’s enormous screen is ideal for reading on, and we were able to download a few freebie samples to check out the service. Newspapers appear in their original page layout. They look great.

SC20110506-222605 SC20110506-222620

Books are rather pricey, but there’s a standard collection of out-of-copyright classics up here for freeloaders.


Magazines! We got a free copy of man magazine Esquire. We idly browsed through it, but we would not appear to be within it’s target demographic. Who dresses like that? No one up here, that’s for sure.

SC20110506-223114 SC20110506-223025

It’s a very impressive service, made all the more useful thanks to the phone’s powerful processor and big screen. We doubt magazines would be quite as impressive running on the X10 Mini.

SC20110506-224048 SC20110506-224053

The Games Hub is “powered by Mobage” and currently provides a poor selection of casual games and access to the Gameloft back catalogue. Probably best to remove the icon and forget about this one.

SC20110506-223437 galaxy s2 review 8

Finally, the Music Hub is a proper shopping experience. Powered by 7digital, it comes with access to a vast supply of music to buy. Tracks can be previewed before buying and you’ll need a 7digital account to sign in and pay for things. It’s a good, straightforward solution if you like doing your music-getting through legal channels.

SC20110506-223709 SC20110506-223803

iPlayer works well on the Galaxy S II. We were able to watch all of the three programmes we bother watching. No obvious glitches or compatibility issues.

galaxy s2 720p video playback

Video playback of downloaded material is absolutely sensational. The Galaxy S II managed to play an HD 720p MKV file perfectly, and you can’t ask for more than that of a telephone. It’s mind-bogglingly powerful and versatile.

SC20110506-231315 galaxy s2 review 9

The power of the dual-core processor is also reflected in the web browsing speed. The Galaxy S II is as fast at rendering and downloading pages as a laptop. Scrolling is incredible. If you’re a serious mobile web user, this phone is an essential purchase.

SC20110506-231347 SC20110506-231417

As we saw in the little HTC Desire S, there’s also some great pinch-to-zoom functionality in here. Pinching the screen brings up a thumbnail of open browser tabs, which makes managing web sessions much more enjoyable. And you can specify a separate browser brightness level.

galaxy s2 review 13 galaxy s2 review 12

Also, if you download Samsung’s KIES Air application through its little Samsung Apps portal…

galaxy s2 kies air

…you can wirelessly connect to your Galaxy S II via a web browser, as long as both machines are connected to the same home network. It’s possible to manage so many things from this window. You can manually add bookmarks, download all your photos & videos, or just watch videos in a streaming browser window.


Elsewhere in Samsung specific apps, there’s a simple, drag & drop video editor for piecing together clips. It features visual themes, has a few transition effects for cutting between clips and, once finished, you can export the clip and share it via the traditional Android share menu. It only manages 720p footage, mind.

galaxy s2 review 10 galaxy s2 review 11

Same with photos, via the Photo Editor, which features a surprisingly complex set of editing tools.

galaxy s2 review 12

Oh, and here’s a benchmark for the benchmarking massive. Feels pretty good to have something this powerful in your pocket. Makes you feel more… confident. More… attractive.


The summary before we go mad. The Galaxy S II is a fantastic phone. As you no doubt already know. It obliterates everything. Here’s our official end result.