Oct 15

Samsung Galaxy S2 knockoff HDC A9100 Update Firmware Download and Flash Guide

Since HDC A9100 come into the market, it win the most views more than 30000 clicks within 1 month in http://www.fastcardtech.com/ by its excellent performance and extremely assembe the Hot Samsung galaxy SII i9100.

To enhance the GPS singal and the wifi stablility ,The HDC company released the latest firmware .and please follow talkingmobi to update the system .

First ,Download the HDC A9100 firmware from the link  HDC A9100 rom


unzip it ,you will get 2 file as below

hdc a9100 S2  update rom

1) Blank file folder :



2)The update rom : update.zip

Second :Copy the 2 files to a blank 2GB memory card ,and insert the memory card to the Phone HDC A9100 ,and then plug in the battery (make sure that the power up to over 80%)

Third 😛 power on the device ,and enter the meu ,find the icon “Update system”

 HDC A9100 Flash ROM 1

Then press the “update system”icon ,the phone will show “update system” ,press the button “upgrade “

HDC A9100 flash rom 2

The system will show “the operation is unrecoverable,are you sure”

Press “OK” to comfirm

HDC A9100 Flash rom 3 flash guide

 Then the system is updating , Next ,the phone will reboot up automatically

HDC A9100 Flash gudie flash firmware

 Finally ,the flash over ,easy to do ,but remember after flash ,the system default chinese language ,you should make some setting before operation.



—————————Samsung Galaxy S2 knockoff HDC A9100  Update Firmware Download and Flash Guide


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  1. mario

    I have 2 problems with this jail cell HDC A9100C
    the problems are:
    1) when I insert the battery it ignites the torch and him it extinguishes only when I turn on the cell.
    2) if I extinguish the cell the torch it ignites and he doesn’t extinguish more, I they are forced to hold the cell turned on at night also.
    How can I resolve this problem?
    a regard

  2. Janusz

    HDCA9100 Rom Ostatnia aktualizacja załączeniu. Poprawia działanie niektórych funkcji, takich jak GPS i WiFi.


    Dodatkowo, pliki Adobe Flash, a następnie uruchom plugin flash trzeba następujące za odwiedzenie witryny używać lampy błyskowej.


    Jeśli załączony plik na MTK6573 sterownik USB. Można pobrać korzystając z linku poniżej.


  3. Wayne

    Have you got a rooted or a easy to root version 2.3.4 update.zip for the single card version GTi9100. Or can I use these update zips?

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