May 29

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked: 5.5 Inch/4K/806ppi

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked: 5.5 Inch/4K/806ppi

Not long before, Samsung firstly showed the next smartphonr display screem, this screen will design with VR technology, it will own 4K(3840×2160) pixel, screen size will be 5.5 inch. Accordint to Samsung habit, this screen will be used in Samsung Galaxy S8, let’s see some details.

Samsung Galaxy S8 1

At the scene of the display, the screen brightness, contrast, and other parameters was not announced, but the low refresh rate means that the formal commercial screen will be a long time.

So, the next new Samsung phone- Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will not use this screen, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first phone used this screen, which will be published in next year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 2

Otherwise, Samsung also showed the newest Bio Blue screen display technology, it can let AMOLED blu-ray reduce from 32% to 32%, to reduce the user for a long time to watch the screen visual fatigue.

Many people may think, 4k resolution is not necessary to the phone’s screen, daily use increases power consumption, the actual viewing experience also won’t have too big difference.

Now, many phones use 2k screen which is suitable for VR, 4K will be a big trend if you want to get more excellent experience. I also recommend a good Samsung clone phone- HDC Space A7, which owns the same appearance of Samsung, but price is very cheap. You can buy this phone in Fastcardtech. This website gives cheap and valued phones.