Jul 15

Samsung Note 5 New Function Leaked: Support Manuscript PDF Document!

Samsung is almost certainly going to release a new Galaxy Note later this year, possibly in September. But the current leakage of information is related to the hardware upgrade, the news of a few systems applications. Now, from the United States USPTO, according to the publish information, the Samsung Note 5 will provide a new function. This new device will support manuscript PDF document function. It will no doubt be more attractive for business users.

Samsung Note 5

In previous, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 models is difficult in PDF document writing, the user needs to activate the touch screen and first S – Pen stylus, but to edit text and images. The manuscript PDF files are now likely to allow users to directly on the screen for editing, screenshots or screen without activation. Samsung Note 5 undoubtedly has great improvement in terms of convenience. However, it is unclear whether the function of the more specific details. But as a result of past dynasties GALAXY Note series in S- Pen function has a different degree of upgrade, so future Note 5 will get improvement in hand function.

Still with a 5.7 inch screen

It is worth mentioning that the machine will still be equipped with a 5.7- inch touchscreen in the hardware configuration of Samsung Note 5, although the news said the machine could be equipped with a 5.9- inch touch screen. According to the sources on Weibo revealed that, Samsung Note 5 also support 2K resolution, will not be upgraded to 4K levels. In addition, this new device front cameras will be upgraded, but the camera seems to be 16 million pixels (but not sure).

Perhaps because of using the new processor, it is said that the life of the machine and heating control will be better. but the specific battery capacity was not leaked before. In previous reports, Note 5 will be equipped with new Exynos 7422 processors, the biggest characteristic is CPU, GPU, memory, storage, modem highly integrated on a chip. As for the battery capacity is 4100 mAh battery, but because of the wireless charging, so canceled the replaceable battery design.

Larger version of S6

Some, unfortunately, there are no any Samsung Note 5 photos was exposed. But according to the sources on twitter before, the appearance of the machine may have been the Galaxy S6 larger version. Samsung Note 5 may also feature unremovable battery design just like Galaxy S6, and also does not support memory card extension. In addition, the Samsung Note 5 is also likely to support USB 3.1 Tpye – C interface, and equipped with it 2.0 flash chips.

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