May 02

Samsung Note 6 Release Date: 5.8 Inch Good Phone!

Samsung Note 6 Release Date: 5.8 Inch Good Phone!

Samsung Galaxy S7 is very sucessful, it is hot all oer the world. Samsung Note 6 will be published, it aims at iPhone 7, the size of this phone is very good. How about Samsung Note 6 Release Date? let’s see some details.

Samsung Note 6 Release Date (1)

Samsung Note 6 configurations informations, we have learn some news, some news have been sured, some news firstly hear.

Firstly, Samsung Note 6 will take 5.8 inch big screen, it is a little bigger than Samsung Note 5, which owns 5.7 inch 2k pixel.

Processor will be Snapdragon 823, this processor is the update version of Snapdragon 820, Exynos new maybe published, there are two versions.

Samsung Note 6 will be another 6GB Ram phone after vivo Xplay 5, Letv Le Max 2 published, With Samsung own DRAM production line to support, the number will not be a problem.

At the same time, storage will up to 256GB, but if it supports expand, it is not sured. Battery will be 4200mAh, battery life is not a problem, this phone maybe support quick charge.

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IR new function will be sured using in this phone, it can help made performance, motion capture, facial color, focus speed, the camera qualities will improve a lot. The waterproof and dustproof functions in Samsung Galaxy S7 will also be used in Note 6.

There will be curved, plane two versions, it maybe still a question. From now situation we can see, Samsung may prepare two plans, it provides curvedand plane Note 6, choose which version also needs to the last decision.

With good configurations, do you look forward to this phone? If you want to learn more Samsung phones, this phone maybe published in August. I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech.com here. It provides cheap and valued Samsung phones.