Jul 24

Samsung Note 7 Photos Showed: Still Beautiful!

Samsung Note 7 Photos 1

Samsung Note 7 Photos Showed: Still Beautiful!

Samsung will publish Samsung Note 7 soon, recently, there are many news talking about this phone, we can learn some specs about this phone, included: 5.7 inch 2k screen, Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 processor, 4GB Ram. Now Samsung Note 7 Photos Showed, it is still beautiful.

Samsung Note 7 Photos 2

The storge of Samsung Note 7 will be 64GB. Size will be 153.5×73.9×7.9mm, 169g, compare to Note 5, it is 2.2 thinner, and 2g lighter,

Battery will be 3500mAh, it is not very big, however, although it is 100mAh smaller than Samsung galaxy S7 edge, but it is 500mAh bigger than Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Otherwise, Samsung Note 7 may take Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 processor, 6GB Ram, but in now situation, Snapdragon 820 is sured, 4GB Ram is sured, Exynos 8890 is sured.

Here are Samsung Note 7 photos, let’s enjoy them:

Samsung Note 7 Photos 3 Samsung Note 7 Samsung Note 7 Samsung Note 7

From these photos we can see, Samsung Note 7 is so beautiful. And If you are interested in this phone, you can focus on our website, we will give you the newest about Samsung phones. I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech, now this website has a discount for all Samsung pones, don’t miss!