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Smart Phone Download Tool Instruction For X18i ARC S X12 mtk6573

Smart Phone Download Tool Instruction For X18i ARC S X12 mtk6573

Some smartphone can apply SD card update ,while some apply Update via special cable

Take X18i ARC S X12 for example to introduce the update tool instruction

Download link: 65X3+usb+driver download


Password: www.fastcardtech.com

Smart Phone Download Tool Instruction

Step 1, Update cable


  • Pls use the special update cable,below pic for reference
  • Update cable differ from the phone model,if any quetsion ,pls comfirm before start
  • For the phone based on the MTK6513 or MTK6573. “the USB to Com data line” is different from the MTK6515 platform.
     Pic 1    join the 2 cable as pic shown

    Pic 1 join the 2 cable as pic shown


  • Port connector notes: 
  • 1)     A——connect smart phone IO port ;
  • 2)     B——connect PC USB port ;
  • 3)     C——connect PC USB port;
  • 4)     D——join 2 cable connector port ;
  • E——connect power supply (Note:if phone with  battery ,do not need to connact power supply ,make sure only 1 power supply )
  • Step 2: update tool:
  • (Note:when connect the update cable with the PC for the first time,the system will detect the new hardware automatically, Please save the upgrade tool path to locate folder “65X3 usb driver”)
  • 1、  click “SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe” ,open the tool as pic below ;Pic 1
  • 2、  choose the target file:click“Scatter File”(pic 2),choose the software pack  “MT6573_Android_scatter.txt”。
  • 3,  选择屏、摄像头驱动:click“选择屏和摄像头”(pic 2),Choose corresponding drive for phone front  back camera and screen (Note: If the software does not currently support, this is the default state, gray box which is not selectable)
  • 4,  Choose com port:tick all the front option below “Sel All” ,or tick the needed COM port  (Pic 2);
  • 5,Choose the download rate:Click on the “Baud rate” at the drop-down menu to select (Pic 2);support up to 921,600, select 921,600.
    Pic 2

    Pic 2

    6, select Type: (before the upgrade, please read carefully). the first phase of the upgrade- first select the “Format  bootloader” (the last option ), clickthe “Start all” button, and connect the upgrade cable to the phone  (pic 2);
    Finish The first phase, windows as shown below:

     Phase II of the upgrade – power off , and then select type as “Firmware upgrade” (the second  option) (pic 3)

    Pic 3

    Pic 3

    Finish The second phase, windows as shown below:: 

  • Note: , this tool is also compatible with the MTK6516 upgrade , The above upgrade operation need the two-step process.Mark: during the upgrade process,if the sudden interruption, please check the download cable, USB adapter COM port line, mobile phone port, whether there is loose in the computer, please click the “Stop All” button, and start again from step 6 above.
    If the upgrade can not start normally, suggest you change the download cable, reboot the computer, and repeated attempts and other operations. 

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    hi sir…..
    I have buy x18i flash cable from aliexpress. but that need driver (usb-serial controller on device manager).
    can you give me this driver?

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