Aug 24

A Solar Powered Android Phone based on the New MTK 6573, UMEOX APOLLO

This phone was made to answer the needs of people who feel that their Android devices run out of battery real quick, which makes them have to bring A/C wall charger with them every time they go. But now, Umeox Apollo has come to save the day, or to save the Android user to be precise.

The Umeox Apollo was introduced at the MWC in Barcelona even that just ended. It will come with two different variants, the first one is MTK6573 which will released on US and will runs on AT&T’s frequencies, while the second one is MTK6516 which will released on Europe and Asia.

MTK 6573 will be released on Q3 of this year, while MTK6516 has been flooded in the market. What does make this phone can solve the problem of most Android devices? Which is run out of battery real quick? Well, actually this phone can’t do anything about it. What makes this Android smart phone different is its ability to be charged over solar power aka sun. So it will not need any charger anymore, or at least you can still charge it on the go.

As for the specifications, both of the models of Umeox Apollo come with a 3.2 inch display with resolution of 320 x 480, 1GB of internal storage, microSD slot, 3 mega pixel camera, and FM radio.

As for its specialty, this phone will only need 2.5 hours of sunlight to provide a day power used. While it will needs 17 hours of sunlight to make the tanks fill from an empty tanks.