Jun 20

To make your tablet or phone surf the internet freely

App name: connectify!


About how many guys who have tablets and wanna making video calls when lying on the bed but can not surf the internet?  About how many guys are so irksome but conscripted to use the 3G broadband card? About how many guys want to surf the internet but do not have one wireless router??


Then , buy one?
Okay, no necessary. How about an app which can make your tablet or phone surf the internet freely???


Today, i wanna introduce one good app named Connectify for you easily create a Wi-Fi hotspot to share and collaborate with your friends, co-workers, and mobile devices.


Go ahead!


PC Support:

  1. Most of the laptops with windows 7 and vista, less of windows xp, but all of this laptops need a *wireless card. (*Nowadays most of the laptops have the built in wireless card. If you do not know how to check, see it here. )

  2. Net framework 3.5 needed.


Download connectify here!


Install connectify and then restart your pc, click to start! Then you will see:


Easy? 🙂

Till now, your pc is a hot spot which can be found by your tablets.


Enjoy your time~~

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Connectify right now!