Jul 16

The Intelligent Suitcase- Bluesmart!

I find a very useful and fashion technology product, we can call it- the intelligent suitcase Bluesmart.


Airlines have strict rules for boarding and checked baggage, and it makes people are rather difficult at the time of packing. Bluesmart is a smart suitcase with ordinary suitcase,and the intelligent suitcase- Bluesmart doesn’t have many functions, which can let you travel more easily.

Bluesmart functions:

1. Bluesmart built-in weighing sensor. When you use the handle it, sensors will tell you the weight of the suitcase. When you meet some clever flight attendant “think” your luggage is overweight, you will be able to prove your “innocent” on the spot.


2. Digital control unlock function, which means that you can put the intelligent suitcase- Bluesmart binding with smart phones, and you also can use a mobile phone remotely unlock/lock at any time. Proximity sensor and positioning system provide more security for your luggage. Once detected Bluesmart is not around, it will send notes to the phone, and automatically lock the digital control lock.The positioning system can make you on the phone APP map, according to find the location.


3. This Bluesmart has a built-in charger, recharging your smartphone up to 6 times, which let you no longer worry about power runs out on the road. As to recording of the mileage “travel” function, the intelligent suitcase- Bluesmart can provite the best services for travelling lover.
Bluesmart 4


After Bluesmar lands the site of Indiegogo, which completes the target of $50000 only a few hours The intelligent suitcase- Bluesmart will become one of the most successful tourism tool and the biggest innovation of science and technology projects. It is one of the most popular item this year in  Indiegogo platform.
If you want know a lot about this intelligent suitcase- Bluesmart, you can click here to know of it.
This interesting product needs a phone to controll it, so you need to have a phone. Here I will recommend a site- Fastcardtech to you here because they offer the cheap and valued phones, the site is found in 2003, already 11 years old.