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The Tribez HD- Join the Fun!

The Tribez HD- Join the Fun!

The Tribez HD is the lastest and a sadistic game, which is very popular among youngers. Today I share the this game to you. I hope this game can bring funs and exciting feelings.

The Tribez HD general:

Category: Games

By: By Game Insight, LLC

Updated: May 15, 2015

Version: v3.4

Size: 296 MB

Language: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

The Tribez HD

The Tribez HD Description:

1. Game Insight, the ‘Best mobile game publisher of 2012’, presents its legendary game The Tribez!
Featured in iTunes What’s Hot & Popular category!

2. The Tribez HD is not just a game! Tribez is an adventure, where you travel to a distant past full of secrets, mysteries and many hours of addictive discovery of an unknown, but beautiful world!

3. You are invited to visit a primitive world inhabited by a peace-loving people, who have been hidden behind a miles-deep portal from time immemorial. Build your own stone-age village, explore territories hidden by mountains and seas, and lead your tribe, who considers you sent by the gods, to prosperity.

4. The Tribez HD is a world in which you feel alive!

The Tribez HD

The Tribez HD Features :


2. Simple, intuitive controls.

3. Cute and adorable characters you’ll love!

4. Beautiful vibrant world you’ll get immersed into instantly.

5. Lively animations make the prehistoric world come to life.

6. Tons of objects, characters, buildings and decorations.

7. Truly inexhaustible possibilities to develop your own stone-age empire.

8. Never-ending mystic gameplay.

9. Hundreds of captivating quests: search for treasure and artifacts, discover distant islands, explore mysterious caves and much, much more!

The Tribez HDThe Tribez HD

What Other Player Think

1. “I have been playing about 9 months and am totally addicted I think the thing that keeps me going in the goals. There is always something to work towards”.

2. “I love Tribez because its challenging. I’m hoping my kindle continues to get the updates and id like my walrus to want the fish but im happy i have quests and I love the Great MoonEvent”.

3. “I like that after all this time, there is always a major goal to work towards and something new to discover”.

4. “I look forward to playing every day (er…playing any time I’m awake and my ipad is accessible), and since health limitations have recently robbed me of many activities, this has given me something else I can enjoy”.

The Tribez HD

What’s New in Version 2.24.0

1. The tribezmen have learned how to construct new buildings: the Wigwam and the Sewing Shop!

2. Players can now sell their resource surpluses, and that means you’ll never have to halt production!
We’ve prepared something special for our fans! Follow the special link, complete unique quests and receive valuable prizes!

3. Now players can learn useful hints and tips while the game is loading!


Here I will tell you how to download the game. If you want to download it, please CLICK HERE!
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