Sep 05

Top Ten Cellular Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten cellular phone related news stories you may have missed this week including Google’s response to the latest patent lawsuits, a Sony Ericsson 3D phone and a very disturbing iPhone case!
1. Google Blog Attacks Patent Suits
Google has spoken out against the recent onslaught of patent lawsuits from their competitors, saying they are a ‘hostile, organised campaign’ against them. They go on to call the strategy ‘anti-competitive’ and the patent claims ‘questionable’, and say the reason behind the litigation is to stifle the fast-growing Android platform – now at 550,000 activations per day – and impose a crippling tax to make it too expensive for both consumers and manufacturers.
2. Sony Ericsson to Go 3D?
Rumours that Sony Ericsson will launching a 3D phone with a huge touchscreen have surfaced this week.  Just how big a touchscreen?  The word is, 4.7-inch, making it nigh-on mini-tablet size! Taking a screen to these dimensions does allow for a great resolution, and 1280 x 730 is a possibility. Other than these two details, the phone remains a mystery.
3. Twitter.com Getting Mobile Overhaul
Despite the many, many mobile and desktop Twitter clients, the micro-blogging site obviously still has some dedicated website users, as they’ve decided to give it an HTML5 makeover. The new look will incorporate a ‘dual-pane’ view and improved touch controls – making it ideal for use on tablets. Apple iPad owners will be the first to benefit when the new site goes online next week.
4.  Samsung’s New TouchWiz for Galaxy Tab Seen on Video
Watch the video below featuring the latest TouchWiz version for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, showing the subtle changes in Samsung’s Android UI.  Although it looks quite similar to before, they have included a new photo editor, a dedicated screen grab button, a notes app with a draw feature and a ‘quick launch’ tray for often used apps.

5. HTC Bootloader Coming Soon
HTC promised its customers they would release a bootloader tool for unlocking their Android phones, and it’s still on track for a release later this month. It’ll be a web tool which you’ll need to sync with your phone after registering it. There’s no indication whether it’ll work for all phones and be available in all territories just yet, but it will cancel your warranty if you use it.
6. Vinci Tablet is Only for Kids
Think your child needs everything?  Got a spare £200 – £300?  Then the Vinci tablet will suit you perfectly as it’s a 7-inch tablet with a 1GHz processor, a 3 megapixel camera and a super tough exterior which is designed especially for children!
7.  Is iPad Head Girl the Weirdest Viral Campaign yet?
A video  featuring a girl with her head completely enclosed in a box made from four iPads, (which disconcertingly shows a picture of her head from each angle) has showed up online and has caused much intrigue amongst tech fans. The clip shows her as she relaxes in a park – nobody seems to know what to make of it. However, when one brave soul touches her iPad face it’s revealed it’s all an ad for the new Cosmo for Guys iPad magazine!

8. Pierre Cardin Tablet Launched
Designer Pierre Cardin has announced a tablet, which it calls the UK’s first to be branded by a fashion designer.  The tablet has a 7-inch screen with an 800 x 480 pixel resolution, a 1GHz processor, a microSD card slot along with an HDMI port too. Unfortunately it runs Android 2.2, but does cost a reasonable £275.
9.  Nokia Gulp’s World Record
Gulp is a short stop-motion film shot on a Nokia N8 which has earned the title of the ‘largest stop-motion animation set’ world record, after using an 11,000ft location. Legendary animators Aardman were involved in the production, and the 1m 30s film is well worth a watch.
10. Need a Hand?
Who says the world has run out of ideas when it comes to iPhone cases? The Japanese clearly haven’t as they’ve created this monstrosity – an iPhone case in the shape of a human hand. There’s nothing cool about a hand separated from a body, and even less so when it’s available in either female or child form. Yuck. And again, Yuuuuck!