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Uncanny X-Men Cracked Version- Which is A Kind of Action Game.

Uncanny X-Men Cracked Version
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Uncanny X-Men Cracked Version

Uncanny X-Men Cracked Version general:

Version: v1.1.137

Size: 408.28M

Language: English

Download: 13166 times

Release: 2015-04-25

Categories: shooting

Format: gpk

Apply to: Android 4.0 above

Download rates: free


Uncanny X-Men Cracked Version Introduction:

1. Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past is a kind of action game invented by Glitchsoft Games.

2. Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past, the story happened in the past, is not the distant Future. X-men suffered the biggest in the history of the survival crisis, they must return to the Past to save their own destiny.

3. In the future, they are killed by the new special Battle Droids that are invented by “Trask Industrial” founder Bolivar Trask. Sentry robot can detect any forms of variant types, while their genes can instantly make them transform and transform itself, thus defeat or even destroy the x-men. The only hope of the x-men is to go back to the past to change history before they died out.

4. Players under the guidance of story will play a leading role- Wolverine Logan, journey through time to start the arduous. The game will encounter mutant leader Professor X, Mystique and Magneto, combined their forces beat trask.

Uncanny X-Men Cracked Version

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