Mar 13

How to Update the GOOGLE 4S+ M99 ,Flash Guide and Free Rom Download From Fastcardtech


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I got 2 samples for test :1 white and 1 black M99

Google 4s+ M99   is the upgraded version of  Google 4GS+ M98

Here is the Free rom download for M99 :



Download the rom and then Copy the” mt6513-e903x-g-d-v12.01.05-update.zip” to

the ROOT directory of your sd-card

Insert the phone ,and plug in the battery(power off )

 Long Press and hold “POWER on” key and VOL (+) to boot into the Recover Mode



 and then press the “volum down” to choose the second option “apply update from SD card

and long press the “VOL(-) “key to comfirm ,then enter the android system recovery <3e>

press the volum down button to choose “mt6513-e903x-g-d-v12.01.05-update.zip

the long press the “VOL(-) “key to comfirm .system will flash automatically :

Install /Sd card….

Installing update…

Install from sd card complete.


long press the “volum down” to comfirm”reboot system now


The system will reboot to iphone UI



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  1. Vik

    Hellow. i downloaded the ROM for my M99, but password http://www.fastcardtech.com doesn’t fit to unzip.

    1. mahone0810

      it is http://www.fastcardtech.com

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