Aug 18

How To Update MIUI 7 On Your Smartphones?

For lots of users, they don’t know how to flash their phones. Most of them use the Stable Mod. Our talkingmobi.com teaches you how to update MIUI 7 on MIUI 6 devices, such as Xiao MI4, Redmi, and Mi Note.

update MIUI 7

The MIUI 6 users can be divided into two kinds, stable mod users and Dev Channel users. The MIUI 6 Dev Channel users can get MIUI 7 upgrades pushing on the system tool, and the version is MIUI 5.8.13. You just click the “system upgrading” directedly.

If the MIUI 6 stable mod users want to upgrade MIUI 7, they should download the latest System Pack.

1. Downloading the file: MIUI 7.

2. Put the System Pack into Storage root directory

3. Choose the installation package

4. Choose the System Pack.

5. Restart your phone, and wait for installing.

update MIUI 7update MIUI 7

The New Functions:

1. 4 system UI

update MIUI 7

2. Supporting global zoon font size

update MIUI 7

One of the major changes was the expansion of the external preset free themes. I hope this article can help you.