Dec 08

New soft update rom release from fastcardtech for HDC A9100 S2 GPS problem

Fastcardtech cooperated with the HDC company to release the new update rom to relieve the HDC A9100 S2 GPS problem


1)charge your phone HDC A9100,power up to 80% at least,the power of battery is enough for the process, there is problem if power off in the upgrade process)

2)Download the latest new rom released by fastcardtech ,unzip the Rar,

you will get  “update.zip” and empty file or empty folder) :

Download link:


File name:MP_MT73_W831_A9100_YINGT+20111126.rar


Soft update guide :

1):Copy the 2 files to a blank 2GB memory card ,and insert the memory card to the Phone HDC A9100 ,and then plug in the battery (make sure that the power up to over 80%)

2) :P power on the device ,and enter the meu ,find the icon “Update system”

 HDC A9100 Flash ROM 1

Then press the “update system”icon ,the phone will show “update system” ,press the button “upgrade “

HDC A9100 flash rom 2

The system will show “the operation is unrecoverable,are you sure”

Press “OK” to comfirm

HDC A9100 Flash rom 3 flash guide

 Then the system is updating , Next ,the phone will reboot up automatically

HDC A9100 Flash gudie flash firmware

 Finally ,the flash over ,easy to do ,but remember after flash ,the system default chinese language ,you should make some setting before operation.


 Remark :

Some guy has solved the GPS problem via this guide ,but some guy still got the problem of GPS ,as the factory has not release the latest rom and further solution

A cool guy introduces the italian solution as below :

First, go into the phone EngineerMenu digitanto this combination * # * # 3646633 # * # * 
and go YGPS.With the menu button enables BG Enable mode, exit the menu and restart the phone.
A reboot happened to Menu – Settings – Use position enables the GPS satellites, GPS support EPO (
EPO put in the settings Automatic download) and active-GPS.
In Menu – Settings – SIM Manager SIM active data connection (data connection active with respect to 
the connection of a Wifi network is known that the GPS ‘fix better)
After doing ‘open the EngineerMenu as I explained before and 
YGPS active (on the dial you’re outdoors and you should already’ satellites appear i
n the area and where there are numbers of satellites are expected to grow 
the bars that represent the signal from the satellite ).
you can try this possible solution if it works as they do
Thanks for this kind guy ,Hope more friends can help more users to solve their problem.
Thanks for all!
Best regards


———–Samsung Galaxy S2 knockoff HDC A9100  Update Firmware Download and Flash Guide

New soft update rom release from fastcardtech for HDC A9100 S2 GPS problem
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  1. Wayel

    Thanks mahone for your prompt replay.
    But I already have the Update and need it in Flash Tools Form.
    Could you please Transform the Rom into Flash Tools Package ?
    Best Regards

    1. mahone0810

      hello and this is the link:
      thx again!

  2. Wayel

    Greeting Lady Panda ,
    I have bricked me Phone long ago and the Update is not working for me now.
    Could you please set this Update MP_MT73_W831_A9100_YINGT+20111126.rar in a form of Flash Tools to update the whole ROM in the Phone.
    Awaiting your prompt Replay
    Best Regards

    1. mahone0810

      A9100? http://www.sendspace.com/file/ky0pdi
      here is the link!

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