Feb 10

Update T9299/HD7 to Android 3.0 with android 4.0 UI and Free Rom Dwnload

Update T9299/HD7 to Android 3.0  with android 4.0 UI


Update ROM download  



Smart phone tool Download link




Product link:http://www.fastcardtech.com/goods.php?id=6948

After install the MTK6573 driver by following the http://www.talkingmobi.com/?p=1812

Open the smart phone flash tool ,click the “scatter—loading” to load the ROM

and Do remember :tick off the first 2 option “preloader”and”DSP_BL” as pic shown below

T9299 MTK6573 ROM download link


After the target file load in ,plug in the battery in your smart phone ,connect the phone with the pC via USB cable and then click the third button “download“,the sytem will flash automatically.

Watch the process bar till 100% ,then the flash will finish .you will get the windows as below


Note:I have tested the given rom ,after flash the phone ,the TV will not function

if TV funtion is not so improtant for you ,you can try this latest rom.