Feb 12

VOOSOO V7 First android call tablet PC,GSM and WCDMA Sim card call support


VOOSOO V70 3G/GSM 800mhz, android 2.2

VOOSOO V70 3G/GSM 800mhz, android 2.2

Are you still on the hunt for an android PC tablet that has it all yet gentle to your pockets? I found the “Voosoo V7 Android Telephony Pad“.This 7 iPAD is a 3G telephone and a computer (“Kill two birds with one stone”). yet ,it is the first tablet PC that can make a call with your 2G or 3G sim card .

This tablet is thin, sleek, high-end and portable. It’s the real deal.Get a feel of the android 2.2 operating system; smoother control, easier web browsing and quick navigation. Experience superfast 3G + Wi-Fi internet access on this 7-inch capacitive touch screen.

Other niceties include; support flash 10.1 for online video playback, Mobile Office to easily read and edit word, pdf, ppt, Excel and other documents, Camera (front and back),GPS, Email, Picture browsing, Music player and Video player.

VOOSOO V70 3G/GSM 800mhz, android 2.2

VOOSOO V70 3G/GSM 800mhz, android 2.2

See detailed product specifications here:(FCT called it VOOSOO V70 instead V7)

and read more from its video demo:


  1. Dankat

    My voosoo v7 tablet fell off nd i went 2 change d battery bt eva since if i plug my fone for charging it wil show dat its chargin bt anytym i unplug it, it will nt charge even if its dier 4 10hours it nt charge pls help me wiv a solution

  2. mark

    Gooday, sir/ madam, I really want to know more about this product, and also why the manual is I’n china language , is it made only for chines use? I bought 2psc, one the screen tuch is no more wiling, what can l do?

    1. mahone0810

      there maybe something wrong on the screen, and you may need to send it back and we will fix it for you.

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