May 19

Ways to download apps, movies, games and etc from FCT

From now on FCT Mahone will upload lots of resource about apps , games ,movies , musics, mv, roms and etc. in 115.com.


however ,115 net-disk is in china , and many people do not know how to download it .
Today , mahone gonna show you the ways to download  resource in 115.com.


Three steps , and get it easily.

1.>copy the adress to your broswer.
2.>click the download link.


NO waiting times.NO adds.


For example.


Today , i uploaded a test HD movie to 115.com from FCT and released to FCT Group in Facebook.
So there will come a link in the group like this .



Open the link or copy it to your broswer, then we will see like this.

So all are pretty easy .


Days later ,

FCT will upload or show more info for our customers. what you need is just to join our groups or keep in touch with us .


Attention ,

if u got a zip here, please extract to you desktop in your pc and then deliver to your phone .

movies and wallpapers and musics can be used both phone and pc.

andriod apps and games and roms are just for android phone and tablet .


Get more info about phones and tablets and ways to buy in FCT .