May 25

ways to root the MTK 6573 cpu phones and tablets


One key root: superoneclick v2.3.2

Recently mahone has got lots of questions about: can this phone be rooted? How can I root my phone? And so on.
Before answering the question, the new word ‘root’ comes in our eyes. Check these comments from Talkingmobi and FCT blog:
1. I have updated a original rom from the factory, and there are a lot of useless apps in it. BUT WHEN I GOT THIS PHONE ROOTED, I uninstalled some of the original programs, and the phone became more fluent.
2. I couldn’t use some apps I preferred, such as APP KILLER, Titanium Backup, Root Explorer. When I installed them, I got one kind of prompt like: please make sure your phone has been rooted.


What is root on earth?

All for one sentence, root means that you can get highest rights of administrator to change the system files or else.


Today mahone gonna show u how to root the phone with cpu6573 and many tablets by using the most convenient app: supperoneclick v 2.3.2 for Android 2.2, 2.3 OS.

PC support:

Windows xp
Windows Vista x86 & x64
Windows 7 x86 & x64
Ubuntu Hardy (8.04 LTS)
Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)
Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)
Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS)
Ubuntu Maverick (10.10)
Debian Lenny (5.0)
Debian Squeeze (testing)
Debian Sid (unstable)
Debian Experimental
Windows xp, vista, 7 system need to install Net framework 2.0 or above:
Mac or other Linux flavor needs to install Mono:
Several things need to be noticed.
  1. Step by step and be careful when working on this.

  2. Make sure you have got the drivers of your phone or tablet.(how to get? )

  3. Turn off the antivirus program if it warns.

  4. It will be better if you extract you sd/tf card.


When all above are done, we can go ahead now.


  1. Connect your pc with the original usb data line

  2. Open the USB DBUGGING and close other programs which connect with your phone or tablet completely like: 360, wandoujia, or else. (ways: setting- apps- developer options- usb debugging )

  3. Open and extract the zip you got from our website, and then click on ‘superoneclick.exe’ and open

  4. Click ‘root’ on the left top, then it will begin to root your phone automaticly like this.



Then it will come with three windows. Click yes for the first and the second, and no for the third one .

Till now, your little puppy is rooted .




  1. If it shuts down somewhere for over 10 mins, just turn off the usb disbugging and then turn on and try again .

  2. Supperoneclick v2.3.2 is suitable for most of the 6573 phones and tablets, but not for all.

  3.  It’s okay to do the steps again and again and again even if it shuts down somewhere, just when doing steps by steps.

  4.  All the phones or tablets bought from FCT can’t get the warranty if it’s rooted.


Download Supperoneclick v2.3.2


Get more info about root android phones and tablets in FCT and NEW PAGE .


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  1. fADLY

    please reply….:'(

    1. fADLY

      please help me……

  2. fADLY

    helo evry body..
    please help mee….. i bougth mtk6575 alps.gb2.mp.v1.18 s3 clone…
    i want to root… but i tried all method: mtk root, super one click, z4root, gingerbreak, srsroot, doomlord_v4_root, framaroot, Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry, and many more..
    please hellp me???????? ;'(

  3. Chris

    Hi is there a way to root my mtk6573 with android 4.0.4? because i used superoneclick but it halts at step 7

    1. mahone0810

      contact me or i may help you.
      pls download this app for your pc and add 437578043(mine), then i can help you to root your phone.
      thanks again!
      here is the link:

  4. ambpc



    Brazilian greetings 😉

    I tried everything: unlockroot, superoneclick, zroot, mtk droid root & tools…
    but all these show the same problem!!! Something about dont get acess shell.
    Do you know what it mean?

    My device:

    Hardware : MT6573
    Model : gaophone13_gb
    Build number : ALPS.GB.FDD2.MP.V4.20
    Build date UTC : 20120615-061825
    Android v : 2.3.6
    Baseband v: MAUI.11AMD.W11.37.SP.V37, 2012/03/12 14:16
    Kernel v : (soft1_02@soft1_02) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #2 Fri Jun 15 16:01:19 CST 2012

    1. ambpc

      please reply and thank you!

  5. Obasi Miracle

    you ‘ve gat a very nice tutorial here. works great

  6. Alex

    I’ve tried to root an MTK 6575 android 4.0.4 dual sim phone with SuperOneClick but it stops at step 7 every time…Is there a way to solve this issue?

  7. oscar

    Buenas amigo tengo un problema con un samsung galaxy s3 o mas bie el hdc mtk pero no me muestra cual es el numero para identificalo me sale un controlador que es SPREADTRUM el cual no he podido conseguir como colocarle el driver sera que me puedes dar una gui a ver que hago no m deja hacerle el roots y apenas lo conecto pide ese controlador gracias de antemano

  8. smraa

    Hello word! How can I root my TECNO T1 with andro.v2.3.5 mtk6573? I’ve tried superoneclick,unlockroot,z4mod,gingerbreak,universal gb root but THERE IS NO SUCCESS!!! Please Help me!

    1. ambpc

      me too!!!! can’t get acess shell root!!!
      andro.v2.3.6 mtk6573

  9. Manuel ramirez

    Can u send me the instructions to root my device
    Is a hdc one x+ Mtk 6577
    Thank you

    1. mahone0810

      yes, pls send an email to techsupport@fastcardtech.com
      i will help you directly.

  10. Ciro

    Please I need to have root permissions phone MTK6577 Hero 2000 + S.O. 4.0.4 because I have to change some functions do not work in Italy as the GPS, what is the procedure to get root permissions for this phone? Thank you.

    1. mahone0810

      yes, we designed the one key root app for 6577 ourselves, and we do not send it our to others easily. 🙂 i hope you can understand.
      so if you want it, you can send an email to our techsupport@fastcardtech.com through yourorder number~
      you will get one!

  11. Jeng Ta

    I have an Alps android 2.3.6 and I want to get it rooted, how can I do it guys help

    1. mahone0810

      can’t this one work?

  12. shaamt


    Thanks for the detailed given specifically for MTK6573. I really appreciate it very much. I’ve bought a chinese 4.3″ Samsung Galaxy S 2 with details as follow:

    CPU: MTK6573
    Extracted from Setting —-> About Phone:
    Model number: I9100
    Android version: 4.0.9
    Baseband version: I9100XXK13
    Kernel version:
    Build number: GT_I9100_01
    Custom build version: 1341280728

    I’ve tried rooting it with Super One Click, DooMLoRD_v4_ROOT, TPSparkyRoot etc. but without success. I’ve searched for clues at forum.xda-developers.com but all the rooting technique are for android 2.3.6 and below. The failure to root are maybe because my device is using android version 4.0.9 and most probably ice cream sandwich has already been patched.
    The other way around is by downgrading the OS but to gain into download mode is another problems. Pressing power and +volume will only display the exclamation+android image. I’ve tried all the combination of button-press but without success. Executing “adb reboot download” will only execute as normal reboot and the same with “adb reboot recovery”.
    If you have any clues on how to solve my problem, please contact me at espek2007 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  13. smraa

    Hello world! I ve tried this method to my TECNO T1 MTK 6573 but it seems not working like Gingerbreak! Any idea?

    1. mahone0810

      step by step?
      then you can try z4 root or other root apps.
      this one key root is now the better root app, but not the best one. hehe.

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