Sep 05

White iPhone 4 Still Alive?


Honestly, I can’t believe people still care for the white iPhone 4 when the iPhone 5 is a mere couple of months away.  Will you really buy one even if it’s available now?  Regardless, the new reports claim that the much-delayed white version of last year’s iPhone will finally go on sale at the end of April
Bloomberg, by the way, broke the news (you know, so you can blame them if it doesn’t pan out), citing three sources familiar with Apple’s plans for the differently-colored iPhone.  Both AT&T and Verizon Wireless will reportedly get them.
Remember when the white iPhone 4 was first announced?  Yep, that was back when they originally announced the iPhone 4 over 10 months ago.  Well, the problem causing the delay — the white paint peels when exposed to heat for extended periods — has supposedly been addressed, putting the once highly-anticipated model back on track.
So, if you’ve kept dreaming, coveting and wishing for an iPhone 4 in white after all this time, you can finally realize your desires.   Then you can sell it to me for half-price when you decide to get the black iPhone 5 when it’s released sometime in the middle of the year.  Win-win.