May 17

White Temptation: New Info about HTC ONE X (Ⅱ)

White Temptation:

New Info about HTC ONE X (Ⅱ)

Previously, mahone has showed u some details about HTC ONE X.

First of all, let’s get some review about the beauty~


Quad-core new flagship of HTC One X releases with kind of high popularity, and now it is officially opened to sell in many countries and areas. HTC ONE X collates a 4.7-inch 720p touched screen, and works upon NVIDIA Tegra 3 of quad-core with 1 GB memory and 32 GB storage space. Meanwhile HTC ONE X provides 8 million pixel camera, with the white and black two versions for customs to choose.


And today, mahone gonna show you inside of this beauty. Let’s check how beautiful the HTC ONE X is !!


Go on ~

Screen and menu of HTC ONE X :


So all these above are pictures in HTC ONE X and tested in FCT.


Now mahone wanna show u some wallpapers in HTC ONE X .

It’s suitable and brilliant .



So these are all the info about HTC ONE X .


Wanna know more info? Fallow me …


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