May 15

White Temptation: New Info about HTC ONE X (1)

White Temptation:

New Info about HTC ONE X


Quad-core new flagship of HTC One X releases with kind of high popularity, and now it is officially opened to sell in many countries and areas. HTC ONE X collates a 4.7-inch 720p touched screen, and works upon NVIDIA Tegra 3 of quad-core with 1 GB memory and 32 GB storage space. Meanwhile HTC ONE X provides 8 million pixel camera, with the white and black two versions for customs to choose.


Today FCT Mahone ganna show you the new white one without earphone of Beats Solo On-Ear i got and tested two days ago, however, with great temptation, HTC ONE S totally BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE.


So come with me, i show you how could this little white puppy attract so many people .


Appearance of HTC ONE X and case:


Other things in the package :


1>.list of accessories;
2>.service manual;
3>.start guide
4>.security rules and announcements
5>.card of distinguishing true or false


So those all above are a part of appearance imformation about HTC ONE X, see it? And i will show you some more details inside tomorrow.


Wanna know more info? Fallow me …


Contact FCT !


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