How to write the IMEI number for Your Android Phone From Fastcardtech

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Some customer has send Email to me for help that that they lost their Imei number when update their android phone .

For the time being ,most android phone runs on the Chipset of MTK 6513 or MTK 6573 .

Today ,I share with you how to write Imei number for the android phone based on the  chipset MTK6513 or MTK6573

And i get the latest white i9100 for example ,which boasts of Powerful MTK6573 tested by Fastcardtech.

1)Remember you insert both 2 Sim card in your android phone ,and then power on

2)In the Dial interface ,pls enter the code *#*#3646633#*#*


I9100 dial interface

I9100 dial interface

 3) and you will enter the next page  ,choose the third “GPRS”

I9100 GPRS

4)Next ,you choose which Sim card you want to rewrite the IMEI

For example ,You wirte Imei for SIM 1 ,choose 1ST PDP

and then enter the wanted IMEI number

Press the three Buttons one by one ,comfirm by “OK”

MTK6573  IMEI insert

5)Press “wirte IMEI “, then  Press OK to comfirm

Press” Attached” ,then Press OK to comfirm

Press” detached”,then Press OK to comfirm

MTK 6573 android phone

6)Done, if you want to wirte IMEI for SIM 2 ,you can choose “2nd PDP” ,and follow likewize.



  1. thanks alot u have solved my bigest problem

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  13. salve a tutti ho comprato un zophone i5s, legge la sim ma non aggancia il segnale cosa devo fare grazie in anticipo.

  14. its good

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  21. admin ki maa ki choot admin ki maa ka bhosada! :P
    bolo choda choda bolo choda choda admin ki ma ko maine choda teri dai behni sab chodu madarchod

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  34. Hi, This also works on the new MTK6589 Quad Core with android 4.2. The interface is a little different, but if you follow the instructions, it saved my bacon! I can’t understand why any operating system would wipe out important information like this, using a factory reset.

  35. Hi
    i’ve used the above method but i keep getting the error “failed to write imei due to radio unavailable or something else” and i also tried the other method u posted for 65** but it also doesn’t work…
    i have alcatel OT 918D.. please help?
    also, do u have original stock rom for alcatel OT 918 (w/o D/N/M) single sim? please help if u do? that is what my phone was originally…


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  39. wowowowowowowsome!man,this did it after failure a million times..thanks thanks thanks..
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    • if your phone model android mtk 6577 *#3646633# selected CDS information press E then you will see AT+EGMR=1,7″122344577866933″ then send when accept restart phone

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  43. Hello i’m french please excuse my orthographe.
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  44. hiiiiiiiiiiii

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    if i type *#*#3646633#*#* it does not go to engineering mode

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  53. you send me this link

    i look and im read
    after click gprs after next page i dont see 1sim & 2sim imei write zone or button im upload photo for my problem pls look

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  58. I lost my IMEI when I tried to update the firmware.
    the android system works good, but I can’t use the phone any more, because it delete after update is done. I want to write the IMEI back to my phone, is MTK 6516 model G512 android phone, followed your guide above was not working for my phone. Please help…

    • My guide is only for MTK6513 or MTK6573 based smartphone as my article has been mentioned .for MTK6516 phone ,it need IMEI tool .but the way differs from models

  59. Would you tell me how to write IMEI to MTK6516
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  60. Hello,

    i tried above steps after choosing the GPS option i didn’t find SIM1 and SIM2 option,

    if you have flash file for MTK6573 can you please share the link with me or you can send mail to

    Thanks in Advance

  61. i have a mtk 6573 and i use *#*#3646633#*#*
    i am open gprs but not view imei 1 imei 2 and write imei… others is view.
    please help

  62. Bom dia, tudo bem?
    Estou com um problema e preciso de uma ajuda.
    Comprei um Android H6 Chines e sem querer voltei a configuração de fabrica e quando uso o código *#06# para ver o IMEI, aparece a mensagem de IMEI 1 e 2 inválido.
    Como eu posso válidar o IMEI novamente, tentei usar o código que você postou no tutorial acima, mas não funcionou, você conhece outra maneira?
    Obrigado tenha uma ótima semana

    • Good morning, okay?
      I have a problem and need help.
      I bought a Chinese Android H6 and unintentionally returned to factory setting and when I use the code * # 06 # to see the IMEI, the message IMEI 1 and 2 invalid.
      How can I validate the IMEI again, tried using the code you posted in the tutorial above, but it did not work, you know otherwise?
      Thanks have a great week

  63. I try your method but i haven’t also the choice to modify the both sim…..

  64. I have mtk6573 i9100 (e1109_v73_jxlc1) but there is no sim1 sim2 imei option in gprs section, how can i fix my imei

  65. Hi!
    Impossible on my E98 device.
    any solution, please?

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  67. No SIM1 SIM2 and Write IMEI buttons on M98 phone :(
    Nay advice ?

    • this way only apply for the mtk6573 or mtk6513 ,M98 is based on the,it would not work ,but M99 is ok

  68. Where can I find the update rom for the mtk6573 i 9100 white?

  69. I have a Star A3 MTK6573. When I enter the engineers mode my screen looks different. There is no SIM1 or SIM2 or Write IMEI buttons? There is attached, detached and fast dormancy?

    Thanks in advance.

  70. Have this updated rom?

  71. Have you, please, a new rom of i9100.
    The GPS does not work.