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About how to write imei number for MTK 65XX from fastcardtech.

About how to write imei number for MTK 65XX from fastcardtech.


Two apps you may need! Please download it here! http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=129564&uk=3022339290

But the two apps are chinese, and now i will explain it step by step.

1.The first one to write imei number is m44 tool box.

This one can run with your phone language if it is English, then, here is the step:
engineer model– engineer model(MTK)– GPRS—

Then you will see two blanket tables at the top of the screen, all you need to do is just to write 15numbers in and then restart!


2.If you can’t see the blanket tables in m44 tool box, you may need this one to write imei number.

mt65xx is made for all these 65xx phone to wirte imei number, but the short is all are chines..

But it’s okay. You can see the details here!

Notice, if you lost your imei number, you will not see the original imei1 and 2, what you need to do is just to write new1 and new2 and then restart.

3. still need the m44-tool box. if the one i upload can’t be used, then pls try this one.(need root your system)

Here to download.

1. send the imei.bak to you sd card 2.

2. open the m44-tool box, you can see the imei backup restore. There’s a bug. if your system is english, it will focus to stop. so you need to remember the position of “imei backup restore”.(if the app you used before does not have this function, pls use the one i send you now.)

3. change the system language to chinese, and enter the m44-tool box again. click “restore imei number from sd card 2”

and then pls reboot your system, and all done.

If all those can’t work, pls contact to techsupport@fastcardtech.com, the guy will help u write imei number case!


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  1. jlou

    bonjour à vous voilà je viens de recevoir mon goophone i5S mt6577 parcontre je cherche le code engineerdeveloper merci de votre aide

  2. Oreste

    I have a Feiteng H9503 (TRISIM), how can I change the three IMEI?

  3. mª teresa

    hola me he comprado un telefono y me dicen que cambie el imei porque no detecta la sim.
    ¿Como cambio el imei? me puede ayudar alguien. El telefono es I5s-MTK6572 Thunderbird oro Dual Core 1.3GHz 4.0inch pantalla Android Teléfono tema 4.2.2 + ISO7.0

  4. kumar

    Bro lil help here plsssss! I’m not able to find those two databases while initialize ! Wts the solution

  5. kindredkyle

    Hi there!

    Im using a s4 superking v3, I accidentally erased the imei on the boot screen, can anyone help me out?

    Warm regards,

  6. Hanchu

    I’ve ordered the Goophone i5s (MT6577 or MT6589): SN2013110158986.
    After flashing new Rom I lost mei IMEI too.
    *#06# = IMEI Invalid
    I tried the steps above but the two steps don’t work for me.
    – I have no blanket tables under GPRS
    – MT65xx Tool I get a chinese error message that it was failed to write

    I also tried a way I’ve found in the internet. Send an AT Command under Engineering mode – CDS Information – Radio Information … but it failed too.

    Could you please e-mail me also the 3rd way you mentioned before.


  7. edo comunication

    thanks broo good job

  8. Jim

    What do I enter on my keypad of my MTK phone to get into engineer mode ? I forgot .. is it *#9999#* or *#9669#* I can’t remembet.


  9. denzel80

    hi thank you very much your post is very useful…i tried&it will be easily succes…more power

  10. tea

    Invalid imei, how do I fix this?

  11. tea

    nvalid imei, how do I fix this?

  12. nelll

    Hi can this app fix 0049 imei? On my gt i9300?

  13. peter

    hello am using mtk6575 i9300 1 GHz 4.8 inches screen and android version 4.1.9 samsung galaxy s3 clone pls is there any way i can make the phone have a samsung logo on the screen while it boot? thanks.

  14. Bhushan

    Hi, it worked wt a eassy and fantastic method…. gr8… thanks a lot , keep doing such good work… thanks once again and best of luck

  15. Arturo

    In the first step. In engineer model– engineer model(MTK)– There isnt the words GPRS.

    In the second step. The tool IMEI backup restore dont work. In chinesse language


  16. john

    this is work on goophone i5?

  17. Ofisa

    My phone is the HDC Galaxy Note 2 EX- MTK6577. Found the solution, it is with Colonel Zap’s Channel, link as follows:
    Please share/use this for other users who have the same problem, my phone is all good now, thank you for your help.

  18. ranzoo

    thanks you , this solution work fine with 4 phone htc one x mtk 6577

  19. Ofisa

    I don’t know my IMEI number and my phone has no record of it.
    How do I recover it so I can enter it?

  20. galaxygrl

    PLZZ HELP SUMONE, I have a galaxy note 2 sgh t 889 my baseband is unknown and my imei is null, how can i change my imei back or be able to retype it into my phn, im so sadd i love my phn now i cant use it because it doesnt reconize my service. Sumone plzz help me. Ive tried for 3dayz and nothing seems to work.

  21. Dracularx

    use mtk droid tools to backup, write imei etc


  22. imad

    i rooted my note 2 N7100 6577…when i click on enginer mode, it shows: engineer mode (android) android parameter ajdust?????? what is the problem???

  23. onifade

    woooow wonderful….. i have gotten it it worked

    1. mahone0810


  24. onifade

    i have a tecno d3 and i have this invalid imei problem. tried changing the language to chinese but chinese isnt in the language option.. help… what do i do?

  25. Nestor Salas

    Hello, it is urgent, I have this phone: http://www.fastcardtech.com/HDC-Galaxy-S4-I9500

    I updated the new factory ROM for the I9500 in your website, and then there is not IMEI numbers/invalid/unknown. With the old ROM I not had that problem. I have the IMEI numbers write back near the battery.
    I tried many ways to write IMEI. What should I do? HELPPPPPP ME PLEASE

  26. Eliasith

    Hi already try my phone is a galaxy note 2 6577 i tri with the MTK 65XX tool but can not get my imei back only get imei invalid and my phone is not root if i need to root it before i use this toll please tell me how?
    Thanks hope you can help me.

  27. sam

    finally write the imei number on my goophone i5 n2 but now having problem with the signal, keep saying restricted access changed, why does it keep saying that, i could receive call and call out and connection signal keep failing why, could someone tell me why?

  28. Jonathan

    HDC Galaxy Note 2

    Says invalid IMEI & calls blocked. Please help

    1. Ofisa

      My phone is the HDC Galaxy Note 2 EX- MTK6577. Found the solution, it is with Colonel Zap’s Channel, link as follows:
      Please share/use this for other users who have the same problem, my phone is all good now.

      1. Jesus Sanchez

        I have also managed to change my IMEI with this video.
        My model is:
        HDC Galaxy S3 LTE G9300-512M 1.2Ghz Dual Core MTK6577 4.7 inch QHD Screen Ram Android 4.1.1 Phone

        1. mahone0810


  29. Christian Zuluaga

    i do it with the mt65xx but it doesnt appear the original IMEI numbers what can i do???

  30. James

    Hi, i bought an iphone with an android OS from china….the imei number is 111111111111111. what is the procedure of changing that imei to a valid one? currently its blocked in my country

  31. Sidney Alan

    Hi, thanks for the quick response, but unfortunately I can not fix the problem, install the program but not Reconce imei, not I open any engineering mode option, follow the steps on the page tell me it does not work, capura sent them screen to see.
    Not to do, I have the phone useless, please I have no phone to use that to get this thinking it was confidence, regale you had before.

    Order Number: US2013040176127
    Product: Butterfly X920 STAR – MTK6589
    My imei number is:

    1. mahone0810

      you meant, you can’t change the imei? is the imei lost?

  32. Hamdan Mustafa

    I cannot make or receive calls and also SMS. I get Invalid IMEI error message. I dialed *#06# and got “IMEI Invalid. Why is my phone like this?
    my phone is CoolPad 7260

    How Can I fix IMEI Invalid?

    1. mahone0810

      follow the steps here.

  33. Marvin Santos

    I finally fix it. Thank you so much!!! this steps saves me from sending it back to you.!! 🙂

    1. fadi

      hi i try by one note2 it work good but when i try to make other one not work no way i try the second step also not work please help me

      1. mahone0810

        can i have your order number? or can you tell me your phone model?
        if these two steps can’t help, you can contact me and i will give you the third step.

  34. Marvin Santos

    I cannot make or receive calls and also SMS. I get Invalid IMEI error message. I dialed *#06# and got “IMEI Invalid. Why is my phone like this?
    This is my phone http://www.fastcardtech.com/HDC-Galaxy-Note-2-GT-N7100
    But inside is not MTK65XX , my phone harware is SMDK4412

    How Can I fix IMEI Invalid?

    1. mahone0810

      it just shows SMDK4412, how could it be 4412, hehe.
      so just try the method.

      1. Marvin Santos

        when I open the m44 tool box the original IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 are not show, How can it fix? at the upper right corner I can see MT65xx:SMDK4X12

        Please help me…..

        1. mahone0810

          upgrade it or use the second step.

  35. easy


  36. Shpresim

    Hi Mahone
    Thanks very much for the help so far :)) i tried writing the imei to my phone but i have a slight problem when i open the m44 toolbox and choose the imei backup restore it force closes and when i try t change my phones language to Chinese there is no Chinese language 🙁 plss help how do i install Chinese language on my phone so than i hope i can write the imei on my phone.. Once again thanks so much :)))

    1. mahone0810

      you can use the other app in the package to rewrite imei number..

      1. Shpresim

        Thanks so much for the help i fixed it i somehow wrote the IMEI and now it works perfectly fine :)))) thanks bro you’r the best

  37. Shpresim

    Dear Mahone
    I tried the procedure you sent on the link its ok so far bui i have a slight problem when i open the m44 toolbox and imei backup restore it crashes it forcecloses and i try to change my phones language to Chinese but it does not have a Chinese language 🙁 what should i do to fix this 🙁 thanks so much for the help so far

    1. mahone0810

      is your phone with mtk65xx?

  38. afzal khan sk

    Hi Mahoneo810.i am using LG LTE SU640 my IMEI was corrupted and showing as 0(Zero) i had followed all your procedure but it get failed…can you pls help if any other procedure is there…in M44 tool IMEI Backup and restore shows no suport pls fix this issuse….

    1. mahone0810

      hello again, it is not that easy like all the chinese phones.. and it is hard to write and tell you, so i suggest you send it back to your phone shop or you can fix it in your local phone shop..

  39. ayhan

    Dear Mahone,
    i dont know my what myphone is. all i know it is a replica of iphone 5 and when looked at the about, it says; System :IOS 6.0 , version: v1.0.1.7, resolution 240×400, capacity 4G . it can be plug to computer by its charge and usb cable and seem just a flash disk driver.
    i am not sure if any program can work in it. i need to change imei number of it. can you please recommend me a software. Thanks in advance. regards.

    1. Levent

      Ayhan bey merhaba,
      Ayni tel.dan bende de var. IMEI no.sunu degistirmek icin bir cozum bulabildiniz mi acaba? Yardimci olursaniz cok sevinirim. Tesekkurler

  40. Asif bloch

    Thankyu very much bro…..it’s work for me 10000% Thanx

  41. nizamcv

    thanks very much

  42. Itamir

    I used it for Galaxy S3 Clone MT6577 and worked fine.
    Thank you very much!!

    1. simeon

      Can u tell me how you did that?

  43. Mario Spiteri

    I have a Galaxy Note 2 from fastcardtech
    Your order US2012120390975.

    and I am unable to access google android market, also I noticed that the battery is getting consumed much faster then stated on their website.

    can you please help?

    thank you


    1. mahone0810

      yes, you can check here.
      when get it rooted, you can add google service.
      and i here send you one app to save your power and manage your phone. other customer saw it can download it too.
      it’s for 2.3-4.1.

  44. vzhugan

    Hello. My phone http://www.fastcardtech.com/goods-7497-HDC-I9300-GALAXY-SIII-Pro-ultimate-thin-86mm-MTK-6577-2GHz-CPU-Android-404-3G-Dual-sim-47-inch-8MP-Camera.html I’m after a reset to factory defaults and write IMEI IMEI 1 and 2 was successful. But the battery is fully charged in standby mode lasts for 15 hours. Help fix the problem.

    1. mahone0810

      here is the save power app for your phone.
      you can download it to save power.

  45. Silvio Araujo

    I have a Bedove X12, MTK6577, rooted. I tried both procedures mentioned here, but both of them failed. The first one, with M44 Toolbox, the menu shows “Engineer Model”, and under it, “Engineer Model (Android)”, and not “Engineer Model (MTK)”, as said. Under this option there is no “GPRS” option, nor a way to change IMEIs, so I quit.

    With the second procedure, with MT65XX software, after writing both IMEI 1 and IMEI 2, and clicking the indicated button, an error message comes, in chinese… And the IMEI numbers keeps the same!

    I tried another procedure too, which I found seeking internet, where I can change IMEI numbers using the phone keys, using this:

    *#imei#6666# —> for SIM1
    *#imei#7777# —> for SIM2

    I got an “IMEI write fail” message!

    Please, someone have any other suggestion?

  46. Angelo

    Have you tried to download the files at the link above? It doesn’t work for me. Please send me another link if you have. Thanks

    1. mahone0810

      updated already!

  47. Angelo

    I’ve HDC i9300 Plus MTK6577, rooted, without 2 IMEI. I flashed new firmware and I lost the 2 IMEI. I cannot download files on top fo page and I cannot write IMEI with other tools. Can you help me?

  48. fikret

    i have mt6577 and I did’nt change imei can you help me …

    1. mahone0810

      root it first, and i will give you a new way!

  49. John

    Worked brilliantly on the LT26i – saved me having to refund a customers money. Thankyou.

    1. mahone0810

      nice customers!hehe!

  50. Krishna

    Please let me know how to root a phone I purchased from you:
    Order # US 201 209 173 7822
    2012-09-17 23:49:51
    SKY Galaxy Note I9220 LTE MTK6575 5.3 inch Screen Android 4.0 3G WCDMA Dual sim Dual standby 8MP WIFI GPS
    Network GSM:850/900/1800/1900 3G WCDMA 800/850 /2100MHz
    Android Version: 4.0.6

  51. Oguzhan

    have mt6577 and I did’nt change imei can you help me …

  52. Oguzhan

    have mt6577 and ıdid not change imei can you help me …

  53. bora

    you are number one thank you for sharing

    1. mahone0810


  54. yousha

    Not working

    can you please upload a original firmware of for this phone HTC ONE X


    if i can have original rom i maybe able to ROOT please upload original firmware readout with SPTOOLS

  55. yousha

    The apps you have posted required ROOT ACCESS without it can not be installed in handset now another question is how to root my HTC ONE X do you have the patched ROM? or Already rooted rom so i can flash it?

    1. mahone0810

      just download and try, not need to root first.

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