Jul 27

XiaoLaJiao mobile phone surfing internet and phone funshion review. Dual-core&Quad-core coming

on July 20, 2012, previously in micro bo caused numerous concern BeiDouXing XiaoLaJiao phone finally and we meet. In this phone media appraisal on the meeting, BeiDouXing mobile phone nets CEO TanWenSheng attended and explain for us as the teacher officially unveiled the phone.

beidou XiaoLaJiao cell phone (hereinafter referred to as the XiaoLaJiao mobile phone) have white, black and pink three colors, for you to choose. The phone itself is equipped with a 4.0-inch display, the resolution for the 480 x 800 pixels, and the back is a 5 million pixel is built-in camera. Hardware configuration, this phone is carrying a 1 GHz dual-core processing core, use is qualcomm MSM8225 solutions, in addition with 512 MB RAM that runs on Android 4.0.4 system platform.


as a mobile phone Internet, mobile phone XiaoLaJiao completely not comparable to 360 special supply mobile phones, grand Bambook S1 and popular products. I believe we have the phone already full of expectations, whether it will be how to performance? Let us go to the true feelings about XiaoLaJiao (the following images are from the meeting site).


3 kinds of color + fashion beautiful beautiful modeling

deserves to “XiaoLaJiao”, the really is more compact, screen size of 4.0 inch, which is 4.7 inches for the mobile phone is really not big. And the us to can see three different color the products, thus it is also a greater degree of satisfaction of customers’ different aesthetic demand.


what is worth mentioning, three paragraphs in the color version only white XiaoLaJiao back is the smooth design, the others all is black grinding material. Also, for pink edition, the author’s understanding in black edition is based on the change of the pink edge, so as to make it look more fashionable breath, in line with the young population boom flavor.  

XiaoLaJiao mobile phone except appearance design is quick on the outside and soft on the it is the larger of the breakthrough, this phone is currently carrying the latest Android 4.0.4 system platform, very deserves praise.


although be goods but still good work

seems to “contracted” two words can describe the XiaoLaJiao this phone, not too fancy design positive, and back as well. The upper left corner of the fuselage with a gold 5 million pixel camera, support such as automatic focus shooting model, unfortunately not equipped with LED flash, the night take abilities may be restricted certainly. In addition, the lower left also set a cellular speakers, more beautiful.



in mobile phone positive, we still see the Android four major Kings button, from left to right, are menu button, the Home button, return key and search button.

mobile phone right built-in microUSB charging interface, position and charged by will not affect the user operation. The left side is the volume adjustment keys, the top it collects the 3.5 mm earphone interface and power lock screen button.




first qualcomm MSM8225

hardware configuration has been the focus of attention of the user, XiaoLaJiao mobile phone in this respect do how? Below are during a meeting broadcast several groups of PPT, from which we learned of this phone carrying a qualcomm MSM8225 dual-core processing core, for 1 GHz frequency, Adreno 203 integrated graphics chips, and with 512 MB RAM, and runs on Android 4.0 system platform.

another PPT is introduced in to, the phone at 5 o ‘clock support touch. In the author opinion, 699 yuan to buy this phone is very good

Vellamo is a can test the performance of the network browsing software, it can of cell phone browser performance and stability tests, including like Java script performance, rendering, networking and user interface, and finally shows the higher the score, the better the results prove browsing. This part of the result in PPT show will be in, XiaoLaJiao mobile phone, eventually scoring for 1168 points, full beyond 360 mobile phone and a special offer. The author and don’t want to evaluation too much, after all didn’t personally to the practice operation, later get reviews machine for everybody again detailed introduction, this is just for the friends do certain reference.

due to the time JinCu, the author of the XiaoLaJiao only mobile phone, rabbit rabbit performance run points, the final result for 4285 points. The author in the trial also feel, dual-core + Android 4.0 system combination really brings for everyone feel good control system, quick response and sliding fluent, completely beyond the price with the international big Android machine.


standby time and finally summarizes

XiaoLaJiao mobile phone user is equipped with a piece for 1500 mAh lithium battery, meeting the site and no time for related test. But from previous experience, in the use of strength is not very big cases a day standby time should be no problem.


reviews conclusion: as the author reviews in mentioned before, now Android mobile market has already? Android 4.0 + 1 GHz dual-core CPU system, enough to reveal its high performance-price ratio. Today just for the mobile phone do the preliminary evaluation, the subsequent will have the more detailed introduction, please look XiaoLaJiao.