Dec 27

Xiaomi Mi 6 Is Coming With Big Surprise!!!

Xiaomi Mi 6 Is Coming With Big Surprise

As a famous mobile phone brand, new Xiaomi phone is always hoped by many people. Recently, there are many news about Xiaomi Mi6, Xiaomi Mi 6 Is Coming With Big Surprise, let’s see some details.


According to sources in China, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is now expected to launch in April. This comes from a reaction from a leak via Weibo.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 didn’t really cause the ripples it was expected to, despite having a rather tight spec set. It had a few weak links, including a build quality that wasn’t up to par (as it turned out). Xiaomi have tried to improve on that with the Mi 5s (and other phones they launched this year).

The Mi 6 is expected to be a bit of a design departure from the usual Mi. We’ll come to know in due time, and given that this newest bit of news is true, it’ll be a few months.

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