Apr 21

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5– Two Popular Smartphones

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5– Two Popular Smartphones

Xiaomi Mi6 and Oneplus 5 are two new Chinese phones, they are coming soon! While we can’t possibly give for certain every single detail about them, we can still assume what they’ll most likely look like and compare them. Today, I will show Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5.

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5 1

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5- Appearance

Firstly, I will show the difference of the appearance. The appearance of Xiaomi Mi 6 / Mi 6 Plus looks like Samsung Galaxy S8, we probably won’t see any surprised face when it finally gets revealed.

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5 3

Xiaomi Mi6 will take a dual camera setup on the back in a body,  it looks likely made out of metal, with a ceramic back cover variant. It looks very beautiful.

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5 2

On the front we can see an almost edge-less display without curves, it is a good new for those who dislike curved edged screens. Other specs are different from the old Xiaomi Mi 5, it’ll now be available in two screen sizes, a smaller 5.15-inch and a bigger 5.7-inch one.

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5 4

About Oneplus 5, there are tons of renders made by users but that’s about it, there’s nothing actually “leaked” from OnePlus. We can only assume it’ll feature a 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED display with a dual-edgeless design.

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5- Processor

About the processor, two phones are similar. They’re both going to take latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 — with the exception of a cheaper Xiaomi Mi 6 version coming with a Snapdragon 821。
About other news, OnePlus 5 will take a 4000mAh battery, 12MP wide-angle front camera, a 23MP rear shooter and IP68 rating.

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5 5

Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5- Price

According to the news from netwrok, the Xiaomi Mi6 price will show as follows:
Xiaomi Mi 6

  • 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM variant will cost $290
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM variant will cos $445
  • 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM variant will cost $589

About Oneplus 5 price, we are not sured, we expect the next “flagship-killer” to cost about $400 give or take. In a word, two phones are not bad. Highly recommend for these phones. Here I also recommend a good store: Fastcardtech. Many chinese phones in this store.