Jul 16

Xiaomi News- Making Its Way to Internet finance pushing Current Treasure

Xiaomi News- Making Its Way to Internet finance pushing Current Treasure

Since Xiaomi launched Xiaomi Power Bank, shaft, smart weighting scale and other products, we already know that the future of Xiaomi Technology definitely is unwilling just to push mobiles, so Xiaomi is not only to product smart hardware.

Unexpectedly, yesterday Xiaomi finance launched its Internet finance producting “Xiaomi Current Treasure”, which was the product of a financial fund. Xiaomi Current Treasure belongs to the securities investment fund, and the risk is extremely low.


It is learned that Xiaomi Current Treasure only should be used by people who are full of 18 years old, who can use personal ID to open an account to activate a current account, and each ID only supports to open an current account. Xiaomi Current Treasure supportc the ICBC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, HXB, CEB, Bank of Shanghai and Ping An Bank, etc. 12 banks debit card binding.

At present, the Xiaomi Current Treasure temporarily does not support replacement binding bank card, but the subsequent will support this feature. Current treasure does not support MI COINS andXiaomi Wallet at the same time. Users need to fund company to be confirmed after buying share, then will begin to calculate earnings. Each trading day buy before 15:00 PM, earnings will take effect on the second day, day after 15:00 PM need a third day.

In terms of redemption, Xiaomi Current Treasure has two kinds of redemption way: rapid and ordinary redeemed respectively. Rapid redemption requires that every day this way should not be up to 3 times, no more than 60000 yuan, since the user submits the fast on the day of redemption, it will no longer enjoy the corresponding fund share earnings; Ordinary redemption, no limit of number and amount of redemption way, T normal cash withdrawal, T + 1 day no longer enjoy the corresponding part of the fund share earnings.

A lot of Xiaomi fans are very exciting for this news. I hope Xiaomi Company can product more high- quality phones with a decent price.