Aug 13

ZUK Z1 Review, Specs, Price Come Out Here!

The hot new smartphone ZUK finally was released yesterday. CEO Changcheng continued this launch event with some stories in the whole process of conference. We can know that it is a different conference by continuous applause. ZUK Z1 is a smartphone that fulls of humanity. Lots of people say this new phone- ZUK Z1 is a Samsung S6 clone. Now let us look at ZUK Z1 review, specs and price.

ZUK Z1 Review

ZUK Z1 Featured Specs:

5.5-inch FHD IPS screen with 1920*1080 pixel display

Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC) Quad Core 2.5GHz


Front camera: 8.0MP + Rear camera:13.0MP

Android 5.1 Lollipop



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From the pictures, we can see that ZUK Z1 has a simple design on the outlook. Just looking the appearance, this new phone is really a Samsung S6 clone. But it has lots of amazing designs.

ZUK Z1 is the world’s first phone supports two headphone jacks! Yes, there are two headphone jacks, and the one is on the top, the other is on the buttom. So when you get together with your girlfriend, you can listen to music, and she can watch movies by another headphone.

Surprisingly, ZUK Z1 runs Snapdragon 801 Quad Core 2.5Ghz to take the place of Snapdragon 810. We all know that Snapdragon 810 is a hot chip in recent days. But it has a obvious disadvantage that this chip tends to heat. So ZUK Z1 gives Snapdragon 810 up to use Snapdragon 801.

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ZUK Z1 is similar to the iPhone 6 on the design of bottom. The most attractive design is the USB Type- C interface. Additionally, the USB Type- C supports USB 3.0 standard data transmission.

The machine does not only own a built- in 4100 mAh battery capacity, but also with automatic background cleaning optimization mechanism. You just need take half and two hours to to charge Z1.

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ZUK Z1 is the second moblie that designs light and distance sensor into the phone receiver. This design can make it unnecessary to open a hole the above screen. The special design is that the Home button is not on the central. This design doesn’t affect the using of fingerprint recognition. With so high configuration, ZUK Z1 prices US$ 325.00.

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