Mar 24

ZUK Z1 Rom, ZUK Z1 Root, ZUK Z1TWRP Recovery

ZUK Z1 Rom, ZUK Z1 Root, ZUK Z1TWRP Recovery

Here is the guide about ZUK Z1 Rom, ZUK Z1 Root, ZUK Z1TWRP Recovery. In order to increase Shuame Recovery, SuperSU, we need to flash the TWRP Recovery first. All files are at the end of this page, please read the text first.

ZUK Z1 Root 6

ZUK Z1 Rom- scope of application:

1. Version degradation

2. Mobile phones can’t OTA upgrade normally

3. Mobile phone black brick can not be started

ZUK Z1 Rom- matters need attention

1. This tutorial is only suitable for machine with flash experience friends to flash, first users please don’t try

2. Without understanding the flash or brick steps lead to cell phone can’t be used, please make your own to after-sales network processing

ZUK Z1 Rom- Prepared

1. Download ZUK Z1 mobile phone driver:
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2. Download QPST flash tools: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQuC0mQ

3. Wire flash package download address: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnlqFxH


All package unzip password:bbs.zuk.cn

ZUK Z1 Root- Flash progress

1. PC installs ZUK Z1 driver
ZUK Z1 Rom 1

2. PC installs QPST flash tool, until prompted to install successfully

3.Unzip the PQST flash package

4. Open QFIL program in flash tool, click Browse after Programmer Path, software automatically identify flashed files “prog_emmc_firehose_8974.mbn”, double-click the file selection
ZUK Z1 Rom 4

ZUK Z1 Rom 5

5. Click Load XML under Download, software will identify “rawprogram0” and “patch0” files in the corresponding flash bag, this time, flash files are ready.
ZUK Z1 Rom 6

ZUK Z1 Rom 7

ZUK Z1 Rom 8

6. Turn off your cell phone, press the front volume button, insert into the USB cable, can see the system will automatically identify qualcomm driver port

7. After port identification finished, click Download to flash, you can see flash progress bar continuous rolling

ZUK Z1 Rom 11
8. Flash finished, the phone will automatically restart
ZUK Z1 Rom 12

All is done. If you have any questions, please comment me, i will reply you as soon as possible. Please read the guide first, and then try.