May 22

ZUK Z2 Leaked- A Wonderful Phone Will Be Published

ZUK Z2 Leaked- A Wonderful Phone Will Be Published

On 21th April, ZUK has published ZUK Z2 Pro. This time, ZUK Z2 Pro takes nine black technologies, which is very special. Just now, we have heard a new, ZUK Z2 will be published soon. Some news about ZUK Z2 leaked, let’s see some detsils.

ZUK Z2 Leaked 1

This time, 6GB ZUK Z2 Pro has been sold, it costs US$400. Today, ZUK Z2 has been showed on the website, this phone will publish soon. A photo also appears, whole image is dark.

About some details, ZUK Z2 will use dual 2.5D glass design, classic U- Touch button, it will support touch ID and touch back, and many new functions.

ZUK Z2 Leaked 2

About ZUK Z2 price, it maybe cheaper than ZUK Z2 Pro, it will cost US$300. ZUK announced, ZUK Z2 will own excellent hands feeling, good configurations and smooth system, do you look forward? ZUK Z2 Pro is also a good ZUK phone, this phone takes nin black technologies, which is really a good phone for you to choose. If you are interested in this phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech. This website gives cheap and valued phones.