Jul 04

ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5- Which One Is Better?

ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5- Which One Is Better?

As two wonderful smartphone brand Xiaomi and ZUK, these two brand published two wonderful smartphones- Xiaomi Mi5 and ZUK Z2. So which one is better if we ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5? This article will tell you the answer and i hope it can help you to buy the right smartphone.

ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5 1

ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5- Appearance


ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5 4 ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5 5 ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5 6

ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5- Specs

ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5
Model ZUK Z2 Xiaomi Mi5
Screen 5.0 Inch 1920*1080 Pixel 5.15 Inch 1920*1080 Pixel
Size 141.65×68.88×8.45mm(149g) 144.55×69.2×7.25 mm(129g/139g)
CPU Snapdragon 820(2.15Ghz) Snapdragon 820(1.8Ghz/2.15Ghz)
ROM 64GB 32GB/64GB/128GB
Camera 8.0MP Front And 13.0MP Rear Camera (CAF+PDAF) 4.0MP Front And 13.0MP Rear Camera(4 axis)
Network Full Netcom 3.0(Support 4G+、VoLTE) Full Netcom 3.0(Support 4G+、VoLTE)
Battery 3500mAh(Dual IC Quick Charge) 3000mAh(QC3.0 Quick Charge)
Colour Black, White Black, White, Gold
System ZUI 2.0(Based on Android 6.0) MIUI 7(Based on Android 5.1))
Features Touch ID, Dual Glass, Quick charge, Phase focus, Type-C 3D ceramic frame, Touch ID, 4 axis optical stabilization, Type-C

From this table we can see:

  • About processor, ZUK Z2 and Xiaomi Mi5 both take Snapdragon 820 processor, ZUK Z2 takes 4GB Ram, Xiaomi Mi5 takes 3GB/4GB Ram, two phones can performance very well.
  • About camera, ZUK Z2 takes 8.0MP front camera and 13.0MP rear cameraXiaomi Mi5 takes 4.0MP front camera and 16.0MP rear camera. ZUK Z2 is better tha Xiaomi Mi5.
  • About battery, ZUK Z2 takes 3500mAh big battery, Xiaomi Mi5 takes 3000mAh battery. ZUK is bigger than Xiaomi Mi5. Which can take better battery life to users.
  • About screen size, ZUK Z2 takes 5.15 inch screen, Xiaomi Mi5 takes 5.0 inch screen. Two phones’ screen is similar. Two phones both look very beautiful.

ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5- Conclusion

ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Mi5 is a very important comparsion for many customers, and these two phones are all very successful and popular on the market. I believe these phones are all worth buying and taking and they all can bring you a wonderful using experience.